The effect of bath treatments for health and beauty
 He loves the Russian people to warm up in winter in the bath, ran naked into the cold and snow to wipe. Special connoisseurs enjoy baths bath holiday throughout the year, sometimes even weekly. For some, bath - it's one of the places where you can relax at the end of the week and enjoy friendly conversations over a beer, other bath procedures - it is an additional way to take care of the health and beauty of your body.

With Latin translates as swimming bath or a room intended for washing the body with water. Bathing and pouring water for hygienic purposes was known to our ancestors since the dawn of civilization. Already in ancient Greece, the importance placed on bath procedures for rejuvenation of the body, after which the skin gets a healthy firmness and elasticity. The Greeks first poured cold water only, but later began to use hot water and steam from it to achieve three objectives: the purity of the skin, body health and good spirits.

In ancient Egypt succeeded in medicine doctors often prescribed to their patients the special water treatment, to cure all sorts of ailments. In Rome, the Greek sample while massively built baths with swimming pools. The philosophers of the time believed that a visit to the baths, massages and the use of following diets can cure all diseases, as relieve patients from laziness, restore their spirits and healthy thinking. Therapeutic massages promote relaxation of the muscles and bring the body in tone.

Today in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Austria, you can improve your health in modern thermal and thermal sources, although it is fun is not cheap.

Baths are several rooms with different humidity and temperature, and also have swimming pools. However, there are remarks to the terms: the transition from one temperature to the other spaces, in any case, putting a strain on the human body, so a stay in these baths is desirable to limit in the range of 20-30 minutes.

 The effect of bath treatments for health and beauty
 In the Middle Ages, many countries have become known Finnish saunas , Previously used only by the local population in Scandinavia. Today's bath significantly different from the saunas, but many of us can this difference and not to give much importance.

This Russian sauna It provides two indicators: high humidity and a temperature of 55-70 degrees, in the Finnish sauna is supported by a 100-degree temperature and low humidity (5-20%), and in addition there is a swimming pool. Both places contribute to excessive sweating, which is important for removing toxins from the body, including the heavy elements (such as lead, copper, zinc), and to improve metabolism, so no wonder baths and saunas are considered useful for dieters. Steam treatments stimulate the sebaceous and sweat glands, help cleanse the skin of scales, and with them from harmful bacteria living on the skin surface.

Its positive effects, and provide Turkish baths Or, otherwise they are called, hammam. Temperature range hamam more gentle than that of a conventional bath or sauna, and is in the range of 30-55 degrees, so the Turkish baths are ideal for those who are hard to tolerate heat. The procedure for finding the Turkish bath has its stages: steam bath - Jacuzzi - steam room and so on, then - wash under a warm shower using sponges and gels, exfoliating dead skin particles, and ultimately - massage and body wrap. A visit to the hamam relieve fatigue, normalizes sleep, contribute to cleanse the skin and body, and when combined with proper nutrition to help fight obesity.

 The effect of bath treatments for health and beauty
 If you decide to visit the bath, the skin can help improve a variety of masks.

Hair masks:

- Mix 1 egg yolk, 3 tablespoons. tablespoons olive (or burdock) oil and 3 tbsp. spoons of honey. After 20 minutes, wash off with shampoo.

- Nourishing hair mask will be a mixture of 2 hours. Tablespoons olive oil, castor same number and the same shampoo. An hour later, the hair must be well washed.

- Massage movements rub into hair and scalp yogurt (or yogurt), and half an hour to wrap the head with a towel, then rinse the mask with warm water.

 The effect of bath treatments for health and beauty
 Masks for face and body (apply after leaving the steam bath room):

- Mix equal amount of oatmeal and cream, apply massage movements on the face and body for 15 minutes, then rinse.

- You can make a mask from persimmon oriental motif that moisturize the skin. 1 tbsp. spoon the pulp mixed with 1 tsp. honey, 1 tsp. olive oil and egg yolk, apply on the skin for 15 minutes.

- Nourishing mask will be composed as follows: 1 tsp. Vegetable oil, 1 egg yolk and 1 tbsp. teaspoon of brewer's yeast. Mix all ingredients and apply on face for 15 minutes.

- Anti-cellulite properties have honey, so it is recommended of the following body mask: 1 h. Spoon of honey, 2 tsp. Every cream and 5 of Art. tablespoons of freshly squeezed grape juice.

- Sour cream, salt mask is very simple. It suffices to mix 250 grams of cream and the same salt applied to the massaging body and after 15 min rinse with warm water.

We can only add: "Enjoy Your Bath! " .
Author: Alesya Marchenko