Lifestyle choices and the power supply system
 In an age of constant bustle around us a lot of negative factors, which are not the best way affect health. Moreover, some aspects of the work rhythm and mode (poor diet, lack of physical activity) leads to the formation of extra kilos.

As a consequence, we choose various popular diets, striving for a few days to bring the figure in order. However, we often do not even think about the other side effects of such diets (exhaustion, nervousness, vitamin deficiency).

According to nutritionists and doctors, any properly chosen diet not only is to restrict supply, but also serves to normalize the metabolism. Therefore, expecting to get a fast and (not least) revitalizing effect, to avoid the loss of strength and stress, we should approach the issue of selection of diet wise, given the age and physiological characteristics of an organism.

At the same time you need to focus primarily on your lifestyle and character of the daily diet. Thus, we consider the order of the basic nuances of the selection of diets.

Proper nutrition business woman
Every working day active business women (directors, the owners of companies, advertising managers) usually takes place in a tense rhythm. A frequent receptions and business lunches with partners will soon make themselves felt. After all, smart, tasty and high-calorie food in restaurants is not always useful, and not to all. A mixture of different meals often leads to recruiting and indigestion.

But knowing some basic rules will help to avoid serious problems.

 Lifestyle choices and the power supply system
 Rule one. Ability to adhere to the norm.
Of course, it is difficult to control himself when on the table a variety of delicious side dishes. However, it is important to know your limits. To do this, choose the dessert plates small, learn to eat slowly and nice (to prolong the pleasure of each portion).

There is one small technique that helps avoid overeating - by up to 20 (after each new dish or dishes). That's how much time you need for a sense of satiety.

Second Rule. Refusal of alcohol and carbonated drinks.
The fact that alcohol triggers hunger, and soda in large quantities causes bloating and discomfort. Therefore it is better to give preference to plain water or green tea useful.

Rule three. Salt is recommended to replace herbs and other seasonings.

Form a daily diet
If you belong to this category of women in your diet must be vegetables and fish. The restaurants should be selected Mediterranean cuisine, which contains a sufficient amount of iodine and other essential trace elements. In addition, the average you should eat at least 1 kg of vegetables per day (mainly - raw and steamed). It is also important not to forget the sea fish, low-fat meat and dairy products and eggs. Strongly recommended to consume fast food, convenience food and canned food. Composing a diet for a week, we advise to select and combine these courses:

- Yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese with fresh fruit;
- Sandwich with peanut butter, jam without sugar or honey;
- Protein omelet;
- cabbage salad;
- buckwheat;
At the same breakfast (both lunch and dinner) should contain at least 2-3 of these components. For example, buckwheat porridge or salad can be combined with green tea and toast, scrambled eggs with cheese or yogurt. You can also include in the morning meal dried fruits, fruit, nuts or granola.

- The pasta from durum wheat;
- Vegetable or fruit salad;
- Low-fat soft cheese;
- Tuna sandwich;
- Baked chicken breast or baked potatoes with basil;
- Steamed green vegetables;
- Unpolished rice;
- Fish soup (ideally - with zucchini, tomatoes and leeks) or soup.
You can combine these dishes with nuts, berries and fruits.

- Grilled fish with olive oil or steamed;
- Steamed shrimp in garlic sauce, fish stew with tomatoes or stewed rabbit meat;
- Crumbly rice with saffron or plain unpolished rice porridge;
- Salads: Fresh vegetables (you can of green), Greek and basil with olive oil;
- Boiled veal.
At the end of the day you need to eat seasonal fruit and yogurt, cheese, cheese, fresh peppers and tomatoes. It is not necessary to abandon the seasonings.

Eating those who work in offices
A simple office employees, who spend much time at work and in the evening enjoy a quiet dinner, it is important to switch to protein foods, and try to limit the intake of carbohydrates.

 Lifestyle choices and the power supply system
 In addition, if you work in an office, you should remember about basic ways of speeding up the metabolism .

