Paraffin - a cure for dry and aging skin
 Paraffin - one of the most popular salon treatments nowadays. If earlier the wax used mainly in the postoperative period, when stretched muscles, for the prevention of arthritis, for health massage, but now it is almost indispensable in aesthetic care.

If you feel that your skin is dry, dehydrated, and there is a need not so smooth deep wrinkles, the paraffin is ideal to get rid of such problems. With the help of cosmetic procedures using paraffin moistening and softening the skin. Generally, Paraffin is not only moisturizes, nourishes, softens, but also rejuvenates the skin . This occurs due to the fact that the molten wax, covering the skin is not breathable, very slowly releases the heat, and furthermore, its volume decreases upon cooling.

What gives?

First . Skin is not baked, since its temperature rises in paraffin is not more than 1, 5, -2 degrees. On cooling, the wax is significantly reduced in volume, which creates a "compressing" effect. It is due to this property of paraffin wrinkles are smoothed. Of course, from the wrinkles wax not deliver, but certainly fine wrinkles smoothed, but on condition that the procedure should be carried out regularly.

Second.   The top layer of the skin very well softens the pores open, the wax creates a "greenhouse effect", resulting in the sweat released. But as wax is moisture, it is again absorbed into the skin, and then separated out with toxic products remain on the surface of the large size molecules. With this paraffin has moisturizing and healthy properties.

Third . As the temperature increases, blood flow is accelerated, and as a result - the skin looks Bole elastic.

Paraffin can be carried out both in the salon and at home. For this we need about 3 kg paraffin bought at the pharmacy, at one procedure. Next, you will need to melt it in a water bath in an enamel pot. Before you perform the procedure, we do a test on your wrist, check the temperature, as well as prepare the skin. To do this, you must clean it with a scrub and apply cream. This cream will be the basis for therapy.

Paraffin hand.   Paraffin baths are ideal during the cold season, because one way or another, but our skin on the hands in the winter cracks, flakes, becomes more sensitive. In a cup of melted paraffin hand plunge to the wrist a few seconds, take out his hand, and then again immersed, and so up to 8 times as long as hands are not sufficiently covered with a dense layer of wax. After that you need to "hide" his hand in a plastic bag. And then terry mitt.

 Paraffin - a cure for dry and aging skin

Duration of the procedure is 25 minutes. Next gloves are removed, and the wax is removed from the wrist to the fingertips. After several treatments the skin becomes smooth, delicate. This effect is usually very difficult to achieve creams. Also, these trays have a relaxing effect, for this purpose can be used with the addition of paraffin extracts of various herbs and perfumes.

Paraffin for the feet.   For our legs extra care is a must. Is rarely possible to choose for themselves a comfortable shoes, stable heel, and as a consequence, the feet are in constant tension, the skin lends itself to rough handling, the skin cracked, inflamed. Many women suffer from calluses and corns. In such cases, paraffin foot bath are indispensable, they are carried out similarly to hand bath.

 Paraffin - a cure for dry and aging skin

Just a few procedures, and the skin becomes soft and well-groomed. You can also use the wax with the addition of aromatic oils for a relaxing effect.

Paraffin applications on the face.   Suitable for all skin types. Application is similar. The only difference is that after the first coat is put gauze, it will then no problem to remove the mask from her face.

 Paraffin - a cure for dry and aging skin

After that, the person is applied for about 6 layers, again to form a dense layer. Duration of treatment - 20 minutes, after which the mask is removed away from the neck to the forehead. It is necessary to warn that a few minutes after application you will feel a tightening effect, with each minute it will increase, so if you suffer from claustrophobia, this procedure should refrain.

It is also used to prevent paraffin eliminate skin problems on her stomach and thighs.

As with any cosmetic procedure, paraffin has a number of medical contraindications Which should not be neglected. Such contraindications are:

- high blood pressure,
- infectious diseases,
- cardiovascular diseases,
- Diabetes.

It is necessary to consult a specialist.
Author: MIRovaya