Winter skin problems and hair: a solution is found!
 We look forward to the spring, but do not forget about winter problems. Then we are able to meet the new season and the first warm days with beautiful, well-groomed skin and healthy hair.

Surely you've noticed in November that the skin is changing, despite the fact that you do not change the makeup and care remained the same as before. Why is this happening?

In winter, cell production slows down this process is a bit dormant. It is necessary to help the skin, making regular exfoliation. Most exfoliants for the winter - are those that are used for chemical peels, organic and natural. For example, glycolic acid and other fruit acids. They carefully removed from the skin of dead cells, as if dissolving them, and at this point activate the process of production of new cells.

 Winter skin problems and hair: a solution is found!
 PROBLEM: dry, itchy skin
For most of us the right solution - body lotion. But if you want something special, without chemical additives, preservatives and artificial fragrances - Prepare yourself lotion.

SOLUTION: Soothing body lotion with beeswax
What you'll need : Avocado oil (or grape seed oil or jojoba oil), bee wax in granules, water, aloe vera (juice or ready to gel) and essential oil of your choice.

1. To begin, melt three tablespoons of beeswax granules, this product can be bought in pharmacies or health food stores. The best way - steam bath: Put the balls in a glass bowl and place the bowl over a pan of simmering water until the granules are melted.

2. Slowly pour in the wax in 1 cup of oil of your choice. Jojoba oil works great for sensitive skin or skin prone to acne and avocado oil and grape seed oil will soothe very dry skin. These oils are popular products, they are sold in pharmacies, at online stores.

3. Remove the mixture from heat and add 4 tablespoons of aloe vera juice. If you have an aloe growing home, just squeeze the juice from the leaf. If you do not have aloe in the pharmacies you can buy ready-made aloe vera gel. The purchased gels contain up to 98% natural juice, so you can trust this product.

4. Stir lotion better whisk. In the process of slowly add five tablespoons of water and continue to interfere. The mixture should begin to thicken and resemble the consistency of store-bought lotion. Add a few drops of essential oil if you have a favorite, and stir a couple of minutes.

5. Leave the lotion for about 20 minutes before you will be using.

 Winter skin problems and hair: a solution is found!

Store in a glass jar, the shelf life of up to two weeks.

 Winter skin problems and hair: a solution is found!
 PROBLEM: chapped lips
This is not only aesthetically pleasing and unpleasant, but sometimes quite painful. The obvious solution in this case - lipstick with caring ingredients, or balm. But some of these products contain alcohol and anti-age ingredients can also be corrosive to exposed skin chapped lips. Let's help her lips soft home remedy.

SOLUTION: Honey Vanilla Lip Balm
What you will need:   beeswax in granules, olive oil, honey and essential oil of vanilla.

1. Melt two tablespoons granulated beeswax in a glass bowl, a water bath (in a saucepan of boiling water).

2. Pour into a bowl half a teaspoon of olive oil, half a teaspoon of honey and a few drops of essential oil of vanilla (it will add a sweet balm, and also acts as a natural preservative). Do not worry if a little liquid balm today. It will thicken as it cools.

 Winter skin problems and hair: a solution is found!

Fill your balm into small jars of cream or buttons, yet it is still liquid.

 Winter skin problems and hair: a solution is found!
 PROBLEM: The gray and dull skin
In winter, a skin tan fades, short duration of daylight makes the skin dull and gray. This can be corrected by using bronzers, but they do not stain clothes and look so natural in the cold days. Help revitalize the skin fruit, which give the skin a natural glow and healthy look.

SOLUTION: scrub for the face and body of banana and strawberry
What you will need:   strawberries, bananas and brown sugar

1. Make a puree of banana and two cups of strawberries. 1: 1 ratio.

2. Add two tablespoons of brown sugar. Better fit fine sugar, they will be more delicately exfoliate.

 Winter skin problems and hair: a solution is found!

Use a gentle scrub in a circular motion, then rinse with warm water. Brown sugar will help get rid of dead cells and fruit give the skin glow. In the refrigerator, this scrub can be stored up to one week.

 Winter skin problems and hair: a solution is found!
 PROBLEM: Tangled brittle hair
Hair winter are becoming more unruly, dull, split ends are progressing, and natural shine disappears. You can use store bought hair mask. But now they are quite expensive, more expensive than the usual shampoos and conditioners. Therefore, we offer an alternative.

SOLUTION: Olive Oil Hair Treatment
What you will need:   olive oil, shower cap and a few towels

1. Pour into a heatproof bowl of olive oil. The amount depends on the length of hair. Light olive oil is also nice, it will save.

2. Heat oil in a microwave oven until it is warm, but not so hot that you burn.

3. Quickly soak hair in warm oil and put on a shower cap. Then wrap the head with a towel, which retain heat.

4. Leave the oil for at least 30 minutes. You may need to change the towels several times.

 Winter skin problems and hair: a solution is found!

After the rinse hair with warm water and shampoo at least twice, rinse with cold water. This treatment can be carried out once a week, if the hair is too dry - you can do several times oil mask twice a week.

 Winter skin problems and hair: a solution is found!
 PROBLEM: Dry wrinkled hands
In the season of colds we wash our hands frequently, and after the cold is doing its job. Hands become dry, cracks, and sometimes painful. I need a good hand cream. You can make and the most product for the skin of the hands.

SOLUTION: hand cream with almond oil and cocoa butter
What you will need:   Beeswax in granules, cocoa butter, coconut oil, almond oil, water

1. Melt six tablespoons of beeswax in a glass container on a steam bath.

2. Remove from heat and add three tablespoons of pure cocoa butter, which can be found in pharmacies and cosmetics stores.

3. Add six tablespoons of coconut oil and six tablespoons of almond oil.

4. Add about a tablespoon of water and stir everything until smooth.

 Winter skin problems and hair: a solution is found!

Pour the mixture while it is still hot, in a glass jar, it will thicken as it cools. Let sit for at least 30 minutes before use. Store can be up to two weeks.
Author: Julia Shestakova