Food from dryness, eczema, peeling and other winter skin problems
 Cold winter weather, lack of sunlight and the dryness of central heating rob the skin radiance, moisture, freshness. In addition to cosmetic effects, give your skin a special diet. Tips gives the author The Clear Skin Cookbook (cookbook for clear skin) nutritionist Dale Pinnock.

Problem: dry and eczema-prone skin

Decision.   Eat more fatty fish because fatty acids reduce the loss of moisture in the skin. Good hydration will protect the skin from the strong winds and the dry indoor air.

Salmon and mackerel also have anti-inflammatory properties, it is important for the tendency to eczema. The fatty acids in the diet works as prophylaxis against eczema.

Fatty fish are advised to eat almost all nutritionists. Dale writes in the book that see the result of this Council can only be the case if you follow a regularity in the consumption of fish. He advises eating salmon and mackerel three times a week.

 Food from dryness, eczema, peeling and other winter skin problems

Problem: Dull, tired skin

Decision.   You need vitamin E , Says nutritionist. Look for it in creams, but not only. Added to the food. There are products of which the body can receive vitamin E, transforming it carotenoids, and antioxidants. Among these foods: yellow and orange fruits and vegetables such as carrots, mango, pepper (orange and yellow), sweet potatoes. The recommended amount of these products to achieve results - 2 servings per day.

In addition to vitamin E, for skin radiance important collagen. After the creams to the skin it can be supplied not only by injection, either powered. Scientists have found a pigment anthocyanidin That affects the strengthening of collagen fibers, which makes the skin healthy and radiant, even in cold weather. Anthocyanidins found in blueberries, blackberries, black grapes, a glass of wine karsnogo.

Dale Pinnock recommends to pay attention to another component of the food - Vitamin D . "We get 90% of vitamin D from sun exposure. But in the winter the days are shorter, the sun a little, most of us have lower levels of the vitamin than usual, "- he writes in his book nutritionist. As a result, we suffer from low energy levels. But fatigue is instantly reflected on the skin.

In winter, it is very important to get vitamin D from food. Oily fish - the best dietary source of vitamin D, and more egg yolks, liver, mushrooms. It is recommended to have a day in the diet at least some of these sources of vitamin D.

 Food from dryness, eczema, peeling and other winter skin problems

Problem: pale skin

Decision.   Pallor and tenderness of the skin indicates that there is not enough selenium. This mineral antioxidant shown to improve skin elasticity and healthy color. A good source of selenium - Brazil nuts. But if you are allergic to nuts, Dale Pinnock advises getting selenium turkey, lean beef, chicken and eggs.

Problem: Dry, scaly skin

Decision.   B vitamins regulate the turnover of skin cells and supply nutrients to the skin. If these are not enough, the skin begins to peel, crack. Sources of B vitamins - brown rice and dark green vegetables (especially broccoli, cabbage, spinach). Recommended number - one serving every day, for dinner or lunch.

Problem: Acne

Decision.   Did you eat too much sugar. Sugar stimulates the sebaceous glands, which triggers acne. Sugar is also dangerous because it stimulates the production of the male hormone androgen, which can cause acne in women. This warns nutritionist. In addition, remember that sugar accelerates damage to the collagen bonds in the skin, so Dale recommends winter to abstain from the sweet.

 Food from dryness, eczema, peeling and other winter skin problems

Express masks recipes from Dale Pinnock

In his book, the doctor did not ignore such a fast improving reception for the skin as a mask. He believes that they can bring more good skin than creams. Proper food + mask - that's a recipe winter escape from a nutritionist.

- Seal collagen and vitamin E add the following mixture: a handful of blueberries, 1 mango, avocado half.

- Mashed avocado - the perfect winter mask.

- Fruit Peeling 10 minutes: kiwi, papaya, pineapple in equal volumes. Apply on face for 10 minutes and rinse.

- Coconut oil is considered to be bio-identical in relation to the natural oils of the skin. And due to lauric acid contained therein. Therefore, the best moisturizer for the skin in the winter is not found.
Author: Julia Shestakova