Beauty Secrets of the main models of Victoria's Secret: Heidi Klum
 I think that it would be difficult to dispute the fact that Heidi Klum - one of the most beautiful women in the world. It seems that she is absolutely happy person: work, children, husband. Despite his busy schedule, she always smiles and looks stunning. Therefore I propose to learn from her how to keep in shape and energize a long time.

1.   Perhaps the most important secret - smile . A positive attitude helps us to shine from within. And this is not unimportant. When we smile, our eyes shine, our natural beauty is revealed. Try to smile to yourself and others. Be a positive person.

2.   It is necessary to care for their skin. Here are some tips from Heidi Klum, as it is better to do:

 Beauty Secrets of the main models of Victoria s Secret: Heidi Klum

-   once a week, be sure to let your skin rest. Do not apply make-up;

-   at least once a week (depending on skin type), use the scrub. So you clean the pores and remove your dead skin cells;

-   moisturize. A good moisturizer works wonders on the skin.

3.   When you select a day of make-up give preference to natural color. Do not overload your image with unnecessary details. Choose a shade of the same color, but different tones. So you can achieve the expressiveness and depth.

4.   Do not neglect the plum shades. They go to all. Regardless of the shape of the eye, skin color, etc.

5.   Use colors that are good for day and for evening makeup. For example, in the evening just change the lipstick, apply an extra layer of shadows, and you - the Queen!

6.   Apply lipstick smears. So you make your lips fuller and sexier visually.

7.   Choose a delicious lip gloss. We eat 1 kg of lipstick and lip gloss for a life, let it be at least tasty.

8.   To give extra shine to the skin, use a cream-shine. During the day, you can apply one coat of this facility, and in the evening 2-3.

9.   To remove dark circles under the eyes, apply a lighter tone or a special tool for eye makeup. At the end of a powder the face, and you look lovely. Do not apply too much powder directly to the area around the eyes, not to highlight it.

10.   Models know how to look good in photographs. They have plenty of opportunities to learn it. Take a picture of yourself on camera or just work out in front of a mirror. Find the angle that shows your strengths and hide weaknesses. Remember that you can not look good from all sides simultaneously. So do not get too hung up on this. Try to have fun with what you're doing.

eleven.   Although Heidi is sexy by nature, she still occasionally resorted to a little trick. That's what she does during the show to her legs looked stunning:

 Beauty Secrets of the main models of Victoria s Secret: Heidi Klum

Mix 50% moisturizer, and 50% of tanning. First of all, using a scrub or a washcloth to remove dead skin cells. And only then apply this cocktail at your feet. You hide the flaws and create a beautiful contour.

Then use a bronzer to hide all the imperfections and add radiance feet.

Apply a little cream gloss on the body and face.

12.   Optionally have the whole staff of stylists, hairdressers and image-makers to make a hairstyle like Heidi Klum. Here are a few tips on how to achieve the same effect and it does not really spend money.

Hair color:   color hair in a light color and shading it with pryadok caramel color.

Form:   If you frequently see gossip, then Heidi will never make the same hair more than 2-3 times. Select 3 basic haircuts and practice, the more often you do them, the better and faster you will succeed.

Hair care:   the hair look healthy and shiny, use air conditioning, and do hair mask at least once a week 1 Olive oil - the salvation of hair, apply it on your hair with your fingers or a comb. Leave on for 5 - 10 minutes, then rinse.

Models have many more opportunities to get valuable information on how to care for themselves, how to teach themselves, etc. Therefore, we, mere mortals useful to learn from them.
Author: Vera Karabutova