Lose weight without dieting
 Is it possible to lose weight without exhausting themselves diets? Scientists say it's possible. We just need to change your life schedule and make some new consumer habits.

Schedule an effective diet

Calorie restriction has always been an effective way of getting rid of excess weight, they resorted to all who wish to temporarily or permanently to get a new, slim figure. Israeli scientists have found that severe restrictions, which threaten to lack of nutrients and mood disorders, not necessarily. You can continue to enjoy themselves calorie foods and still lose weight. And we need to very little - to make and adhere schedule meals.

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners at the same time stabilize the metabolism, causing fat no longer be postponed at the waist and hips, and immediately processed into energy. The hypothesis was confirmed by scientists in the study, which lasted for three months. Experimental rodents were divided into four groups:
- The first group was fed on a schedule high-calorie foods;
- The second group is also adhered to a strict timetable, but the menu was extremely low-calorie, low-fat products;
- The third group ate a low-fat food on the schedule;
- For the fourth group had no restrictions.

As expected, most of the excess weight gained from the fourth group of mice. Are you familiar with their food habit - "eat all you want and when I want to?" It is obvious that such an approach will inevitably threaten obesity. But then begins the findings from the field of "Unbelievable." Mice that absorb low-fat schedules without food, appeared thicker than those lacquered high-calorie products on schedule.

 Lose weight without dieting

This study proves that eating schedule is more important than what we eventually eat. So if you want to lose weight, just eat on a schedule. This will help stabilize the weight, and the body will cease to be surprised unexpected revenues food and react to them as intruders - an aggressive set of extra kilos.

Diet, as well, however, and the mode of life in general - is a stronghold of stability, reducing stress levels (and with it the appetite) and the guarantee of your harmony.

To lose weight, you need to become an early riser

No owls and larks there, - convinced scientists from Scotland. It concocted a theory that people are trying to explain to an unhealthy life schedule and its implications for the health and well-being. After all, before electricity was invented, everyone got up at dawn and went to bed at sundown. This is life in accordance with the biorhythms, the guarantee of health and slim figure.

According to experts from the University of Aberdeen, it is the failure of the biological clock triggers metabolic disorders, the consequence of which is overweight. To lose weight, you just need to start early to bed and early to rise. And there are no exceptions in the form of Friday and Saturday in the rule is not provided.

 Lose weight without dieting

Experiments have shown that circadian rhythm gene mutation leads to the liver, which are closely connected with splitting of fats and glucose. On this basis, scientists have concluded that the cause of excess weight is not only excessive calorie intake and lack of physical activity.

According to Kathy Weiss, "lights out" not later than 22 hours, and sleep in complete darkness (no lamp, flickering TVs and monitors) are essential conditions for a slim figure. Dr. Weiss stresses that light - is the main factor that regulates the human biological clock. The so-called "owl" lifestyle disturbs the harmony between circadian rhythm and the environment. This not only confuses the natural mode and metabolism that leads to obesity.

Labels help you!

Spanish researchers found that women who carefully studied the labels on average weigh 4 kg less than those who do not spend time on this activity.

According to data obtained by experts from the University of Santiago de Compostela, a body mass index of the fairer sex who have studied the composition of the products, to 1, 49 points lower than the other.

It should be noted that the researchers did their best. They carefully examined the 25 thousand reports on nutrition, health, weight and habits of American consumers. It turned out that a thoughtful approach to the range of products provides a healthy menu and a lower body weight.

 Lose weight without dieting

What was going on? Firstly, that the comparison of the two products of the same kind, but with different calorie, people almost always selects fewer calories .  Secondly, horrified large number of dyes and additives in the product, the buyer can simply abandon it .  But we know that such foods contain substances that stimulate the appetite and addictive .  Here's another plus - dependence gradually come to "no" .  Finally, a balanced approach to the selection of products - an indicator of the high personal responsibility .  Once you read the label - it means you are not indifferent to what you fill your stomach that eat your relatives .  The responsibility for their health and the shape helps a person to stop in time - substitute cola for mineral water, eat a whole instead of tiles a couple of small pieces of chocolate, choose a bird in the store instead of fatty pork .  All of this contributes to weight loss and health improvement .  Be of good cheer!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya