Speeds up the metabolism and losing weight!
 Would not it be great if our bodies had an instantaneous speed of metabolism! We could have as many goodies as you want. Incidentally, there are some lucky people who mom and dad were awarded a fairly high rate of metabolism. While this depends not only on genetics. But if you're not one of those who can boast a high rate of metabolic processes in the body, the faint still not worth it. Because speed up the metabolism of all forces.

Let's try to prevent the conversion of calories into fat by speeding up metabolism. Help in this 7 simple techniques.

1. Magic hormone leptin

Leptin - a hormone that tells you that you are not hungry. But to get it is very simple - if you have a good sound sleep (lasting from 7 to 9 hours), the leptin your body produces. The problem is that the majority of working women and family loses sleep, it leads to slower metabolism, increased likelihood of hypertension, diabetes, weight gain. If enough sleep, the body produces more leptin, which suppresses appetite. If leptin little, you always want to have, hence overeating, lethargy, weight gain. But, the truth, and scientists warn that increasing the number of sleeping more than 9 hours a day has the opposite effect - the amount of leptin is also reduced, as in lack of sleep.

 Speeds up the metabolism and losing weight!

2. Exercises

Exercise affects the metabolism better than any other medium. However, it is important not simply mechanistic do the exercises and hoped that bought a subscription to a fitness club will give you cherished harmony and burning calories. The constant increase in load, and as can be more varied load (on different muscle groups, with different tempos, etc.) pose metabolism mode hyperactivity. And a few more tips:

- Cardio-load increase metabolism not only during exercise, but also during the following 24 hours. After training, the body continues to burn calories more about a day.

- Building muscle mass is a decisive factor in the metabolic rate, so that the most metabolically active and burns more calories.

- It is better not to increase the number of days in a week, when you exercise, and stick to the middle and moderate load, but to try to increase the rhythm and pace of the exercises.

 Speeds up the metabolism and losing weight!

3. Detox

The chemicals enter the body with food, cosmetics, from the environment - can slow the metabolism and increases appetite. These chemicals include many unexpected things that surround us such as preservatives, phthalate (plasticizer), triclosan (antifungal, antibacterial agent), other. Therefore it is necessary to remember the simple rules:

- Eat fresh food as possible, not canned;

- Wash fruits and vegetables, because even a normal plastic bag can be a source of chemicals, coating products;

- Wash your hands several times a day, this will reduce the number of potential toxins in touch with which you are entering.

 Speeds up the metabolism and losing weight!

4. Spices

It is proved that spices speed up metabolism. Such seasoning as red chili pepper, black pepper, turmeric, cinnamon, garlic and ginger, may contain capsaicin or piperine. Capsaicin - a compound that converts calories to heat (thermogenesis), piperine and - a chemical which stimulates brain receptors (which, in turn, stimulate metabolism).

5. Chill

Despite the fact that the metabolism is increased when we sweat, cold "working" for exchange processes in much the same. Cooling the body causes it to generate more heat to warm the body, and thus burn more calories and speeds up the metabolism. Therefore, it is important to keep the temperature in the rooms of the house cool. Besides, the cool easier to fall asleep.

There are even studies that compared people living in warm areas, and those who work and live in extremely cold temperatures. And the conclusion is that the warm indoor temperatures may be partly responsible for the obesity epidemic. In general, the heated floor - it is certainly good, but not always useful for weight control.

 Speeds up the metabolism and losing weight!

6. Do not feel hungry

When you are hungry - metabolism slows down. This is a natural reaction to hunger, it is embedded in our genetic code, this is a defense mechanism. That is, the body does not want to starve, and to survive, slows down the processing of food, leaving himself out of food.

A rather unexpected output. Yes, when you are not hungry. Yes, yes, do not be surprised. And this is confirmed again the research and tests, it was reported on the website ScienceDaily.com. "If you want to maintain a healthy metabolism , - Stated in the conclusions of scientists - you need to eat before you feel hungry. That is, should prevent famine, not respond to hunger. "

7. Only healthy carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are still a popular snack for many girls. Then pay attention even for a healthy, unprocessed carbohydrates. Because processed (wheat flour quality and sugar) - is not healthy. These carbohydrates directly supply of blood sugar that can cause hormonal changes and increased appetite.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin