Makeup summer
 Even in the hot summer I want to look stunning, but it was a hot summer's hard to do. Makeup always strives somewhere smeared. In order to avoid this, you need to inspect your makeup and take advantage of some useful tips.

1. The basis for foundation . In summer, it becomes simply an indispensable tool, in fact it helps makeup last longer. This product you will need quite a bit to make stayed even in the unbearable heat. It is important that the means has a light texture and free of oil. Apply it after moisturize the skin, but before the deal a foundation.

 Makeup summer

2. Choose the right concealer.   If the skin is not perfect, even in the heat would have to be masked. The best option - a means with a creamy texture (but not liquid).

3. Choose silicone.   Tonal basis - an important part of our daily make-up, especially when there is something to hide. But in the summer I would like to be an easy tool, and does not clog pores. The solution may be a foundation based on silicone. They usually have a light texture, good camouflage and smoothes the skin.

4. Moderation.   Another tip about the tone - a small amount. The smaller the facial, the less discomfort.

5. Cream shadows.   Normally dry shade roll by as we sweat. Therefore, give preference to creamy shades. Ideally, they should contain silicone, then they just will not go away from your age (this applies only to those containing silicone). Another option - to put on eyelids basis under the shade, and then you can easily apply any kind of shadows.

 Makeup summer

6. Waterproof mascara.   That's what the doctor ordered for the summer. After all, we sweat, eyes water in the sun, or we dive into the pond. In general, such ink stand busy schedule of summer.

7. Cream Blush.   Such blush best to apply and not clog the pores on hot days.

8. Say "no" lip gloss.   On hot days, lip gloss can bring you a lot of surprises. In particular, it can leak or become slightly sticky. Therefore lip suitable means of high wax content. A sheen leave for the evening, when the heat subsides. As for lipstick, its texture also should be easy.

9. Bright image.   In summer, we change not only clothes, but also the intensity of makeup, preferring the more neutral tones and the desire to create a more natural way. And it is right. It is important when creating such an image, well moisturize the skin and disguise disadvantages.

 Makeup summer

10. Funds from the effect of sunburn.   This is a wonderful tool that you add color. In addition, if such agent applied to the eyes, they will appear larger and whiter teeth. Generally, a little sunburn hurt anybody yet. Moreover, you will attach the face healthy and radiant, even if you are working 18 hours a day. Makeup artists recommend to apply such funds where the fastest person tans: the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. The simplest means of drawing considered as a powder. And do not forget to put it on the neck, especially if you have short hair.

11. Experiment with colors.   Sometimes we are drawn to experiments and summer for this fit perfectly. Put makeup bright lipstick, eye shadow or blush. Neutrality is good, but the bright colors liven up the image.

 Makeup summer

12. shine, but does not shine.   T-zone often indicates that we hot. So please be wipes to regularly clean up these signals. Or give preference to a matting agent.

That such simple tools to help makeup last longer, which means that you will shine longer.
Author: Vera Karabutova