Which cosmetics are the stars? Scarlett Johansson
 It is called the Hollywood star of the new generation. What does it mean? It is not burdened with star pattern, it is all personal opinion, easy to communicate and work together with the optimistic and all these incredibly mysterious. Italians Dolce & Gabbana were conquered by her charisma and immediately offered to be the face of their line of decorative cosmetics. What kind of makeup she prefers Scarlett?

I'm not the first time I am convinced that there are stars who have a lot to learn, not just what to admire. This is Scarlett Johansson, her approach to care for themselves may become for many a real master class. Let us look?

Taking care of the skin clean - the first thing

Like any actress, Scarlett spends most of his life with meykapom on the face first into the chair in front of a mirror until it casts a spell over the make-up artist, and after - hours in front of the camera. In this life, facial skin needs special attention. Nothing should distract the viewer from her close-ups and pans director.

The secret of its skin care products? "Water, water, water and more time" - said Scarlett. Due to the fact that she drinks a lot of water, and that is a supporter of a thorough cleansing of the skin. "I am 24 and my face care is minimal. But I have a basic rule, which, however, almost all known. I never go to bed with make-up, even if I come home around 4 o'clock in the morning.

 Which cosmetics are the stars? Scarlett Johansson
   My skin sensitive, so I use the funds without fragrance, such as purification of Cetaphil. And I will wash my makeup brushes once a week. Surprisingly, many are not even aware how much dirt can accumulate on our sponges and brushes! Bacteria - this is what destroys us! "

No moisturizer! Only the masks!

"And I never use daily moisturizer. Yes, once you told me that it is better not to use the day cream and allow the skin to live their lives. For I use moisturizing mask. For intensive moisturizing use Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Mask. And one of the most popular masks - Jurlique's Purifying Mask, after it I feel like a flower, it is organic, and really good. "

 Which cosmetics are the stars? Scarlett Johansson
 Mask Jurlique's Purifying Mask   Contains natural clay, exfoliates dead cells and dries the skin with excessive fat. Perfect to restore the balance of fat, the result - skin is more elastic, fresh and lively. And for the price, as it turned out, this mask is readily available and not very star - $ 45, 00.

Little problem Scarlett

Every girl has some major skin problems, about which she knows and tries to find time with their opposition. Someone plagued by dark circles under the eyes, someone - acne. Scarlett is one problem, which she says - red bloodshot eyes. "If swollen eyes I start to" get "- I use something from my refrigerator. Just I put my cold eyes. It is certainly not a good sight to see me with a bottle of mineral water at the eyes, "- she laughs.

Brunette or blond?

All public boggling experiments Scarlett hair: it is - platinum blonde, the - light blond, then - a brunette, and then - red. It is believed that to paint a brunette, you look a lot more serious. Ah, those notorious prejudices about mental abilities blondes. Scarlett says that when she became a brunette, then any changes in himself and his character did not notice. However, she advises all of us to periodically change hair color. Why is that? Her case is quite interesting. "When you just dye your hair, they look a lot better, there is more shiny and healthy appearance. In addition to this change of hair color gives you the opportunity to try new makeup, new wardrobe. I do the type - a girl winter. But now I dyed brunette, and not averse to try an unusual Gothic image. "

 Which cosmetics are the stars? Scarlett Johansson

 Which cosmetics are the stars? Scarlett Johansson

My favorite image of Scarlett

"All I see only in the roles I on the screen. So I love the fashion show on the red carpet. After all, this is where I can show my own style, show themselves. And lately I prefer to experiment with the style of old Hollywood stars. I read a lot about the era that inspires me. I love Old Hollywood days when makeup was rigorous, elegant style. And the hair, from which I am delighted - naturally, such as Rita Heyvorf. "

And yet it is often compared to Marilyn Monroe. "I've always loved it, but a comparison with it I do not like. Yes, I, too blond, too, I have curly hair, I also feminine and sexy. And the only thing that binds us together. But I live a different life. She and I are living in totally different times and different places. It was somewhere in the middle quarters. And I - from Manhattan! "

Scarlett's lips - her business card

Her plump and sensuous lips have long been recognizable, and lip gloss manufacturers vying offer her advertising contracts (or rather, her lips). Such lips she got from mom and dad, you think? Yes, but it takes care of this most famous part of his face quite special. Let us learn?

 Which cosmetics are the stars? Scarlett Johansson
   She has a special love for one miraculous means for lips - Kanebo Sensai Cellular Performance Total Lip Treatment.   "This is - my favorite thing. I feel it a million bucks. " This means special care of the lips and the area around the lips.

The agent for the lips from Kanebo promotes collagen synthesis in the area around the lips, minimizes wrinkles, evens out roughness, leaving skin smooth and soft lips. It is known that the lips are often the first to begin to give our age. So Kanebo could not receive such funds, because the Japanese company - one of the leaders of the anti-age cosmetics. With age, the contour of the lips "lost", they lose their volume, and this tool will magically returns lips and youth, and volume. Maybe Scarlett is too early to think about anti-age cosmetics, but this means very good support so the right amount of plump and sensuous lips of our heroine. It is necessary to find - about $ 65.

Make-up must-have by Scarlett Johansson

You already knew that Scarlett Johansson knows about cosmetics and visage enough? Then a list of its top-product will please many. As they have no pathos, but again there own opinion and sense of dignity.

• Mascara.   "I can not live without a good, rich mascara. My choice -Benefit BadGal, it is really a good volume and black. "

Mascara Lash Mascara contains BADgal vitamin-rich formula, a special brush makes lashes thicker and hotter. The black shade of mascara - matte, velvety, without shine. Cost - $ 19

 Which cosmetics are the stars? Scarlett Johansson

• tonal framework.   Dolce & Gabbana The Make Up Perfect Finish Powder Foundation (shade Creamy). "This base 3 in 1 foundation, powder and concealer in one. This it what I like. " Generally, when have an important shoot or photo shoot Scarlett trusts only decorative cosmetics Dolce & Gabbana, says that only those funds on the screen or the lens to look flawless.

 Which cosmetics are the stars? Scarlett Johansson

• Lipstick.   "My favorite lipstick - a creamy texture, not necessarily very stable, but really dull. Such as Dolce & Gabbana The Make Up Classic Cream Lipstick (shades of Dahlia and Devil) ».

 Which cosmetics are the stars? Scarlett Johansson

The main advice to lovers of red lipstick on Scarlett:

"Most of the girls are very disappointed when they start to use bright red lipstick. I was the same way. When shall be red lipstick clumsily, it constantly flows remains on glasses, clothes boyfriend, she - everywhere and it looks messy, unaesthetic. That's what it takes to make sure, if you use a bright red color. Before you start, always apply the contour lip pencil or correcting concealer. This will not spread lipstick and have a neat outline. "
Author: Julia Gnedina