Magic hot stones or stone massage
 Born of the Earth, ground water, absorbed the power of the sun, rocks - is the source of divine energy.

Now a very popular relaxing procedure - stone therapy - has been known since ancient times. Thus, in Mesopotamia local doctors laid on the patient's body small hot stones in order to properly warm up the patient. Japanese monks thousands of years ago ascetics also knew and used the healing properties of hot rocks for treatment and relaxation. They knew about it, and the ancient Romans, and American Indians used for this purpose saturated "fiery" energy of volcanic rocks. Hot stones were in the arsenal of beauty secrets and Chinese princesses. The ancients believed that every natural mineral carries the energy, which is interacting with the person, can have a positive impact and bring harmony in human life.

Philosophy stone therapy

It connects the ancient knowledge and modern science member of the American Association of Masseurs Mary Nelson Hennigan Arizona. The technique is based on a singular touch and a special massage using hot and cold stones with the point of the Japanese massage - Shiatsu. The doctor suggested using hot stones 54, 18 cold stones and one stone at room temperature. The stone therapy using basalt (hot stones) and marble (cold stones). Due to the effects of black basalt body heats and vessels dilate. Thus, massage promotes relaxation of muscles, helps to relieve pain due to blood flow, accelerates the metabolism and makes incommensurate contribution to the cleansing of the body of toxins. Massage cold white marble leads to a narrowing of blood vessels, eliminate stagnation of venous blood, saturating it with oxygen and rejuvenating the entire body.

Interesting!   Shape, gender and color of the stone is chosen depending on massage techniques and the work of the body - the face, ears, hands, feet, legs or back. However, it is a circle and the oval are the most optimal form of stones.

Stones for massage


Basalt - the so-called volcanic rocks, formed during volcanic eruptions and under the influence subsequent sedimentary activity. Homeland of stones - Indonesia, Peru, Argentina, Hawaii. Additional hewing almost exposed, as it is believed that polished by wind and water, it is a carrier of the energy of the Earth. Black volcanic stones open the energy channels and are designed for ground, focusing on the physical plane, and calming the mind and soul. Property basalt slowly release heat mitigates tissue, muscle relaxation, warming the cold parts of the body.


Marble is formed in the ground from limestone sedimentary rock under the influence of very high pressure and temperature. Homeland marble - Italy and Greece. For stone therapy marble is processed manually in order to avoid sharp chips. Marble, possessing property to remain cold longer than other stones, can be used to remove excessive body heat and / or reduce inflammation.


Some master masseurs are often used to massage the jade, semi-precious mineral that promotes opening your chakras and release energy. More Mayan tribes and the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom revered jade, believing that he rescues from many ailments, threaded youth and improves health. By heating the mineral allocates metasilicic acid, sodium ions and some trace elements (Zn, Cu, Se, Ag, etc.) That are soaked with the surface of the skin into the bloodstream and have thus a positive effect on the condition of the central and autonomic nervous systems.

Technique stone massage

The procedure for stone therapy begins with the application to the skin of the body of a special aromatic oils. Then simply order laid out warm stones - along the spine, lower back, abdomen, shoulders, arms and legs. Sometimes small flat stones are set between the toes (the element of Indian culture). The wizard begins to rub your body with stones, starting from the feet and ending neck, with alternating hot and cold stones.

Massage:   30-90 minutes

Important!   Stone therapy is recommended to spend no more than twice a week, one session lasts for one and a half to two hours.

What treat stones

The main indications for the session stone therapy: chronic fatigue, insomnia, depression, migraine, obesity, cellulite, rehabilitation after injuries, joint disease, back pain and neck.

Contraindications for stone therapy

Acute infectious disease, inflammation of the skin and internal organs, lesions of the cardiovascular system, cancer, pregnancy, skin disorders, neurological and psychiatric diseases.

Hot stone massage will return peace to your soul and energize your body!
Author: Inna Sedykh