Sun protection - read before the holiday!
 This much has been written, but should be repeated again and again. Women around the world need to memorize simple rules that will save from such irreversible effects of sun exposure as age spots, burns, signs of photo-aging, wrinkles, premature aging, not to mention skin cancer.

So, the main summer accessories of any self-respecting girl this summer: sunglasses, wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen. About it should be discussed separately, repeating, perhaps, what you already know.


Where to apply?
Any exposed skin in need of sunscreen, including the neck, ears, neck, hands, face. Unfortunately, there is no product with an SPF of hair, so do not buy into the imaginary advertising of sunscreen for hair. However, there are on the market such sprays such as Shiseido, which can be applied on the scalp and body.

How to apply?
Approximately 30 g of body, 1 teaspoon - face. Yes, so much. A layer of sunscreen should be noticeable!

How often do I use?
Every 2 hours. The more we sweat, the cream will disappear. So, if you are engaged in active sports on the beach - sun protection should be significant. Update layer of sunscreen should be and after each swim.

What is SPF?
SPF - is the sun protection factor, its numbers show how much of the product blocks UVB rays.

What is the difference between UVA and UVB rays?
UVB - Ultraviolet radiation in shorter wavelengths of sunlight that cause burns. UVA - Ultraviolet deeply penetrating rays, which cause aging over time. More about it here & gt; & gt; & gt; & gt ;.

 Sun protection - read before the holiday!
 The higher the SPF, the more protection?
Any reading above 50 - it is a fiction and a publicity stunt. It is proved that an increase in the protective factor occurs only to 50 digits, figures 75, 85 and even 100 does not mean that you will get the protection twice. For example, SPF 30 blocks 96, 7% of sunlight, SPF 50 blocked 98% and the SPF 100 - 99%.

Do you absolute protection?
There is not a sunscreen that guarantees 100% blocking sunlight. But more than 95% of the rays with SPF block.

Basics Summer skin care
It is worth repeating some rules to help save for a summer skin young and healthy.

- Humidification is not only useful for the youth, more moisturized skin is protected from the sun. So drink enough water, go to the snack of juice and foods containing a lot of moisture (water melon, cucumber).

- Buy creams and make-up with vitamin E (antioxidant) and hyaluronic acid (a great moisturizer).

- Use only in the summer non-comedogenic products, ie those which do not clog the pores, because in the summer we constantly sweat and opportunities for pimples and irritation due to the blockage of pores more.

 Sun protection - read before the holiday!
 - Apply sunscreen before the make-up, it must be the first product on the skin, apply it directly to the skin, without primers and powder. Light and non-greasy film of sunscreen must precede all other products daily to the skin.

- Do not forget about the protection of the skin of the lips. Lips are aging rapidly, become unattractive because of the many wrinkles. It is better to strengthen the protection of lip balm with SPF, it can be updated at least every 15 minutes. This is a good defense!

- Evening update to the skin that day under stress due to exposure to sunlight. To restore use products with shea butter, cocoa butter, argan oil. These oils are suitable hair.

- Restore moisture sun-damaged skin will help aloe juice and cucumber.
Author: Julia Shestakova