Silk Road to perfection. Part II
 I continue to use the theme of silk in various areas, I want to tell you about one. Silk nail.

The first part of the article - here.

Silk nail.   Such technology in the nail service was not chosen randomly. How many of you can boast exemplary nails? I think not all. Most of us are faced with problems such as breakage, uneven nail plate etc. But to have beautiful, well-groomed wants each handle. Then come to the aid build-up . Quick effect, a minimum of effort.

But it is not all easy. And here there are problems. Firstly, many allergic detected as acrylic, and the gel. Secondly, not everyone agrees master at your own risk install tips on injured or, even more problematic in the bitten nails. How ridiculous it would sound, but the habit of biting your nails, there are still many.

In severe cases, such assistance will silk capacity Or strengthening. With this technology, the master can increase the nails of any length, which only wish the client.

 Silk Road to perfection. Part II
   The technology is simple enough capacity - degreased nail a special tool, then applied to the nail plate special glue. Next, cut a piece of fabric, which is distributed on the nail. Then straighten the fabric using an orange stick. The excess tissue cut off with scissors and then applied to the entire surface of the nail gel activator. After gel be fixed, if necessary, can be the nail polish and apply lacquer.

It turns out that the build-up of silk is not only easy to implement, but also inexpensive.

 Silk Road to perfection. Part II
 Most often, the silk used to strengthen a very long nails. Silk Technology building will not only make your handle is beautiful and well-groomed, but also strengthen nails and hide the visible defects will mask cracks, etc.

Generally, using silk can strengthen weak and brittle nails . It must be remembered that such nails should be treated especially carefully.

Besides, Silk is widely used in cosmetology .

Women whose skin needs a lift, beauty salons offer the procedure Silk lifting . This method of skin tightening is one of the most popular. Technology is as follows - the skin is applied to the solution, which is composed of fibers of the silkworm (fibroin). The skin is formed protein "film", which has a lifting effect. I hasten to reassure, this film does not clog pores and does not interfere with gas exchange. For greater effect, the cosmetician can spend miotoniziruyuschy massage. This procedure is able to moisturize and soften the skin, wrinkles are reduced and smoothed. To achieve rejuvenating effect need to undergo silk lifting - from 6 to 15 sessions, 1 time per week.

 Silk Road to perfection. Part II
   This lift is suitable in cases where it is necessary to urgently put himself in order to align the skin, improve blood circulation. Also, such a procedure is perfect for women whose skin looks noticeably sluggish and tired.

Another important point is not enough - after Silk lifting effect noticeable after the first procedure. In order to secure the effect can be obtained by the use of special funds for home care. The set of tools includes special gels, creams, masks, catalysts.

At home, the course of lifting silk from 5 to 10 treatments, 2 to 3 times a week. Number of treatments depends on the skin condition, and the desired effect.

Silk peeling procedure can help make your skin smooth as silk. Slow the aging process, reduce the negative impact of external and internal factors.

Is that not worth it?
Author: MIRovaya