Silk Road to perfection. Part I
 The words that you need to love yourself for who you are, for a long time no one takes seriously. In our modern world there is a set of technologies that help to correct one or other flaw. It's not bad. Someone needs drastic measures, such as plastic surgery, and someone quite a beauty salon visits. Services of salons are constantly expanding, there are more modern technologies and materials. One of these new products proved silk.

Its often used to provide funds for the care of hair, nails and skin. Nobody will be surprised shampoo with silk proteins for smoothness and shine. Silk also has the property of preventing adverse effects of the environment on our skin, so it is actively used in a variety of creams, serums, etc.

Silk found another use. Now each of us can become the owner silk lashes . Especially silk eyelash extension technology will be enjoyed by those whom nature has not endowed a lush and long eyelashes.

Silk lashes can build beams and poresnichno. For those who have never used such a service in the salons, I will say that the eyelash beams definitely cheaper, and does not take as much time as poresnichnoe capacity. But you have to understand that and fall are also bundles of lashes, to the same and look less natural.

 Silk Road to perfection. Part I

Poresnichnoe capacity requires skill and time, as this work is like jewelry.

 Silk Road to perfection. Part I

Currently building materials for silk made in Japan, Germany, USA, Switzerland, Korea, etc. To create them using microfibers of natural origin, which include silk.

Silk eyelash extension technology does not differ from the standard. Cilia pasted along with the inner corner of the upper eyelid. For this purpose, a black resin, which as a result has the effect of increasing liner.

 Silk Road to perfection. Part I

Also eyelashes can be selected depending on what effect you want to achieve. Silk lashes are not only colorful, but also those that increase the volume, making lashes more curved. You can also choose the length. It can be both natural eyelash length (Trim-type) that do not exceed the length of your own and eyelashes, a length of 1, 5 - 2 cm, the so-called long-lashes. It all depends on your preference.

 Silk Road to perfection. Part I

The most important thing is to get really good results, you should refer to the real experts. To conduct such a procedure on their own is very difficult. We need knowledge and experience. Therefore it is better to turn to professionals, but before agreeing to this procedure will question thoroughly master of this technology, what materials it uses, and whether enough experience, especially in poresnichno capacity. As they say - just on time is not necessary.

After the salon and master selected, you need to thoroughly prepare for the procedure. Do not use cosmetics for the day before the increase. If necessary, paint the lashes professional tools in the cabin, it is better that, where you do build. And remember that the resin, which is used in building, freezes during the day, so try to avoid contact with water.

Overall, the extended eyelashes do not create for their owners no discomfort. You can, without fear that the lashes fall off, spending time on the beach, swimming pool, use cosmetics. Of course, we should not forget that, one way or another, but not durable silk lashes. Their term of office is from two weeks to three months. It all depends on, so to speak, a correct operation. Extend the life time will make corrections and precautions. You should not rub your eyes, and actively use too oily makeup remover.

To be continued…
Author: MIRovaya