How to resist "sladomanii"?
 Oh, these sweets! So try and tempt yourself. But the momentary weakness, at times, can break all week effort to create the perfect shape. How to resist temptation and not give in? Here are some tips.

Practising will

The first thing that is necessary, as it would not sound trite, - will. After all, it is thanks to her we can not control themselves. To exercise the will, there are many psychological techniques and exercises, as well help yoga and meditation. But most importantly - find a powerful incentive: anyone enough to want perfect figure to flaunt on the beach in summer, for someone important like my other half, and someone might want, finally, to reduce the number of their visits to the dentist.

Especially vulnerable is our will with respect to the sweet in times of stress, depression or boredom usual. Consoling sweets, we turn them into a kind of drug. But, according to nutritionists, sugar can be addictive, because it is not a medicine. We must always remember that there are plenty of other ways to improve your emotional state: take a walk, call mom or best friend, dance, watch your favorite movie ...

 How to resist "sladomanii"?

Everything is a measure

Starting control your diet, you can not completely abandon sweet. It is simply necessary to our body! With sugar in humans produce energy, it activates the brain. Therefore, it is important to learn a balanced diet, not excluding sweets, but only by reducing the dose. For example, tea or coffee every time to put less sugar.

Protein foods can be a good tool in the fight with a sweet mania. At the use of nutritious foods with protein stomach well filled and no longer interested in sweets. Dreaming of health and a beautiful figure, many people refuse to eat, which contain carbohydrates. They stop eating bread, pasta, potatoes, but the lack of carbohydrate to compensate by eating sweets. Do not be fooled: it is better to eat normally for lunch pasta than constantly snacking on sweets.

 How to resist "sladomanii"?

Get rid of unnecessary temptations

In the struggle with excessive eating sweets should work rule: see less - less than you want. Therefore, it is important that coveted products are not always loomed before my eyes, and were out of reach. Vase with candy, standing in a prominent place, gradually begin to attract, breaking even the strongest willed installation. It is important to stick to a clear diet, avoiding all sorts of snacks and many tea parties, during which the number of sweet taste temptations grows significantly.

Discourage bad taste sweet helps ordinary chewing gum. For prudent and economical may be advisable to reduce the cost of sweet, highlighting its purchase of only a small amount per month, gradually reducing it. Try not to keep in the house chocolate bars, candy, cookies, chocolate paste and so on. Leave only those sweets that are necessary to prepare before use (cocoa, cake mixes or jellies, jelly, etc.). Sometimes cravings can overcome the usual laziness.

Finding alternatives

At first glance, the unique taste of sweet nothing can replace. But there are many natural and wholesome foods that can be a good alternative to sugar: dried fruits, berries, fruits, sweet vegetables (carrots, peppers, beets). An excellent complement to them can be a daily exercise, which not only improve the shape and health, but also help the body develop serotonin (hormone of joy) contained in sweets.

 How to resist "sladomanii"?

Useful hormone can also be obtained by simply taking a fragrant, hot bath, reading a good book or chat with friends. Smash another desire to eat cake and eat candy is capable of normal glass of water. Those who have a craving for sweets is shown closer to the night, you can brush your teeth before going to bed mint toothpaste, drink tea with fruit or flavored.

Reduce longing for sweets and painlessly help wean him from such small pleasures, like a cup of coffee milkshake with vanilla, fruit salad with cinnamon and a handful of chocolate-covered almonds. Not bad helps supplementation with chromium and vitamin C. Before buying products should carefully review their composition. Do not immediately buy those which are not on the label the word "sugar". Indeed, it is often hidden under other names: sucrose, glucose, maltodextrin, aspartame, saccharin, sucralose, sugar cane juice, maple syrup, honey, stevia, agave syrup, molasses and other.

 How to resist "sladomanii"?

We wish you victory over sladomaniey and celebrate her little chocolate!
Author: Albina Rogov