Colour in the clothes and in the mood
 In the glow of color - our life.

Outside, the cold autumn landscape is a reminder of the past, warm and cloudless summer. The mood on the full zero. And the relationship is no longer called. So begins the autumn blues, which is then slowly creeps in winter depression.

Not enough sun? Everything seems bleak and gray? What is stopping to pick up the paint and make the world a brighter? The same art therapy, not only on paper, and with your wardrobe. Let's try it together!

Color color strife

Of course, each of us have our favorite colors in clothes. Dressing, we try to pick up the accessories and makeup to match the color of the outfit today. How do we define it? Just putting a face to a new gizmos and immediately realize it is us or not. But psychologists say that by choosing a particular color, we like changing emotions, mood, already pre-program ourselves for future success or failure. Bad mood - choose a dark and cool colors, good - bright colors, romantic - Mild.

The main thing - remember that the colors of the clothes should fit the person. Otherwise unsuccessfully designed color will destroy the harmony of the image will reveal extra zacherknet flaws and virtues. Let us examine in more detail the color of clothing.

One of the most striking and significant in the color palette of our clothing is yellow . It is able to stimulate the development of memory, the ability to make quick decisions, openness and implementation of new ideas. If the yellow - your favorite color, you will be hard to miss! The very nature of color is harmonious and warm enough, that's why he is associated with the sun. Therefore, people who choose yellow clothes, have a rich imagination, they strongly developed creativity.

 Colour in the clothes and in the mood

Aristocratic, easy gait, stability and moderation in emotions? Apparently, your favorite color - blue . Clothing that color always looks very elegant and noble. The women there are very feminine and a bit mysterious, some extremely romantic looks that flying in light of evening dresses and lace blouses. It should be noted that this is the color we strongly associated with denim style, suitable to all, without exception!

This color should be present in the wardrobe of any woman. Of course, it is White color . Many consider it quite boring and impractical. Yes, it is distinguished by a special soiled among other colors, but it was he, more than any other, fit the situation "nothing to wear."

 Colour in the clothes and in the mood
   One of the basic colors of female and male wardrobe - brown   and its many shades. Despite the fact that the brown color is a dark color palette, it symbolizes the inner openness and confidence. People who prefer this color in their clothes, very restrained and decisive. As an additional color to it well suited blue, red, light gray and emerald green.

It is worth noting green color   in the locker room. It always attracts attention, whether we like it or not! And that it makes your life instead of "gray and mourning" in a special bright and rich. Good color and the fact that he likes to experiment. Red-brown or red pattern detail, deep blue beads or copper elements - all this will be a great combination with it.

Excellent accentuate the warm bright color of your skin Orange color . Orange - one of the most charming colors. He seemed to radiate sunshine, warmth and confidence. Of course, this color is difficult to go to work, and in everyday life is not always appropriate. But do not be afraid of bold combinations. Small, but very weighty orange accessories: scarf, handbag or brooch - perfectly underlined in yellow clothes in golden brown or beige shades.

And if you make a smooth fabric face clear black color . Old? Makes face pale and faceless? Black, unfortunately, it does not fit all. But the majority of men and women are very fond of him, because it helps to hide lack of confidence and figure flaws.

Fans of red color   active not only in life but also in the selection of clothing and accessories. It's - rich, heavy, hot, bright color. Bright shades of red are exciting, dark give solidity. This color attracts attention and annoying at the same time. According to many designers, the red is for everybody! Home only - remember its many shades and to be able to play with them. For a woman, select the red, always looks extremely sexy.

Whatever you say, and the color is very important in our life, it expresses our feelings and affects our psychological state. That he sometimes helps to achieve the desired result, to find ease and self-confidence to believe in themselves. The main thing - remember those colors that you are, and not be afraid to experiment! After coming to the store, do not necessarily take the same blouse like a friend, despite the fact that she was her ideal. It is necessary to choose things on the basis of the colors that are right for you. A fashion trends already under you adjust.

Successful to you colors!
Author: Valentina Syrenkova