10 commandments for those who want to become leaner
 Each document has its date of entry into force. Therefore, I must also specify it for your commandments. We all know the catch phrase that says, "Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today! ". Therefore, I will not put off till tomorrow nothing of what is planned to do, and my commandments shall enter into force - today!

The first commandment - to love yourself
It is believed that weight loss is almost impossible if a person does not feel love for yourself and living with a sense of constant denial of their appearance (face and body), reflected in the mirror. Therefore, we must learn to accept and love yourself. If we go a little further, and should be easy to "invent a new svelte image" and say to yourself, looking in the mirror, that every day you strive to update all the stronger.

The most interesting is the fact that to believe it is not necessary, because after about three days, your subconscious reconstructed, and you really start to see a change in yourself.

 10 commandments for those who want to become leaner
 The second commandment - Throw an extra ballast
Have you ever wondered how big the load is on your fragile shoulders of women? You're being paid to someone or something, be it work or family. You tend to dissolve without balance in caring for others or thoughts about your career? In addition, you often shoulder the load even more and start doing something for other people, to allow them to use themselves for their own purposes, as absolutely do not know how to say "no" to their pleading eyes?
Well, it's time to learn it. Throw all unnecessary, and you realize how much easier it would be to go through life. And you notice how the excess weight will rapidly melt.

The third commandment - to manage their feelings and emotions
Remember once and for all that any negative feelings, whether anger or resentment at close to you Human reduce your efforts in the fight against excess weight on "no." You did not notice that when you experience such feelings, or the like, you with terrible force pulls to the fridge and you just wanted to hang on to his castle, key of which just need to lose? All natural. By getting rid of negative feelings, you will see that the extra weight will go much faster.

The fourth commandment - the secret lies in the harmony of the beauty of life
What do you think, why the French are considered the most harmonious nation in the world? I think the secret to their harmony lies in the first place, in motion (later you read about it in my commandment number 9). In addition, it should be noted that the French forever associated for me with gourmet food and wine tasters (but the last - in the commandment number 8).

 10 commandments for those who want to become leaner
 And, of course, we can not say about such an important point as a beautiful table setting for every food intake, this art French also speak to the fullest. We must learn to do it nice, tasteful, without fuss, so with dignity, persons of royal blood to sit for the perfectly laid table.

The fifth commandment - there is need to rush
How often do you catch yourself thinking that, after swallowing a bowl of hot soup, did not even realize it taste. How often do you have a snack on the run, and after an hour you again plagued hunger pangs? All you need to do to fix things: it nestle nicely served table for (according to the commandment number 4) and enjoy food. It should listen to your body, not to miss the point of saturation. To do this, you must not be distracted by external stimuli such as a TV or a computer, the Internet or a book that hinder you and most likely, without them you just accurately determine the moment when you no longer want to eat. With them you will continue to do so by inertia.

We need to start getting the pleasure of eating: eat slowly, savoring every spoonful or sip each and remember what you eat, as well as - the pleasant sensation that arises and ripens to you at the same time.

The Sixth Commandment - live in society without losing yourself
We all live in the community, society, and must abide by certain rules. In your company's tea breaks taken at ten o'clock in the morning and four o'clock in the evening (with the obligatory presence of sweet)? How do I know the ... you eat one more cookie, one more piece of candy, another piece of cake, even though you're already fed up or do not love sweet? This I also passed ...

Important: You do not have to comply with these rules. You can just relax in the moment, you can even sit with those who drank tea (for the company) and talk about life, but you are not obliged to drink the tea and eat these sweets. If you do not want, just say "no." Do it, it is better to overcome itself and once abandoned, especially in the second - it will make it much easier.

The seventh commandment - breaking the rules, do it right
From the previous commandments smoothly (in the sense), this implies that if you break set by someone (even you) tend to make it right.

 10 commandments for those who want to become leaner
 Here is an example: You have decided that you can not eat after 18.00. I will not argue (at least, not yet). I will talk about myself: I take it a rule - do not eat after 21.00. But, so it turns out that sometimes I just can not eat, so if you really want me "skhomyachit" something quietly, let it be - fruit, vegetables or yogurt.

Eighth Commandment - look at life soberly
Again, going back to his beloved country - the country of my dreams and the dreams - France. It is believed that the French are drinking every day, while they have practically no such thing as algokolizm. Why is it coming out?

 10 commandments for those who want to become leaner
 It seems to me that the reason for the daily, but a small consumption of alcohol. For example, it is believed that a glass of red wine (before dinner or supper - one of two) even good for health. The main thing is not to get involved and do not drink a bottle in one sitting, and then, realizing that drunk enough to decide that it would be necessary to run for a second and painfully determine who is behind it will go. We must realize and remember that excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages is not only hurts our health, but also slows down and sometimes completely stops the process of weight loss.

The ninth commandment - "on the move - life"
You should not only remember it, but also put into practice. To be slim, you must also move a lot. Find what pleases you, perhaps this will be dancing, maybe aerobics. Dedicate this for a few moments of his life, that I'm just confident in this, you will be able to charge the energy and cheerfulness in the rest of the day, it is better than such familiar to you a cup of coffee.

 10 commandments for those who want to become leaner
 And yet, we must remember that even your non-durable stay on the couch can be made with the use of, for example, while watching a favorite film can make 'special exercise for those who couch "(but more on that next time).

The Tenth Commandment - let go of your sins, my daughter
Man is so constituted that he always wants to leave himself a loophole that will benefit "in case of war." So do I forsake yourself this emergency exit.

If suddenly, for some reason I fail to follow these commands blindly, and yet one or another commandment shall be executed systematically by me, or in a single case, I will remember that in all 24.00 sins are washed away. I will not blame themselves very strongly for withdrawal of any commandments, but, nevertheless, next time try to be more executive! I understand that this only lose myself ...

In conclusion I would say that following these rules is not difficult. On the contrary, do it nice and easy! The main thing - to believe in yourself and your strength! And then we can move mountains! I have already begun.

Join us!

Author: Stella Allates