Three weeks of effort - and the slim figure of a lifetime
 Many of us dream of a slim figure, and in some countries about her dream all the polls - especially where obesity has become a serious problem. His way of fighting obesity, Professor at Cornell University suggested that Brian Uansink. According to him, three weeks of effort will allow a person to develop good habits that will allow him to stay slim for life.

Uansink believes that it is pointless to sit periodically to maintain a strict diet and counting calories - overweight still come back. Better to spend three weeks (it is so much need to form a new habit) to new dietary habits. That, at least, give long-term effect. So what does the professor advises?

First of all - honesty

First, you need to be honest with yourself and do not give in to its own provocation. Entreaties like "I'll buy a box of candy and eat today, only two things tea" - pure self-deception. If you do not want to overeat sweets, do not buy them. If you are sure you can limit yourself to two candy, buy tiles of dark chocolate weighing 20 grams. At least, it will be fair.

Cover "cloth on the ground"

Secondly, you need to keep your eye on what you buy. Try to give preference to natural and useful products instead of sausage - the bird, instead of muffins - honey, instead of pudding - yogurt. Remember that the best desserts are fruits and not "family" cakes in the window of a candy store. After all, what you buy, then you will rest in the refrigerator, and so you have to eat. No miracles and surprises - just a rational assessment and planning their own menu.

 Three weeks of effort - and the slim figure of a lifetime

The quieter you go, the further you'll get

Under the influence of hunger people are willing to swallow the food almost from its packaging. Avoid overeating in this case is very difficult. Therefore Develop the habit of snacking on the go, it is not just "out of the refrigerator." This will not only violates digestion, but did not control the amount eaten. Calmly cut that came to eat. Slowly sit down at the table. Put the paper and turn the TV off and eat slowly.

If, despite all efforts, you eat a huge plate of food for 5 minutes to help the other habit. Place the cutlery on the table after each bite of food. This will slow down the process and are contributing to a sense of saturation before the whole batch, along with the addition of travel to your stomach.

 Three weeks of effort - and the slim figure of a lifetime

Correct snack - healthy snack

Brian Uansink advises not to starve the body hunger. If you really want to eat (and a glass of water does not help), make a snack. But it is not a sandwich! Let this be a tasty and healthy snack of apples, pears, fruit salad, yogurt or kefir, etc. Timely snacks save you both from hunger and overeating at the table.

The professor says that for three or four weeks you will become a new person. Of course, your efforts will be rewarded with a decrease in appetite and leaving extra kilos. And dreams come true!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya