Top 6 best anti-aging products
 Perhaps the phrase seems too familiar, but you - this is what you eat. Based on this consideration, we reveal the most useful food, allows you to stay young and beautiful.

Legendary fruit and vegetables

The "five times a day" - the best in order to achieve a healthy, radiant skin. You fill the body lots of vitamins, minerals, fiber and water. In addition to nutrition and purifying vitamin C strengthens capillaries and increases the production of collagen, while as vitamins C, E (named rich kiwi and avocado) and beta-carotene (a pigment found in carrots, apricot and mango) neutralized the effects of free radicals which can contribute to premature aging.

A rich source of vitamin C are citrus fruits and juices, cantaloupe, strawberries, tomatoes, sweet peppers and green peas. Potassium, which is found in all fruits and vegetables, helps regulate the fluid level in the cells and fight against the swelling and water delay in an organism.

Rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene and is able to stop the action of free radicals, blueberries - one of the best products that prevent premature aging. The largest are the benefits of fresh berries, because it contents of vitamins and nutrients as possible - your skin will glow a health!

Whole grains

 Top 6 best anti-aging products
 Whole grain foods are rich in fiber, which benefits the skin in different ways. They are also useful for the digestive system, helping you to stay satiated for a longer period of time and prevent constipation. And when the digestive system is working well, the skin will radiate health and energy.

Whole grains also comprises vitamin B, namely, B2 and B3, which support the normal functioning of the skin. Increase consumption of whole grains such as oatmeal and brown rice, and avoid refined grains - white bread, white flour and white rice.

Whole grains, along with wheat germ also contains selenium mineral antioxidants that help to minimize the danger of ultraviolet radiation, and research has shown that it is able to help in the prevention of skin cancer. Zinc is also contained in whole grains, it helps in maintaining collagen and elastin fibers that strengthen the skin, reduce and prevent wrinkles.


 Top 6 best anti-aging products
   If your body enough protein, this would adversely affect the hair, skin, teeth and nails.

A key foundation for the body is products such as poultry, fish, eggs, meat, cheese, dried peas, beans, chickpeas, cereals and soybeans. Fish - a major source of protein, fiber and many nutrients.

Life-giving water

 Top 6 best anti-aging products
 Nearly two-thirds of our body is water. Water is necessary for proper digestion and elimination, and when it is not sufficient, the toxins accumulating in tissues cause deterioration complexion, general condition, and further accelerate the aging process.

Fabulous Fats and Oils

 Top 6 best anti-aging products
 With the exclusion of fats and oils, particularly unsaturated, you can cause immeasurable harm to your appearance. Fat - a necessary element of providing moisturizing skin. As regards cholesterol, and there are "good" shape, which protect against heart failure.

Increase consumption of grains, olive, peanut and canola oils, nuts, seeds and fish, like salmon and mackerel.

Avocados contain a combination of the most powerful anti-aging substances vitamin E and C, which destroy free radicals. If you do not like or do not eat fish, hemp seed oil - a good vegetarian source of omega-3. It is also rich in vitamin E, a large number of antioxidants needed to maintain youthful skin.

Fantastic fish

 Top 6 best anti-aging products
 Oily fish such as salmon, herring, mackerel and sardines - the main source of essential fats, called omega-3.

They have a great set of properties that prevent skin aging. Salmon diet helps to smooth lines and wrinkles, strengthening and tightening the skin.