1. fasting, low-calorie diets and spirits can become serious enemies. It is better to pay attention to fat burning diet and drink plain water during the day.
2. No matter how evolved the circumstances, always try to provide the body with a full breakfast. The fact that a morning meal not only gives energy for the whole day, but also dulls hunger, thereby helping to avoid overeating. At the same time, sitting on a diet, remember the basic rule - only in the morning, you can indulge yourself with carbohydrates.
3. Moderate exercise during the day - the best way to balance the metabolism (because at work we mostly inactive). Therefore, if possible, it is recommended to visit the gym.
4. Do not forget about a full sound sleep (ideally it should last at least 8 hours).
5. Strive to plan your daily routine so as to be able to eat small portions, but often (about every 3-4 hours).

 Lifestyle choices and the power supply system
 Your weekly diet should include the following components:

- Kasha (buckwheat, oatmeal or whole rice);
- Peppers stuffed with rice and vegetables;
- Vegetable salad (which can be refilled with olive oil);
- Seasonal fruit and dried fruits;
- Low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt.

- Soup or vegetable soup with herbs;
- Baked salmon or other fish;
- Boiled meat (especially chicken legs or others.) And chicken broth;
- Chop ground beef;
- Stewed cabbage with carrots;
- Salads: fruit, vegetables, olive oil, fresh cabbage and avocado.
It is also recommended to drink at dinner black bread, nuts, low-fat yogurt or yogurt.

- Boiled veal or beef;
- Stewed chicken with ginger;
- baked fish;
- An omelette with chicken, cheese and tomatoes;
- Salads: green, seafood and nuts, with seasonal fresh vegetables with greens and tomatoes.
In addition, a balanced dinner can supplement low fat cottage cheese, grilled vegetables and hard cheese.

The optimal diet for housewives
Women who are on maternity leave or do not work for other reasons, often suffer from excess weight. It is easy to explain - when we sit at home, constantly engaged in cooking, it becomes difficult to overcome appetite, and we begin to look increasingly in the refrigerator. Plus, sometimes you have to eat up the children, or to try every dish is cooked.

Nevertheless, every housewife could adopt a simple and well-balanced 5-week diet that does not require great sacrifices.
In particular, during this diet allowed 5x meal small portions (in order to avoid feelings of hunger).

 Lifestyle choices and the power supply system
 In addition, you should ensure that at breakfast, lunch and dinner, the body receives the necessary elements. To do this in your diet must be:
- Proteins (which we get from meat and seafood);
- Complex carbohydrates (contained in cereals);
- Fiber (it enters the body of fresh fruits and vegetables);
- Digestible fats (ie olive oil);
- Drinks without sugar.

So, in your home diet may enter a range of healthy dishes:

- Scrambled egg whites (can be grated cheese)
- Low-fat bacon or ham;
- Oatmeal with almonds;
- Low-fat yogurt with berries and nuts;
- Sandwich with berries and almonds.
In addition, the morning meal be sure to include tomatoes, bran cereal, grapefruit, slice of watermelon or cantaloupe, and unsweetened tea or coffee.

- Chicken (boiled or baked);
- Salads: Seafood on lettuce leaves with lemon juice and lavashёm, green, mushrooms, olives and celery;
- Hard cheese;
- A slice of bread - whole grain or bran cereal or a sandwich with meat and lettuce.
Plus, during the lunch meal should be to saturate the body with vitamins and beneficial trace elements contained in apples, nuts, sweet peppers, tomatoes, onions, avocados and oranges.

 Lifestyle choices and the power supply system
- Turkey breast without the skin, chicken or baked salmon or other fish (the salmon dressed with herbs tarragon or red pepper and other fish better sprinkle with lemon juice and eat with boiled green vegetables);
- Steam cutlets or meatballs on a pair of ground beef (meatballs perfectly combined with natural yogurt, onion, and pepper zelenbyu and meatballs - with boiled zucchini or broccoli);
- Baked veal with apples.
Also, dinner is recommended to use boiled or raw green vegetables, spinach with lemon juice, apples or berries.

The system of proper nutrition
In addition, there are modern techniques, which allow using simple mathematical calculations to generate your daily diet. Perhaps one of them will save you from exhausting diets and help you stay slim and charming.

 Lifestyle choices and the power supply system
 The essence of these methods is that it is necessary to calculate the average physical activity, the energy we expend during the day and, in accordance with this, the daily rate to calculate calories. Then, using the special tables can be found caloric each product (or batch).

Such knowledge, in many cases, will help you avoid overeating, and exhaustion. However, these calculations are not turned against you, except these parameters should also take into account your age, weight, health status.
Author: Alla Pilipenko