Silk Road to perfection. Part III
 Changing hair color - is not new in any of the centers. Hair dyes can be bought in any store. Change the color of your own, at home, it is easy. As they say, it would wish. The color palette is also pleasing to the eye - no restrictions. Upset only one thing, that with each such procedure hair, anyway, is not subjected to the most beneficial effect, and as a result, brittle, dull hair. Even the good and expensive paint a negative impact on the state of our hair. Realizing the need to change the situation for the better, for us women, the technology was invented - silk hair coloring.

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Silk hair coloring

Silk is not chosen by chance, it was he of all materials is the closest in composition to our hair. Also, it perfectly retains moisture and, therefore, able to moisturize our hair and skin. And what else is no less important, is the fact that it is able to give our silk hair unparalleled shine and smoothness. Many of us face the problem of Electrostatic hair, especially in the cold season, and so, because hair ions and silk have different charges, silk is naturally retained in the hair and thereby reduces static.

It turns out that due to bezammiachnoy staining, we not only gain lasting color, but also has a beneficial effect on our hair. For bezammiachnoy coloring agents are used, based on - silk.

 Silk Road to perfection. Part III
   Thus, silk staining has a high resistance due to the fact that the ions are positively charged silk unlike ion our hair and hence penetrate more deeply our hair. Also, the staining can restore the damaged hair, again due to the fact that silk and hair ions have different charges due to the ionization process takes place.

The structure of assets and CHI BIOSILK includes active components that are able to increase the volume of our hair after dyeing. Is not this so many of us aspire to?

 Silk Road to perfection. Part III
 How hard to be a real blonde! Common situation? It is difficult to find a dye that can lighten hair on 8 levels for 1 admission. Yes, and so as not to damage the hair. To help all blondes of the world - silk painting. It is thanks to bezammiachnoy dye easily become a blonde.

Also in the sale is a means, including cosmetics, which include silk. These tools are based on its beneficial properties. The appearance of silk cosmetics has become a real breakthrough in the field of beauty care and hair coloring.

The structure of these funds include silk amino acids that surround our hair loving care and gentle care. And this is exactly what so many women have been waiting for.

Liquid silk takes care and has a therapeutic effect not only on the hair but also on the scalp, which at least in need thereof.

With continued use of these funds will get the hair strength, attractiveness and luxury.

 Silk Road to perfection. Part III

Manufacturers offer silk paint, based not used the usual harmful to the hair, ammonia and natural alkali and liquid natural silk, the chemical composition of which is as close as possible to the structure of the hair, has a number of advantages. Silk painting gives the hair shine and improves their condition, combining the procedure of coloring and hair restoration. Silk paint is highly resistant, allows you to perform high-quality and long-lasting silk dyeing, after which the hair does not require special care and keep all its advantages.

Using silk painting, how can completely change the color of hair and slightly adjust it in the direction of the desired shade. Use coloring agents can be as often as you want - even under continuous dyeing, silk paint only harmless to the hair and not able to have a devastating effect on them.
Author: MIRovaya