Wax hair removal: scary, and it is necessary
 Any woman run goosebumps when she hears about waxing, Brazilian wax and hair removal strips. Though effective, but it is very painful!

However, the wax remains one of the most popular methods of hair removal. Especially in the bikini area. They are women all over the world, from celebrities to ordinary students.

It's clear. Shaving can cause cuts, skin irritation and ingrown hairs. Women who use a razor, say that shaving makes your hair thicker and cause hair growth where none existed before. In addition, the result does not last long.

Laser removal is expensive, it is a long and painful process that does not guarantee a perfect result. Not all laser hair removal is suitable. For example, there are cases where after the procedure changed her hair color and texture, started to grow where none existed before, the success of the procedure affects the hormonal balance in the body (not recommended for laser hair removal in menopause, for example).

In this sense, waxing is a way, though not perfect, but cheap and accessible to most women. The result lasts longer than shaving.

 Wax hair removal: scary, and it is necessary
   Brazilian waxing is a procedure in which the body of warm wax is applied (including the bikini area and buttocks), and then the wax is removed together with hair using fabric strips. Some people prefer to remove absolutely all the pubic hair, some leave a thin strip of hair, which is jokingly referred to as «landing strip» (runway), although some sources, this approach is called the French waxing.

The entire procedure is in the hands of a good specialist can take no more than 30 minutes and you'll be rewarded with smooth skin for 3-4 weeks.

Brazilian waxing is the most suitable for women with dark and thick pubic hair, as well as for those who experience skin irritation after shaving. For waxing the hair should be between 5-10 mm long.

The basic rules of home waxing:

1. Never use wax immediately after tanning or tanning
Sunburn damages the epidermis (top layer of skin). Hot wax is incident on the damaged top layer, may expose the lower layers of the skin. Ultimately, this leads to a long time to heal irritations, bruises, swelling.

2. After waxing wait a few hours
Never walk immediately after the procedure in the sauna, swimming pool, sauna, the open sun. Otherwise there is a risk to get a nasty infection on the skin. Minor damage to the skin caused by waxing, can become a breeding ground for bacteria, and then you will have to expect not very pleasant weeks of treatment.

3. Do not do waxing, if you ...
- Allergies
- Acne
- Any other skin disease
- Very sensitive skin

 Wax hair removal: scary, and it is necessary
 4. Always read the instructions on the product that when using Waxing
If you use the purchased wax or wax strips, do not forget to read the rules. Otherwise difficult to avoid burns and difficult to remove accumulations of wax on the skin. Do not try to wax over the entire body at once, try it first on a small area of ​​skin to make sure that you understand how the product works.

5. Before Waxing sure to shower!
This will reduce the risks of the spread of bacteria. This is especially true waxing the bikini area, there is always a lot more bacteria.

6. Consider your clothes during the procedure
For the legs, of course, do not need anything. But if you do waxing in the bikini area, not everyone can be naked during the procedure. Especially if you do not do as well with someone's help. It is better to use the old panties. The fact that the wax leaves a stain on the fabric, they are difficult to wash off, so old linen that you do not mind mess, fit just right.

7. Do not make the procedure during menstruation
For the bikini is not aesthetically pleasing, and is harmful to the growth of bacteria. As for the other parts of the body, remember that during the critical days pain threshold is lowered, and the discomfort may be greater.

8.Slishkom pancake first hair cut
If the bikini area hairs are too long, then before the procedure they should be cut slightly, enough for waxing length of 5-10 mm. Do not shave before waxing! The hair of the "bristle" wax is not removed!

9. Do not apply moisturizer after a shower
For the wax needs only to wash, moisturizer is not needed. On the contrary, should avoid any oil cover. Some even use baby powder before waxing to avoid sweat and sebum. For the bikini can be used as an ordinary face powder.

 Wax hair removal: scary, and it is necessary
 And all the same waxing - a painful procedure. How to anesthetize the process?

- You can drink aspirin, especially young girls, virgins, who resort to waxing in the bikini area for the first time. Ibuprofen or other pain pills also work. It calms the fact that unlike shaving, waxing pain during last only a moment. Tablets taken 30 minutes before the procedure.

- Lidocaine. This medication is good painkillers. However, there are caveats. Strictly follow the dosage. For example, a few years ago in the United States was a case where a girl use too much lidocaine for pain waxing, it was brought to the hospital to die.

- There are special creams for the sale of a local anesthetic, try them for pain relief.

- Use low-temperature wax, it will help to avoid burns. Now these waxes are used in beauty salons, there are commercially available for home waxing.
Author: Julia Shestakova