We take a bath right
 Water treatments - useful curative, preventive and hygienic means, and undoubtedly one of the greatest pleasures in life. What you need to wash, to our enlightened age is no doubt, no one. And not only in our century, according to some historical evidence, even primitive people understand this truth nemudrenyh and possibly selected campsites where was the source, and used it not only for drinking.

And in ancient Greece was popular goddess Hygieia (the daughter of Asclepius, god healer) - the goddess of health and cleanliness, by the way, science is "hygiene" gained its name precisely in honor of the goddess.

 We take a bath right

There were, however, in the history of humanity troubled times, when the usefulness of washing the body some grim person questioned, but fortunately not all share this view, and people continued to swim in natural water sources, baths, baths, tubs, tubs and ... in baths. Of course, to do this years ago 100-200 was not as easy as it is now, so even a lovely lady took a bath and generally not washed every day.

Actively and often wash people began only in the XIX century. The reason for this was, according to some researchers, the industrial revolution and as a result, spoil the environment. Across Europe, puffed factories, roared locomotives and steamships appeared road transport. Gradually, the air was filled with smoke and soot. The excretory system of man began to work harder than the more "environmentally friendly" last century to preserve the purity of the skin, hair, and does not scare away the surrounding views and the smell, everything had to be washed more often.

But people in those years have not yet experienced the "miracles" of chemistry, among which to live, and that we have to eat. Not surprisingly, we just have to wash it every day, and sometimes twice a day, without this hygienic procedure just hard to feel comfortable and confident.

Shower or bath? And should we choose?
Of course, the shower - wonderful, light and quick hygienic procedure. Assuming it can be every day, or even twice a day - morning and before bedtime. In the morning shower (especially contrast) copes with the task to shake off sleep and become active and vigorous, and in the evening a warm shower to cleanse will help to relax and unwind after a busy day.

Contrast shower - a great quenching not only for vessels that are more flexible, but also for skin that looks younger, gaining elasticity and healthy color. Strengthens the nervous system and increases immunity. Not to mention the direct appointment of the soul - to clean the skin, washing away dirt, sweat, dead skin flakes - and the challenge it copes with detergent and sponges.

Yes, the shower - that's great, but the warm, gentle bath it is unlikely to replace. At a time when most people have both a shower and bath, the latter was not so much a means to wash, how much magic ritual to relax, de-stress, purify the soul and body.

If in everyday life, we may well be content with a shower, to maintain the hygiene of the body that's enough, do not be amiss, at least once a week to take a real bath, cooked according to the rules "vannogo art."

 We take a bath right
 Simple rules for a bath
It would not have been nice bath every day should not take it, the skin in warm water swells and loses fat, it becomes too dry, it is better to do it once every 3 - 4 days. Bath can be: hot, warm and cold.

- Hot bath.   Bath temperature 40 - 43 degrees are already considered hot, they stimulate metabolism and well affect the blood vessels, but stay in it longer than 10-15 minutes is not worth it. Even if you feel excellent, a lengthy procedure can adversely affect the heart. And in general, it is better if the water does not cover the area of ​​the heart, especially if you like a hot water bath.

- Cold baths   (18 -20 degrees) are shown with nervousness, loss of appetite, neurasthenia, as well as hardening of the body. Systematically take cold baths give vivacity, improve skin tone, improve mood. That's just such a long time in the bath is not vylezhu, and not necessary, 6-30 seconds is enough.

- A warm bath . The most comfortable, charitable and proper bath - warm, the water temperature in it about 33 - 37 degrees, that is slightly lower or higher than body temperature. This bath relaxes and soothes, relieves stress, it is good to take before bedtime. For a long time lying in the water should not be - 20-30 minutes is enough to relax the muscles, widened pores, tension is gone.

