What is SPA?
 All SPA- procedures are under a serious medical basis and are intended, in addition to the healing and rejuvenation of the body, put in order thoughts and feelings.

Who prefix SPA - fashion attribute in the names of salons, clinics, centers and even cosmetics and clothing. Now these terms are present almost everywhere, but the significance of the word SPA is not known to the general audience. Now there are several theories about the origin of the word or abbreviation.

Version 1.   SPA - an abbreviation of the Latin "Sanus per Aquam", or "Sanitas pro Aqua", which translated from Latin means "health through water" or "health through water". This concept appeared in ancient Rome, where the treatment of physical and psychological ailments using procedures with thermal water.

Version 2.   SPA, as the concept of medical procedures, derived from the name of a very famous Belgian thermal spa, located 25 km from the ancient city of Liege.

 What is SPA?
   At the moment, under the SPA health center is meant physical therapy with the use of water: and mineral, and marine and freshwater, as well as seaweed and salt, mud and medicinal plants; place together with procedures available and active agents used in the process procedures. Acting through the skin, SPA-cosmetics activates metabolic processes, improves blood circulation and removes toxins from the body exist. However, the main difference of SPA-procedures is that in the process of recovery uses the latest achievements of the cosmetics industry on a par with eastern culture for centuries proven that, acting synergistically, can achieve as a perfect, well-groomed body and a harmonious sense of self.

The main effect of SPA-procedures

• Toxins (detoxification)

• Activation of metabolism (metabolism)

• Stimulation of the immune system

• Improvement of blood microcirculation

• Lymphatic Drainage

• Anti-cellulite effect

• Modeling figures

• Removal of muscle fatigue

• Relaxation and stress relief

• Cleansing, skin rejuvenation

• Weight loss

Types of SPA-procedures

 What is SPA?
   For SPA-treatments include various massages (Balinese, Thai, Swedish, etc.), various peels, body wraps, massage, various baths, pearl baths, mineral baths, as well as a set of procedures for relaxation.

Before you assign a certain procedure, experts of the center must conduct a consultation, which will identify the causes of your problems and diagnosed.

Interesting!   The most popular SPA treatments are wraps, steam rooms and saunas, these procedures are used 35% of all visitors to the SPA salon.

 What is SPA?

Briefly about popular procedures

- SPA capsule.   This unique device uses a combination of different factors, physiotherapy, making possible the creation of highly individual programs.

- Hydromassage bath.   This procedure provides separate zones massage, relaxing the muscle relaxes and soothes the nervous system.

- Mud.   Mud stimulates metabolism, promotes the resorption of inflammatory foci. Therapeutic mud has antimicrobial effects, because it contains natural antibiotics.

- Ayurveda.   Ayurveda - is the oldest existing health care system, the legacy of ancient India. Goals and objectives of Ayurveda are made to preserve and maintain the health of a healthy person and to cure the sick. This is achieved only by natural means.
Author: Inna Sedykh