Trends in makeup. Create the image of the house. Part 1
 Autumn brought about changes in the images of women by identifying emerging trends in almost everything. Including makeup. Therefore, for those who want to be in the forefront of fashion, offer little advice on how to implement the proposed designers ideas.

This autumn-winter season is very fashionable to have a pale matte skin. Yes Yes. If you can not boast of a light skin, then focus on that face tone was flat and dull. This can be done with the help of powder and foundation. But that's not all. So, here are some ideas and tips.

Makeup in the style a la Natyurel

Despite its name, to realize it is much more difficult than anything else. After all, there can be seen all skin imperfections. In addition, the need to feel the line when cosmetics becomes too noticeable. This makeup is perfect for daytime. We use the advice of professionals:

• The most important thing - the skin. It has to be perfect. If nature has not endowed you alone, then we need to try.

• As always, we start with cleansing and moisturizing. Without this result may not be ideal.

• The following mask circles under the eyes. Otherwise, instead of glowing health, optimism and beauty of the sight, you look tired.

 Trends in makeup. Create the image of the house. Part 1

• Now you need to use, or tone, or a moisturizer with reflective particles. It all depends on the condition of the skin. The idea of ​​a natural makeup is to ensure to make your face shine health. That is why, in this type of makeup is rarely used matting powder and heavy tonal base. For application on skin is better to use a brush, so cosmetics will be better to go to bed.

• Then go to the cheeks. There are several possible options. The first - blush. Take a gentle pink, coral, brown. In other words, those that work for you, and apply them according to your type of person. You can emphasize the cheekbones, and it is possible to emphasize the oval face.

• If you do not consider yourself to fans of haze, then put on his cheeks a little lip gloss. Just remember that it should be bright enough, for example, red, as if it will be a good shading transparent.

 Trends in makeup. Create the image of the house. Part 1

• To select the color of blush, some stylists propose to look at his baby pictures or slightly pinch his cheek, then you will be able to choose.

• Eye makeup should be done with the use of neutral colors. Perfectly suited brown, beige, pink shade. Best of all, if the shades of rouge, lipstick and shadows are close, then you will achieve a perfect result.

• To lash best to use a brown or colorless mascara. Last just pull the lashes and give a little volume.

• lipstick or gloss should be as close to your natural lip color.

Here's a he, makeup a la "Natyurel." You can create such an image in its pure form, but you can - add a few trendy ideas. Such as the illusion of the lips without make-up or matte skin.

Eye Makeup «Smoky eyes»

There are several techniques of creating such makeup. We tell you about a few.

In the autumn-winter 2009/2010 has become one of the favorite gold. So try to create a make-up «Smoky eyes» in a golden performance. To do this you will need:
- Golden crisp shadows or compressed medium or dark shades;
- Cream shade of light beige;
- Black pencil and black mascara.

• Apply the golden shade on all upper eyelid, at the same time, you can vary the intensity. Blend the shadow almost to his eyebrows.

• Move the upper eyelid with black pencil.

• On the lower eyelid and apply a golden shade and blend.

• and complete eye makeup applying cream light shadow on the lower eyelid. And also on the inner corner of the eye.

 Trends in makeup. Create the image of the house. Part 1

But at the peak of popularity after all makeup, made with black shadows. This is a classic version of the «Smoky eyes». If you want, you can put on the inner corner of the eye white, gray or beige shade. The look will seem more expressive, and his eyes - more.

Shiny eyeshadow

Using makeup shadows with sparkles - a wonderful way to add to your image of a little glamor and glitz, without becoming a disco ball. The new fashion season is one of the trends in makeup. Therefore, learning to work with the makeup.

So, we need:
- Eye shadow gel base (some petroleum jelly applied to the eyelids);
- The actual shade themselves with sequins;
- Tonal basis;
- Lotion for face and cloth.

 Trends in makeup. Create the image of the house. Part 1

• To begin with, it will prepare a face. For this purpose it is necessary cleaned with lotion.

• Then apply on face tone, this should be done before you get to work with shadows, or later will face all covered with sequins.

• Now take the Vaseline or the shade on a gel base (or gel). It is best to use a colorless or light shade. Apply any of the suggested tools on the upper eyelid and brow bone just above.

• If you used the gel shadow, let them dry. It only takes a minute. Do not neglect this step, otherwise the glitter will lay down smoothly.

• Now take crisp shadows with sparkles. Take the brush and dip in the shade. Start with the middle of the century. Lightly pat (do not smear!) Movements spread sequins first from the center to the outer corner of the eye, and then from the inner to the middle. Remember that these shadows are applied only to the surface of the century, and in any case not beyond it.

• By the way, these shadows can be applied in tandem with pressed or crumbly matte or pearl shades. Just like it did Derek Lam.

 Trends in makeup. Create the image of the house. Part 1

Taking ideas from magazines or from displays, remember that there makeup done very bright and intense that it was clearly visible. In everyday life, this would be superfluous. So do not forget about common sense.
Author: Vera Karabutova