As I made a tattoo eyebrows
 After a couple of years of doubt, I found the master that made me. And now I want to share his story. Because still I meet a lot of publications, full of fear and misunderstanding that continue to collect new readers on the Internet. I hope to help you make the right decision about a tattoo eyebrows.

Why I decided to take it, and what I wanted to achieve?

Full eyebrows are a sign of youth, they make a photogenic face, and generally well-framed face and help maintain any makeup. A person with good eyebrows looks more harmonious and beautiful.

I was very lucky, I have a rare birth of her eyebrows, I always envied those who have a lot of eyebrows, but with my age, already rare, very thinned edge. My face was like the Mona Lisa. And this similarity to one of the most famous women in the world I was not pleased because no eyebrows lady does not look like we would like to look like me.

 As I made a tattoo eyebrows

Another reason why I decided to tattoo, is that I am not a fan of makeup. And most of the time I spend without makeup. Therefore, the appearance of the natural eyebrow is very important. I was looking for a lasting solution, but did not want to change something for the whole life.

What are the fears?

1. The main fear was the fact that tattoo - it's for life. They do not really erase using makeup remover. What if I want to change the shape of eyebrows? And if the eyebrows begin to sag with age? And if I want to paint the eyebrows, or enter another fashion trend? These questions probably plagued not only me.

2. I have seen many photos of girls with tattoos eyebrows, and in some cases it looks very unnatural. For example, I remember the picture of the girl, made too black tattooed eyebrows. Remember, this photo wandered from one blog to another. Who has not written about it! Such eyebrows, I would not want to!

 As I made a tattoo eyebrows

3. Frightened as "pictures" with turned blue or green with with temporary tattoos. Photo below - not the worst I've ever seen. There are times when getting a tattoo color (blue, green), and the hairs are black, it is a terrible picture.

 As I made a tattoo eyebrows

What solution?

Why I decided to tattoo if many cons? - You ask. The fact that there was a modern solution. It - unstable tattoo Or Semi-permanent tattoo How else it is called. But do not worry, it's not about labels and stickers. I'm talking about a full-fledged tattoo, but it disappears in a few years.

A fugitive tattoo avoids the kind of bonded and unnatural eyebrows. Tattoo ink is washable, which are fully reversible within 1-2 years (some masters offer polupermanent, which lasts 2-4 years). This is good news, because all fears are mainly connected with fatal results procedure.

 As I made a tattoo eyebrows

The new drawing method also for us. Now, the master does not fully paint over the skin on the eyebrows, and small paint strokes, reminiscent of natural hairs. This gives the illusion of real eyebrows and a wide-open eyes.

And further. That's what I told the master tattoo. Tattoo eyebrows should not be such that the make-up is not required. Master makes 80% of the desired filling eyebrows, but client the remaining 20%. That is correct tattooed eyebrows - that's not all, and have to resort to make-up, as do all women with full eyebrows. Only in this way tattooed eyebrows will look just like the real thing.

Another advantage of fugitive tattoo - the color will never change! Ink is high, so that they are washed away before they start to change color.

Before and after

Finally, the time has come to show you their achievements. First, something with which I have come to the tattoo artist.

 As I made a tattoo eyebrows

Next - what happened after the two sessions of the tattoos. After the first session (a few weeks), I saw that the paint very well, "village", eyebrows slightly lighten up. So I decided to make a second visit to the wings of the eyebrows a little longer. But the main thing - you can see that the eyebrows look naturally!

 As I made a tattoo eyebrows

This photo after 9 months. The pigment is in place, the brightness remained, until I am satisfied, the color goes much later, for at least another year, I'll go with eyebrows.

 As I made a tattoo eyebrows

Tips for those who decide to try

If you want to follow my example, it is to say that the tattoo semiproof the price more expensive than usual, it is now one of the most popular procedures in tattoo parlors. The price range is quite large. For example, in expensive clinics named, unstable eyebrows tattoo can cost almost 30 000 rubles. It's a lot. You can find more acceptable options. Of course, I'm not talking about the masters who do their job "on his knees" in conditions that are far from safe. Look salons, they can find Semi-permanent tattoo for no more than 10 thousand rubles (this price includes two sessions).

After fugitive tattoo should abide by the same rules and after persistent. That is, not to use make-up before the skin is healed. Apply petroleum jelly at night during podlechivaniya skin. Protect the tattoo from the sun by using sunscreen.

About the pros semi-permanent tattoo can talk a lot. It's really a worthy thing that will make a person more balanced, without the effect of artificial eyebrows. See how transformed Mona Lisa after the virtual polupermanenta!

 As I made a tattoo eyebrows

Author: Julia Shestakova