Massage - this is the real medicine
 An hour spent on the table wizard, can relieve pain, support the immune system, to fight insomnia and make even "a bunch of useful things."

A good massage therapist after a session may make you feel a new person. And studies have claimed that massage can alleviate insomnia, enhance immunity, alleviate premenstrual syndrome and more. Perhaps that is why many medical institutions make it standard therapy.

Our advice: Enjoy the action and the possibilities of their own hands, but occasionally do not forget about this massage. On this, there are six good cause:

Farewell to the pain

It may sound obvious, but massage is particularly effective for treatment of pain in the lower back. Massage works better than conventional treatments like chiropractic or acupuncture. It is not known why, but studies have shown that massage lowers the level of the stress hormone cortisol and increases the content of useful hormones - serotonin and dopamine. These changes reduce the heart rate, blood pressure and weaken the blocking pain receptors. Massage also increases the blood flow to the muscles.

Bonus massage also relieves headaches during migraine, work injury, and even cancer. Moreover, it is the effect can last for years after the ongoing procedures.

Welcome dreams

Fluctuations in certain types of brain waves or relax you, or, on the contrary, encouraging. Massage awakens the delta waves, the ones who are responsible for a deep sleep. That is why it is so easy to fall asleep on the massage table.

Beware of frost

  Massage helps improve the immune system, protecting you from unexpected illnesses. We know that cortisol destroys natural killer cells of the virus. Therefore, since the massage reduces levels of cortisol, your invulnerable cells are being developed. Massage increases immunity, even people with severely compromised immune systems, such as patients with breast cancer.

Tosca, go away

Fewer cortisol and increasing the amount of serotonin and dopamine in your body may also mean less stress, anxiety and depression.

The right side of the frontal lobe of the brain is more active when we are sad, and the left side is activated when we are happy. Our studies have shown that massage reduces the activity of the right lobe and improves the functioning of the left. The feeling of happiness and satisfaction of the people after the procedure of massage - one of the main reasons why many medical centers offer her agitated patients preparing for surgery and cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Goodbye PMS

A little research, test, 24 women with painful symptoms of PMS found that massage reduces most of them, namely pain, water retention and mood swings. Try it in combination with the proven tools, like exercise and, although not entirely proven, but enjoyable - such as a chocolate bar.