Return the youth! Modern methods of rejuvenation
 Your face in twenty years is given by nature.
  What will it be in the fifties, it is up to you.
  Coco Chanel

Alas, relentless time, despite the constant care and attention to appearance, trying to leave their marks on our appearance. Of course, the more carefully and sensitively we treat the skin, the longer we remain young and beautiful. Masks, creams, massage can be a long delay the moment when age-related changes will be apparent and visible. But if he came, it remains a choice: either accept the inevitable, or apply more drastic ways to deal with the unwanted changes.

It's no secret that today cosmetology offers a fantastic opportunity to improve the appearance and preservation of beauty for many years.

There is a whole arsenal of tools and methods that can work a miracle and make every woman irresistible. To refresh the skin and improve the contour of the face in beauty salons and clinics are widely used chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, mesotherapy, contour plastic strand lifting (Aptos) biorevitalization introduction of fillers, and more ...

  Watching transformed our movie stars and singers, involuntarily ask a question, how do they do it?

One of the most effective methods in the prevention of aging and age-related changes is correct Mesotherapy . Mesotherapy - is a technique that allows you to administer the active substances directly to the destination in the layers of the skin, favorable conditions to stimulate cell metabolism and tissue regeneration. Microscopic doses of very thin and short needles surface (to a depth of 1, 5 to 6 mm) introduced a special cocktail - a set of various drugs and vitamins Picked cosmetologist individually, depending on the patient's problem. Therefore treatment cocktail can cut away any area of ​​the body, the list of indications for application of mesotherapy is extensive. This cellulite, obesity, acne, posleugrevye scars, scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, chronic dermatitis, warts, cold sores, shingles, hair loss.

The only drawback of the method - the actual injections: as the level of pain threshold at all different, something many patients the procedure seems very painful. Sometimes, after it may briefly appear minor bruises. However, the use of special guns for mesotherapy and pain medication is usually cope with these unpleasant consequences and feelings. For "lift" skin there is a special technique of using mezoterapii- mesolifting . It was developed in one of the best Parisian clinic doctor Bernard Herzog. During the procedure, the launch of the regeneration processes of the skin, restoring its elasticity, improving color, visible lifting of the skin. Mesotherapy is one of the most common non-surgical techniques to solve problems related to the violation of an oval face and the appearance of double chin. Very effective combination of technique and simultaneous surface mesotherapy injections of botulinum toxin. For the correction of deep facial wrinkles using injections of Dysport (botox) intramuscularly, and preparation Restylane   which is injected into the wrinkles. Restylane - preparation of hyaluronic acid, it fills the shortage of hyaluronic acid in skin tissue and the resultant lack of moisture at the site of occurrence wrinkles. The result - a clear reduction in existing wrinkles on the face and neck, and the prevention of new ones. Well, for those who are very much afraid of injections, there is also bezinktsionnaya mesotherapy with the aid of oxygen . In this case the active components are carried deep into the skin using oxygen. Perform procedures using the "Bode Oksidzhet." Under slight pressure through the spray plated purified oxygen for intercellular space penetrates the skin, on the way to capturing the beauty treatment are those drugs that have been previously applied to it.

But do not stand still cosmetic science, and that in recent years there is another promising method of rejuvenation - Thermage . The name speaks for itself, all a matter of radio frequency radiation. A special device ThermaCool   It raises the temperature in the subcutaneous tissues. Heat affects the sagging and stretching the collagen fibers with age - and they're like "sit", condensing in all directions, and pulling the epidermis. The result, according to many reviews, is fantastic: the skin becomes more supple and fresh and elastic fibers in it are returned to the "original" young state. It is recommended that women aged 30 to 55 years, although, of course, everything depends on the skin condition and existing problems.

  Exposure to radio frequency radiation stimulates the formation of new collagen fibers, so the improvement of the skin goes on the rise another six months, and then stored for a long time, 3-5 years, or even longer .  The procedure is simple, safe and painless, it is in the treatment of skin attachments apparatus carrying radiation, and there is an alternation of short cold and hot touch, the intensity of which depends on the selected mode .  The nozzle is equipped with a super-sensitive sensors that monitor the temperature of the skin area, the depth and intensity of exposure to radiofrequency energy .  What is particularly nice - after the treatment, the skin retains a perfectly normal, just a smart appearance - no bruises, swelling and other troubles .  Thermage procedure is very effective for all parts of the body, you can tighten the skin of hands, feet, abdomen .  Of course, we can not say that there was a panacea for all problems: in some cases, Thermage does not help or will be ineffective .  But in the early stages of age-related changes when a woman is not happy with her appearance, but sooner go under the scalpel, Thermage - a worthy alternative .  Well, for those who, like fire, is afraid of the operating table, anesthesia and injections - it is also a very good way! Here, only the cost of the procedure is high (say, which is very expensive is applicable attachments), but when you consider that the effect lasts for years, and count how many are high-quality cosmetics or sessions of mesotherapy, which should be carried out several times a year, then, probably worth the cost!

  Here, only the clinic (salon), you need to choose very carefully to the choice of the expert is also responsible approach. It is better if the procedure is performed nevertheless experienced plastic surgeon with a special vision of the changes that will take place not only at the surface but also in the depth of tissue and is able to simulate the patient's face. In this case, the greater the effectiveness of safeguards such an expensive procedure.
Author: Olga Travleeva