Can the ordinary person to withstand the temperature of -140 degrees? Normal - no! But the modern woman on the shoulder everything, especially if it will help her to buy beauty and youth. Yeah, yeah, cool off with cold water, bathing in the winter cold in the hole and the other "ice" procedure in the past century. They were replaced by cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy   - A procedure which is carried out in a special chamber (cryosauna).


There skin undergoes little stress during a few minutes (usually less than 3 min.) It affects the liquid nitrogen temperature of which is -140 degrees, and this is not a limit.

Cryotherapy can get rid of diseases such as arthritis, hypertension. This happens due to the fact that in this chamber under the action of liquid nitrogen our vessels constrict and dilate. In addition, cryotherapy - a real discovery in cosmetology. It affects the whole body. The skin is rejuvenated, firmer, cellulite disappear. Still, it is very important during this procedure can lose kilogram. For 3 minutes is not a bad result!

The session of cryotherapy is not complicated, but it requires certain conditions - your height should be at least 155cm, weight 35kg least. The session can be held for at least one hour before meals or one hour after. If all requirements are met, you go into the cabin, where liquid nitrogen is applied and the air, and then it begins to affect the whole body, but only to shoulder level. Do not forget that the nitrogen is still not safe, and they can not breathe. It takes 15 seconds, and now the temperature in cryosauna crosses the mark of -100 degrees Celsius.

Of course, it may be the fear of frostbite, but the doctors assure us that such a procedure is absolutely safe, and the feeling you will experience the most pleasant. Someone after cryotherapy feels a burst of cheerfulness that I want to conquer the whole world, and some prefer to relax in a comfortable chair.

Another very important point. Cryotherapy - this is an excellent opportunity to temper your body for a long time. Not many people get systematically pour cold water, and for some, such procedures are fraught with catarrhal diseases, not to mention the consequences.

Cryotherapy also helps get rid of warts, scars, acne. This happens due to the fact that within 30 seconds of a certain area of ​​the skin is exposed to high pressures and a deep freeze. Further to this point can be formed dry crust, which then will reject, and the problem will only memories.

There is another kind of cryotherapy - cryomassage. This procedure is aimed at the rejuvenation of the skin as the face and entire body. Problematic skin treated with a cotton swab, which was previously dipped in a container of liquid nitrogen.


Also, for these purposes are actively using cryogenic gas stream, which is sent using a special device. The effect after such a procedure does not take long.

Krioelektroforez and kriopiling   also included in the program of rejuvenation. You will notice that after these courses considerably smoothed wrinkles, tighten skin, improve complexion.

Now let's talk about the time course of cryotherapy. Here, all individually and depends on what area of ​​applied rate. If you like this procedure is shown for medicinal purposes, it is all depends on the doctor's prescription. If you cryotherapy used for cosmetic purposes, the number of procedures ranges from 10 to 15.

Contraindications for cryotherapy are   pregnancy and the postpartum period, acute infectious diseases, tuberculosis, diabetes, cardiovascular failure, hypersensitivity to cold.

Before the procedure, you should consult with your doctor.
Author: MIRovaya