Sharko shower
 Everyone knows that water - it is the source of life. It has many health properties. No wonder a person must drink several liters of water a day to maintain vitality. Not surprisingly, the water began to be used in a variety of rehabilitation proceeding. One of these procedures is a shower, namely power shower.

Sharko shower   - Struevoy this kind soul. It got its name after the French psychiatrist and neurologist Jean Martin Charcot. Charcot and invented this very souls.

 Sharko shower

It helps to relieve tension, improve muscle tone, weight reduction is indispensable in the treatment of cellulite. Due to the fact that after treatment improves metabolic processes and breaks down fats, you can forget about cellulite and excess weight permanently, but only if the result of secure physical activity and proper nutrition.

 Sharko shower

This procedure is carried out as follows. It is necessary to get from three to five meters from the shower of the department, after which a person first rear splash jet fan from head to toe, and then the same procedure in the front, 1 or 2 times. After the fan jet stream should be compact. 2 or 3 times a stream is carried on the legs upward. Spraying jets splash back, and then hands. After that, the person becomes sideways, then move to the sides, which are also splash jet. Once a person turns to face, the water jet is directed back to his feet. Further, the jet is moved to the stomach, but very cautiously. If there is evidence, it is possible to perform a circular motion massage. Ends procedure fan jet. In all of this the face, spine, genitals exposed planes are subjected to.

As for the water temperature at the first stage it is 35 degrees Celsius, it later lowered to the level of 15. It is due to the effects of the contrast on the body, improving the work of the vessels, and increases blood flow.

 Sharko shower

The duration of such procedures may be up to 15 minutes. The time depends on the evidence and total portability. Course Sharko shower is from 15 to 25 sessions. You can carry out the procedure in a day, but for maximum effect better every day.

 Sharko shower

This point massage improves blood circulation, eliminate toxins from the body, and therefore, you will notice that your health has improved, the skin tightened, improved the immune and nervous systems.

This shows the power shower?   The main indications:

- In violation of the nervous system
- In psychogenic diseases
-with chronic fatigue
- Osteochondrosis
-with violation of the cardiovascular system
- If overweight or violation of lipid metabolism
- The treatment and prevention of cellulite

Even if you're just tired and want to relax, gain strength and energy, then you have to try for yourself this procedure.

Shower Charcot perfect athletes or simply those who are regularly engaged in fitness centers, performing physical activities. This shower is particularly effective when your muscles are tense after the workout, and a session of the water massage will make them more resilient and will help you relax.

Contraindications . Sharko shower is contraindicated in:

- During pregnancy
- With cardiovascular disease
- Infectious diseases
- For skin diseases
-ostrye inflammation

Partial contraindication for varicose veins, cancer. During the procedure, it is important not to affect the water jet at the problem areas.

You can often hear about "home shower Sharko," or that the session of the water massage can go to the beauty salon. Do not rush. Remember that it is primarily a medical procedure, and, therefore, it must be assigned to a specialist. Only in this case, you will be able to designate a course, which will be calculated at the intensity and duration tailored to you, depending on the evidence.
Author: MIRovaya