Why the French do not get fat?
 Under this title a book by Mireille Guiliano, has become more a bestseller in 2009. Let's look through it and highlight the main points.

Mireille Guiliano   I born in France and lived there for 19 years until he came to study in America. Mireille says that all life was a slender girl, but came to the US, very quickly ceased to be such. When she went back to France after graduation, with an extra 10 pounds of weight, her family did not know. The author says that a long time suffered to again become that stroynyashkoy Mireille what it knew in France. She just had to be a Frenchwoman again - this is the secret.

Indeed, there is a fairly accurate statistics, which says that women in France are least likely to suffer from overweight and obesity. For example, the publication cites Marie Claire that only 6% of French women are overweight or obese, while Americans have this figure at 50%.

Then it's time to learn from the French women eat and live. And not just American women!

 Why the French do not get fat?

Mireille Guiliano's book "Why the French do not get fat? "   acknowledges that achieving the optimal weight - it's more a psychological problem than a banal diet. It calls for changes in their own habits and thoughts.

 Why the French do not get fat?

Seasonal Food

We know a lot about what seasonal food tastier and healthier, but rarely follow it. Think of the difference between your dinner in the winter and in the summer. Most will tell you that almost nothing. But eat seasonal food is much easier and cheaper. Seasonal fruits and vegetables - a quality and healthy option. But many of us believe that the opportunity is familiar processed products (frozen vegetables, frozen fish, canned fruits and juices) - it's convenient and a sign of good fortune. However, this is a very big mistake, we deprive ourselves very much, giving up fresh vegetables from the garden for the sake of comfort.

No waste

The French, according to the author, eat foods with bright taste natural. They do not eat anything labeled "low fat," "sugar," and so on. They go to the market or to the store for the real product. But eating everything in moderation. Portions of French is much smaller than the American or Hispanic. A large number of processed foods in our diet - it is rubbish that we consume. If you are hungry - it is better to eat an apple or a carrot, but not empty product!

 Why the French do not get fat?

Variety - the key to losing weight

This item is in part related to the previous. Seasonal food is not only to maintain health, but also deprives us of the routine and monotony of the diet. But the monotony of the food leads to overeating because we seek to compensate for the amount of boring and uninteresting food. The French love new clothes and new items, not only in clothes and cosmetics. Include food for something new, try to cook new dishes - it is also very French.

The ritual meal

Remember footage from popular American movies. American women drink coffee on the way to work, lunch office for clarification of issues and dine under the latest news. The French eat differently. No computer, no TV, no food on the go and so on.

Move! But with meaning

Mireille Guiliano writes that pointless exercise as bad as mindless eating. It is as empty calories, which are deposited only at the waist. Senseless trip to the fitness room and would not be good.

The French like to go to good use. For example, they do a lot of homework, go shopping on the bike for a business meeting - on foot. When the movement becomes a part of life - it benefits. No pointless exercise bikes and boom! Of course, they go to the gym and train the muscles, but do not stop to miss classes for the sake of meeting friends in and make yourself at home after a few squats.

 Why the French do not get fat?

French Travel

This kind of activity is to say about it separately. Why go on a bike or just run around? After all, you can go and go somewhere. A bike tour or hike to see something, to learn something new and interesting places to visit. Yes, just go to ... to dream or think. The movement must also bring joy and make sense. We are not machines, just to run in the mornings on the same route.

Life is a pleasure

Mireille said that this is the main difference between French women. They all do the fun. They need to get around the positive emotions. Maybe flirting they invented to communicate effortlessly and to fall in love easily. Gourmet food, sex gourmets, gourmands in life. Wine, bread and chocolate - it's fun for them and not harmful products.

 Why the French do not get fat?


French women have a special relationship with water. Mineral or plain drinking. They drink water throughout the day. Not only in the morning, not only before the meal. And drink a lot. The author advises to always remember about the water, not only if you kogda hot or when you decide to lose weight.

Mireille Guiliano is not a doctor or nutritionist, but she managed to convince many Americans to rethink their habits. On her advice, many began to keep a food diary and realized that eating a lot of empty and unnecessary. Mireille said that three weeks you have enough observations to try to change something in my life and in the diet. Mireille findings inspired you?
Author: Vasilisa Cousin