Cellulite: how to victory in an unequal battle
 Eyes - cherries, cheeks - peaches, breast - strong apples ... Women are usually flatter fruit comparison. But if the priest is like a orange - the comparison is not in our favor.

Rare lucky familiar with cellulite just by hearsay. It's almost obschezhenskaya problem. But contrary to popular belief, not just a cosmetic problem. Cellulite - a disease. At the doctor's language, it is called a terrible word lipodystrophy - a violation of lipid metabolism.

Cellulite occurs because the structural features of the skin and connective tissue Fibers that women are much more friable than men. If lymph starts stagnation and slowing down the process of withdrawal of fluid and toxins from the body, connective tissues expand, and there is cellulite.

  Orange peel effect appears most often on obschezhenskih problem areas - buttocks, thighs and abdomen. If cellulite is not curbed, it progresses rapidly. Thus, at the initial stage bumps noticeable only at squeezing the skin, but over time the skin becomes looser. In the final stage the skin becomes porous as citrus peel. Launched cellulite can cause pain and even adversely affect the general well-being, as well as provoke a set of excess weight.

  In the last stages of the disease is difficult to treat. Therefore, cellulite is easier to prevent than to treat. Prevention of cellulite is simple - a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, sports. It is necessary to constantly take care of their bodies and procedures regularly, helps to activate blood circulation in the subcutaneous adipose tissue, such as douches and massage. And if cellulite is only planned to help and simple, not a professional, a home massage with massage gloves or a conventional wooden massager.

  But what if the cellulite has appeared and simple control methods are no longer effective?

  The main rule: the struggle with cellulite should be complex.   Only the anti-cellulite cream or just a sport and proper nutrition will not work properly .  You also will do better if you just go to a beauty salon and make SPA-procedures .  Remember that in the fight against cellulite, there is no way a panacea .  Not that the only way that will deliver you from the hated bumps once and for all .  Fighting cellulite will always have, perhaps for life, not just in anticipation of the next bathing season .  So do not lose heart and continue to play sports and eat right .  Give up smoking and minimize the consumption of alcoholic beverages .  Swim, run, take a contrast shower, rub the problem areas massage mitten, then rub into the skin of anti-cellulite cream .  Wear anti-cellulite tights .  Drink tea cellulite .  In general, the attacking enemies from all fronts .  However, if the bumps have already acquired a fairly impressive view - among domestic forces already can not cope .  Here we need the help of experts . 

Beauty Clinics today offer a variety of methods to combat orange peel:   massages, body wraps, meso and hirudotherapy, acupuncture, lymphatic drainage. A particular procedure or set of procedures prescribed by a doctor. The choice will depend on the state of your problem areas. In addition, many of the procedures there are a number of contraindications.

  Typically, patients undergo offer massage course and a SPA-procedures . These methods are classified as conservative and are very good. They significantly improve circulation and skin tone. Moreover, for the treatment of cellulite is almost equally good all kinds of massage: the old manual and all kinds of new items such as pneumomassage and vacuum massage. During the physical impact on the problem areas is improving lymphatic drainage (lymphatic drainage, pumping the lymphatic system). SPA-procedures as there are so many, but mostly hot and cold wraps. This unique mask for the body, commonly including active vegetable ingredients such as brown seaweed (kelp and fucus), extracts of ivy and ginkgo biloba.

Mesotherapy also very popular. During this procedure, the patient is administered under the skin of a particular therapeutic composition microdozes. The only negative mesotherapy - a slight soreness.

Lymphatic drainage   It based on the principle of conventional massage, which is carried out by means of pulsed currents, micro-currents, the vacuum pressure drops and ultrasound. Ultrasound gently crushes fat, without affecting the cell.

Hirudotherapy or leech therapy   - A way for the most desperate .  Typically, women are beginning to wince in disgust at the mere mention of leeches .  However, the effectiveness of this method has long proved .  And girudoterapiya helps when many other ways to combat cellulite powerless - in the last stages of the disease running .  The fact that the leech saliva contains important enzymes - hyaluronidase and the lipase .  They contribute to the splitting of the ground substance of connective tissue - hyaluronic acid and the penetration into the body of other biologically active substances .  Lipase breaks down the fat and therefore struggling with being overweight .  From the saliva of leeches the body receives a lot of biologically active substances .  This improves the microcirculation in the tissues and swelling go away .  Leech enzymes almost completely eliminate the infamous orange peel .  Problem areas are reduced in volume, the skin is tightened, it becomes smooth and elastic .  However, to engage in self hirudotherapy impossible! Where it is possible to put leeches should determine the competent expert . 

  Always use the services of beauty salons can afford only wealthy ladies. But this does not mean that everyone else is closed the path to beauty and health. Engage yourself, take the time and effort in sport and a healthy lifestyle - and your body will only please you. But do not get hung up on small defects appearance. Treat them with healthy irony. After all, as one friend of mine said: "I have cellulite - so I - a woman! "
Author: Julia Stepin