Beauty Secrets of the main models of Victoria's Secret: Gisele Bundchen
 Gisele Bundchen recently won second place in the ranking of the most beautiful women in the world. Since this is difficult to argue. I wonder what is the secret of her beauty? The model is ready with pleasure to share all their secrets with us.

Gisele Bundchen and her figure

In all the interviews, she says she does not sit on a diet and eats cheeseburgers and other fast food. Or she has a great metabolism, or it burns everything in training, or just cheating ... The truth is that it burns calories eaten each in training (although I think the metabolism, it also can not complain).

 Beauty Secrets of the main models of Victoria s Secret: Gisele Bundchen

Giselle is friends with the sport and therefore can afford to eat what he wants. She practices yoga, running, riding a bike, jumping, playing volleyball. Very rarely watches TV, it is constantly in motion. Therefore, it is not getting fat face.

Gisele Bundchen and her hair

Most often, the supermodel can be seen with soft curls. And in combination with the dark roots of the hair, it looks very natural and beautiful. This hairstyle - great for summer days.

At Gisele light hair color that will suit anyone with dark skin. To dye hair in the style of Giselle, you need to take 3 shades: light, caramel and some darker.

If you want to make it proprietary hair, which can be seen at shows Victoria's Secret, you must first answer the question: Do you have curly hair or not? If twisted, then it's simple. On damp hair, apply a little serum. Allow to dry naturally. And willing to tresses.

If you have straight hair, then dry them, and by a wide ironing create curls. Then shake your head to create a more natural look. Do not comb your hair brush while drying. Use your fingers.

Makeup like Gisele

It's rare to see brightly painted. She prefers natural make-up and always looks as if he had just returned from the beach. Therefore, this option is perfect for summer holidays. You will always look stunning. So here's what you need to do to create a natural make-up a la Gisele:

1.   Clean your face and apply a moisturizer. Let it soak.

2.   Apply foundation. Tone Cream should not be too fat. Mask all skin imperfections. Apply the product on the face, neck and shoulders.

3.   Using your fingers, apply a little foundation on the area around, making circles under the eyes less noticeable. Apply no rubbing and patting movements.

4.   Take a large brush and loose powder natural color with sparkles. And apply on face. So you will emphasize its outline.

5.   Using the same brush, apply blush bronze. Impose they need according to your type of person.

6.   Top blush again, apply powder. So you create a gradation of colors and make your look more natural.

7.   Comb the brows and underline them with light shadows.

8.   Move the eyes dark brown color (pencil or liquid eyeliner). Try to keep the line held as close to the lash line.

9. Apply a darker shade of brown to draw a line.

10.   Now apply the same color on the outer corner of the eye.

eleven.   Then take a pearly light shadows and apply to the inside of the eye. Then, moving to the outer corners, bring to a point where the start brown shade, and a little go at them to create a transition.

12.   Apply two coats of brown mascara.

13.   Use lip gloss natural color.

So, make a la Gisele is ready.

Just a few secrets ...

1.   If you have oily or combination skin, always powder the T-zone and the lines around the mouth.

2.   If you are doing a smoky eye makeup, then move the inner part of the eye beige or gold pencil. So you make your eyes wide. But use this trick only when the shadow of the main make-up really dark. Otherwise, you're like a fish because eyes will seem too far apart.

3.   Always apply mascara on upper and lower lashes to make your eyes visually bigger.

Summer is just around the corner, so why not try to take note of advice Gisele to look amazing in any situation.
Author: Vera Karabutova