How to win the battle with weight and survive the most
 Each of us from time to time visited by the thought of improving figures - you want to lose weight or to forget about stomach droops. It would seem that today for dieters to create all conditions - no shortage of information, full of a variety of means - from the popular "potions" to the latest developments. In this war, with kilograms important to survive - not to undermine their own health.

Dangers, by the way, is obvious. It added to the already known risk of a significant reduction in immunity. Few know that the reason for the decline defense system are not only the acute and chronic, "sore", but also slimming.

Abuse of food additives that are harmful diets inevitably leads to the development of secondary immunodeficiencies. Immunodeficiencies can manifest itself at any age - in the form of bronchitis, severe bacterial infections, purulent sinusitis. As a result, a person has to take antibiotics for life. Also on the background of immunodeficiency may be affected by some organs and systems, often - the ears, nose and throat.

If such problems arise, consult an allergist-immunologist. If the cause is a chronic disease, you have to go to a particular specialist.

How not to hurt yourself on the way to a slim figure? To your attention - tips.

 How to win the battle with weight and survive the most
 1. The Board of Referees List
If the weight loss method you choose bad diet or of such mono-diet food with a sharp reduction in the level of carbohydrates or fat, are inevitable side effects .  Obviously, one product (the use of a single product is the basis of any mono-diet) can not provide the body with enough vitamins, macro- and microelements .  Low-carbohydrate diets also lead to a deficiency of nutrients that the body gets from carbohydrates useful .  In addition, if to increase the content of animal products for background rejection of cereals and breads, you will suffer from transient cholesterol and, as a consequence of heart disease .  On the other hand, should not be abused, and the rejection of fat, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids .  In short, before you choose a way to limit yourself to the usual food, check out the full list of advantages and disadvantages, not to choose bad diet . 

 How to win the battle with weight and survive the most
 Tip 2. Adjust the quantity rather than quality
Take time and throw salty foods, strong tea and coffee, chocolates and biscuits together - of course, a great plan, but, alas, virtually impossible .  Too much willpower it takes .  After losing in the battle with their own desires, you will inevitably be disappointed .  It is hardly contrive this war, unless you're a real Amazon .  It is much easier to set yourself a limit on the use of by-products .  A friend of mine - a fan of coffee - limit consumption of this drink to one cup per day .  She happily drink it in the morning, and now the beginning of the day she is only positive emotions, because you can enjoy a cup of coffee, and thus no abuse of caffeine during the day .  It can be three times a week to eat a tiny tiles of dark chocolate (20 grams) .  From him, too, no one hurt .  Reduce portion size .  To do this, purchase a kitchen scale .  Do not be a significant change - good habits are formed slowly . 

 How to win the battle with weight and survive the most
 Tip 3. "You just do not know how to cook them." Learn how!
There is a misconception that healthy foods are rarely tasty. But we simply do not know the best methods for their preparation. Make a list of foods that should be included in the menu because of their "usefulness". And then go to some major culinary portal, for example, Search by ingredients will help you find dozens of dishes, in which there is a useful product.

You slim figure and good health!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya