Diet "6 petals" - effective weight loss!
 Fly, fly, petal
Through the west to the east
Through the north, across the south
Come back, making a circle.
Only you touch the ground you
Being in my opinion were,
They led me to ... thin!

Diet is named "6 petals"   not because you have to eat some petals. Do not be afraid. But to lose weight on a diet you will be able to petal. And at least 800 g per day.

Homeland diet - Sweden, and the author of this interesting diet - Swedish nutritionist Anna Johansson . The idea of ​​the diet is simple: every day "6 petals" - a certain day mono-diet. That is, every day you are "sitting" on a single product or a product group. For example, there is a day of seafood, fish day, vegetable, chicken, etc. A total of six petals - that is, serially replaced each other six mono-diet.

How it works?

First, it turns out almost a week of a separate food. In this way to lose weight. But if from conventional mono-diet body suffers the loss of any vitamins or minerals, the one-day diet can destroy your body with vitamin deficiency. In addition, in just one day, it is impossible to get tired of the monotonous diet, in what are often recognized adherents long monodiets. Before proceeding to the Swedish diet, it is worth remembering a few simple rules.

Terms diet 6 petals

1) Do not change your diet days in some places, the success of the diet - correct sequence of proteins and carbohydrates.

2) Basic permitted drinks for the next 6 days:
- Pure water, at least 1, 5 liters per day;
- Coffee;
- Black and green tea.

The cereal day you can drink kvass in cheese - milk and yogurt, in a fruit - juices.

3) Sugar - a total ban, food can add some salt, but very little, and it is better to replace salt in the spices and herbs.

4) Repeat the diet can be no earlier than 4 months. If you use a diet - it stops working, and only harms health.

 Diet "6 petals" - effective weight loss!

Plan food diet 6 petals

Day One - fish.   The body is stored in polyunsaturated fatty acids, fat is burned.

You can and should have:   fish (can be fat, it carries omega-3 fatty acids, does not allow the fat to be deposited), shrimp, squid, crab sticks. In any form and any number! Permission is added to cooked dishes a little salt, herbs and spices.

You can not:   fried and canned seafood.

Second day - vegetable.   On this day, you can set the record - the most to lose kilos, because the digestion of plant carbohydrates the body will spend a lot of energy, fat will be burned.

You can and should have:   zucchini, eggplant, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage of all kinds. In the form of salads, baked.

You can not:   do not overdo potatoes and canned vegetables.

Day Three - chicken.   The protein will help to strengthen muscles and will not turn to fat.

You can and should have:   cook, bake, cook steam cutlets - everything from chicken.

You can not:   fried chicken with the skin.

Day Four - Cereal.   Again, there is an active fat burning, because the digestion of grains should be enough energy.

You can and should have:   any porridge (boiled water), wheat germ, bran (rye, oats, wheat), raw sunflower seeds, bread. As for drinks, you can drink a brew.

You can not:   roasted sunflower seeds.

Day five - cheese.   Cottage cheese and milk food replenish minerals that exhausted in the first days of the diet.

You can and should have:   low-fat cottage cheese and unsweetened, unsweetened yogurt, drinking milk and yogurt.

You can not:   sweet yogurt with fruit pieces.

Day Six - fruit.   The most difficult but also the most delicious day. It is necessary to survive, then to proudly stand on the scales.

You can and should have:   apples, pears, tangerines, persimmons. You can drink fresh squeezed fruit and berry juices without sugar.

You can not:   Limit bananas and grapes (because of the high caloric content and a large amount of sugar).

But will it work?

The first time you can count on a good weight loss. Some manage to part with nearly five kilograms. And it's only six days! Although the loss of 2-3 kg and is a good result. Those who tried the diet, called her comfortable, not complicated. The downside is that it will take quite a large supply of good quality products, and it is not cheap. Another complication - if you are allergic to any of the types of products, such as milk. Then you have most likely abandon the diet. Decide beforehand.

It should be said that the diet is "6 petals" can be a real Family-diet (from the English. Family - family). Your husband will not even notice that you are sitting on a diet. Dinners for him will be a variety of every day fresh. And another plus diet - you can eat after 6-7 pm, it is very important for working women who come home late.

Good luck in losing weight!
Author: Vasilisa Cousin