Tips mermaid ... or how to preserve the beauty of skin and hair in the seaside resort!
 Mermaid sitting on a rock coastal,
And brown hair hung down to his shoulders,
Sea wave she sang softly,
She winds blew sea face.
Bela her skin, brilliant scales, ...
(Eugene Markovtsev "Mermaid")

Summer, sun, and finally the sea - the greatest temptation of a hot time of year! During this period, we have a genetic memory of ancestors wakes up and calls back to its cradle, the Great Ocean, where once, and life began on Earth. Especially close to the sea element of women, because according to legend, even the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite was born from the foam of the sea, not to mention the numerous sea virgins - mermaids, naiads, undines and other eternally young and beautiful inhabitant of the deep sea.

No wonder that we have so attracts the sea, waves and mysterious! It draws the fresh, slightly salty air, the endless expanse of blue, sun-heated rocks, which is so easy to feel like a mermaid - a gentle elastic skin, flowing hair, wonderful, gorgeous figure. After all those we represent these mythical sea beauties, and even a bit of scales and fishtail not harm the attractiveness of appearance.

But, alas, often a desire to bring that image to life ends very unexpected results - the skin on the body is dry and starts to peel, the face clearly appear wrinkles, and hair becomes dry, brittle and become tough loofah. What are we doing wrong, because the sea water is so useful?

And we would advise a mermaid?

 Tips mermaid ... or how to preserve the beauty of skin and hair in the seaside resort!
 As we know from myths and legends, mermaids do not age and do not get sick. After all, they spend all my life in the sea water, and it is due to the high concentration of salt from the body pulls all the "junk" slime facing, and disease. Moreover, because of dissolved iodine and salts, sea antibacterial property. So, and skin diseases (psoriasis, dermatitis) are not peculiar to the mermaids. But not only useful mermaids sea bathing!

Sea water - it's not just water and salt. It is an aqueous solution for the many different salts, the composition of salts similar to natural leather, thus easily perceived skin and does have a beneficial effect on it. The sea water in its composition similar to human blood plasma, is a real source of beauty, health, youth and longevity.

 Tips mermaid ... or how to preserve the beauty of skin and hair in the seaside resort!
 But they never do mermaids - they do not tan, sun baths, they prefer the moon, and therefore their skin young and tender. Alas, we have a night life does not fit, without the sun we can not exist, and from the sun refuse completely not worth it, after all the vitamin D produced by the body necessary. However, sunbathing, do not wash off the salt water , Still not worth it! First Rinse fresh little water, blot it with a towel, and then you can and soak in the sun (do not forget to apply sunscreen).

A favorite activity of mermaids - on a moonlit night, sitting on the stones, the water combing her long wet hair. Mermaid lucky in this regard, it seems to have the structure of the hair close to the algae, and markedly different from ours, sea water does not harm them, but to us, to keep hair beautiful Should adhere to certain rules.

 Tips mermaid ... or how to preserve the beauty of skin and hair in the seaside resort!
 Before bathing in the sea for the health of the hair should be wet, and make it a must with fresh water. Once on the hair, the water fills the cuticle and make it more resistant to salt. This is especially true of hair weakened by chemical exposure (coloring, perming) or thermal (hot hair dryer, curling), in such hair cuticle porosity increases significantly. The best way, if you really do not want to use the shower cap - before swimming to the hair conditioner for special protection. For example, look at the new series "Sunshine," the company Green Mama . This series includes a special shampoo-conditioner with protection from the sun and salt, and water-proof air conditioner enriched with extracts of burdock root, wild rose and cedar, which nourish and protect against dryness, to prevent sticking on the sea water is much easier to comb.

Or try a spray-conditioner for hair "Expert Sun HairX Summer Care Leave-in Conditioner¬Ľ by Oriflame . It provides the necessary protection for the hair from the stress of summer - the sea or chlorinated water, sun and other harmful factors. Air contains the active components and caring complex of antioxidants to facilitate stacking and gives the hair shine and elasticity. Does not require rinsing. It is recommended to use every time you shampoo.

 Tips mermaid ... or how to preserve the beauty of skin and hair in the seaside resort!
 According to all sources, mermaids have strikingly beautiful forms of the body, are especially attractive high firm breasts, small waist, beautiful shoulder line. And all this thanks Swimming ! Swimming in the sea affects all body systems, and allows you to save an excellent physical shape. The rhythmic swimming movements strengthen every muscle - from the heart to the calf. In terms of energy swimming at 100 m equals 1 km running. The best time for swimming in the sea - Morning (11:00 am) and evening (from 16 to 19:00). But in the midday heat with a dip should be careful, too large temperature contrast. If you can not swim, drive along the bottom, repels and skim across the water. But do not wait, move, while effectively will be the impact of sea water. The sea is an excellent massage therapist, especially when sailing in a small wave, with massaging it as muscles and blood vessels. There is another way to sea massage: in a small storm lay down on the shore so that the waves, rolling through body, massaging it. This massage is very salutary for the circulation of the blood.

And if you swim and wallow in the water you get bored, take a stroll along the beach - sand and gravel will make your feet a good massage passive. In addition, it is believed that the sand takes away the negative energy and has beneficial effects on the nervous system. And you can dig in the sand - though with great benefit to health. There is even a term - arenation   (sand treatment). However, for burying the whole body, there is a lot of contraindications, but local sand baths (hand and foot) are useful to all.

It remains to say a few words on the air! For good reason, mermaids are so fond of in the evening to get out of the sea on the still warm from the sun stones, and combing the hair to breathe medicinal smell of the sea . Try it and you just sit in the evening by the sea, breathing in the fresh air and looking at the rolling waves. At sea, the air gets curative properties due to drying of sea salt and essential saturation vapor mountain medicinal herbs (yarrow, thyme, chamomile, sage and others.). To treat sea air, just breathe them. Especially medi air at stormy sea, at this time it is full of ozone - a gas that kills harmful bacteria and makes the air almost sterile. Offshore wind and waves fill the air with the smallest salt spray that nourishes and moisturizes the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract and through the lymph enters the body minerals and trace elements, making up for the lack of them, healing diseases, restoring youth and beauty.
Author: Olga Travleeva