So, fill the bath and immerse yourself in it: the body is up to his neck in water, put his head under the pillow or special towel, dim the lights and enjoy. Let me trouble, illness, anxiety, leave the body through the opened pores and dissolve in water. After the bath obleytes cool or cold water, wipe with a towel, put on a good cosmetic skin and into bed! Even if sleep has not yet come, just lie down under a blanket, rest and keep warm bath will increase curative effect.

Useful additives make vacation more pleasant in the bathroom, it will strengthen the beneficial effects on the skin. As often is added to the bath? Well, of course, is a variety of bubble bath, sea salt, herbal teas, essential oils, apple cider vinegar, honey and milk, wine, etc.

Foam on the fan ...
Luxury bath filled with snow-white foam - an indispensable attribute of a beautiful life in many films. Yes, of course, it looks beautiful, but useful to you? The composition of the foam in general, includes - a foaming agent, surfactants, detergents, oils, mineral salts, organic (or synthetic) plant extracts. To resolve the issue for themselves whether or not to use bath foam, should carefully examine its structure, especially if the foam is inexpensive. The inexpensive foam is more likely to detect artificial ingredients instead of natural oils and herbal extracts. The abundance of "chemistry" as a part of the foam, plus more colors, flavors and fragrances are unlikely to add you to the beauty and health, especially if you use regular foam. The main purpose of the foam does not clean the skin, and a foam, look good and create a pleasant smell, nothing more.

But there are foams which contain essential oils and organic (and not synthetic), and organic salts, and these herbal extracts (not substitute) - from such a foam application the effect is not only aesthetic but also therapeutic.

For example, bath foam containing extracts series, chamomile, mint and gently cares for the skin, relieves swelling and irritation, it is very useful for colds. Foam with an extract of rose or sandalwood positive effect on dry, sensitive skin. Recently, some companies offer foam with an edible smell and some of them even have a kind of edible. Aromas of chocolate, caramel, honey, coca-cola, cocoa, vanilla, champagne, liquor ... - if you want you can literally swim in them, but the best is not very often.

 We take a bath right
 Not a single foam ...
In addition to the foam, you can enrich bath using salt, various herbal teas, tinctures, or simply flowers, foliage plants, such as dried and fresh. For herbal baths can be used wormwood, yarrow, currant leaves, pine buds, sage and many other plants. They attach a peculiar aroma bath, inhalation of which has a calming and refreshing effects.

- Bath juniper   - Not just a bath, a ritual in which the basis is the unique properties of juniper. You can use the branches of juniper and essential oils.

- Bath with sea salt   - Not only improves the skin and gets rid of acne, but also fatigue, exhaustion, reduces joint pain. Natural sea salt is sold in pharmacies, bath enough of 350-500

- Bath with table salt   - Cleans the pores of the skin and improves its general condition, has a tonic effect on the body. Suffice it in water with a temperature of 37-38 degrees add 500 grams of salt - and the bath is ready.

- Bath elastic body   can be prepared using a mixture of Juniper, herbs rosemary and thyme, pine needles, leaves, sage and mint.

- Bath vivacity   with the addition of 5-6 drops of tea tree oil can help with chronic fatigue and fatigue, it is also useful for oily skin

- Wine bath . Bath with red wine improves blood circulation, relieves tension, improves the immune system and has a positive effect on the skin. In warm water, add 1 liter of dry red wine and 150 g of honey, and immerse yourself in the bath for half an hour. The delicate skin and a positive attitude after such baths are guaranteed.

- Rejuvenating bath   - Acetic. Add 2 cups of apple cider vinegar in the bath, and 12 hours lifting effect is provided, this bath is considered an alternative to a surgical facelift, though unfortunately short-lived.

While in the bath you can massage the body with a soft sponge, apply to the face mask - it will be very effective, because the pores are open at this time, the skin will absorb all the nutrients.

Do not forget: a bath is not just a hygienic procedure and the possibility of skin care products, it is also a magic tool for the repose of the soul and the body, take a bath at least a couple times a week, add to your life a little more joy, fun and relaxation.
Author: Olga Travleeva