Stone therapy
 One of the new salon procedures - stone therapy - is becoming more popular every year. It is not surprising, because modern people are increasingly looking for harmony with nature and maintaining health by using natural ingredients of cosmetic procedures.

Massage with hot stones were used in medicine drevnetibetskoy.

Applying stones of different structure and temperature to an active energy points on the body to help get rid not only of the lung disease, but also from the heavy defeat of the skin, such as eczema or psoriasis. Stone therapy in its present form, which it offered at the spa, have recently appeared. In 1993 the American Mary Nelson has patented its own method of stone therapy, combining the healing power of hot and cold stones, as well as recreational opportunities meditation. Today, the method used in its 54 hot, 18 cold plus one stone at room temperature.   Mary Nelson founded the school, where each patient selected the stone, which would it maximum exposure.

Stone therapy - this is not just a massage and the impact on the active points and the connection itself massage, thermotherapy (alternating hot and cold stones) and work with the energy of the person and its aura. Stones give themselves a man of great energy boost as they over the centuries of its existence are saturated with the energy of the sun, the moon and the world around them, particularly land and water.

Stone therapy - is not just a holiday, but a real cure, because the stones have a positive effect not only on our body but also for the soul.

Often the treatment of stones combined with aromatherapy.   To do this, the room is filled with, for example, the aroma of the sea. Before the procedure, all the patient's body butter with a pleasant smell, which is chosen individually. Smooth, perfectly polished stones, which are easy to slip on the skin, apply for a relaxing massage, a rough - for detoxification and deep cleaning of the skin. During the procedure, use the stones of various shapes, bearing in mind that they should be good to go to the body. There is also a sine qua non: medical mineral can not be drilled and subjected to cutting, otherwise it will lose its medicinal properties. The preparation of therapeutic stones is allowed only gentle grinding, and for the most used massage positively charged pebbles of volcanic rocks: marble, basalt, jade. One of the main combinations of stones during the procedure - a black striping effects of hot basalt and cold white marble.

The procedure is conducted by a doctor in the cabin, which has stones on the active points throughout the body, and the surface remains free massages at first hand, and then heated up to 40 ° C with stones. Session lasts between 45 minutes and 1, 5 hours. Unified technology execution procedure is not - it all depends on the hands of the master and his qualifications.

After the procedure, the stones are washed and placed in sea salt: it helps them to purify and charge new energy. This process is energy recovery is required because, if you do not take care of the stones, they begin to lose its internal energy, and even then the oven will not heat them properly. It is believed that the stones to stone therapy can not be used immediately after the storm, because they absorb a lot of uncontrolled energy.

In general salon treatment stone therapy shown to restore energy balance of forces in the body, and hence as the prevention of various diseases which are formed only in the body.   Action stones on the human body due to the fact that our planet - it is a huge and diverse mineral composition. Consequently, the vibration energy of the body must respond to the power of stones!
Author: Natalia Biatova