100 odezhek ... and just right!
 Remember the children's riddle "100 odezhek all without fasteners"? Do we then knew that cabbage - one of the girlfriends of any diet, and besides, my own sister slim figure? ..

Cabbage - a real find for every woman, wonderful vegetables, which can be used for the preparation of low-calorie dishes to delicious. This is the famous soup, and soup and braised cabbage, and cabbage rolls, and casseroles, and countless salads and ... not enough pages for listings.

How many kinds of cabbage today you can buy in stores and on the market? .. Chinese cabbage, brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, and, of course, our "native" cabbage. Which is better? Well, they are all good - each in its own ...

 100 odezhek ... and just right!
 Chinese cabbage
In Chinese cabbage leaves contain most of the existing set of vitamins. The most amazing thing is that they are perfectly stored in the vegetable throughout the winter. By the way, Chinese cabbage is considered key to the longevity of the Japanese and Chinese. The second title of the cabbage - salad. Young tender leaves "pekinki," as we used to call it, great for cooking a variety of salads. Dieters can offer the following recipe: Mix polkochana Chinese cabbage, half a tin of canned corn, apple, season with lemon juice.

 100 odezhek ... and just right!
 Brussels sprouts
Brussels sprouts - record the content of vitamin C and other vitamins and it is several times greater than the other cabbage. This vegetable is also a rich source of protein. Brussels sprouts perfectly combined with other foods in salads and other dishes. If you have in the fridge there is a pound of product, prepare a simple dish. 0, 5 kg of cabbage, boiled with bay leaves in salted water, fold in a colander and place in baking dish. Grind 100 g of cheese and sprinkle it sprouts. Put the form in the preheated oven and bake for 15 minutes.

 100 odezhek ... and just right!
Broccoli - in addition to the huge amount of nutrients - boasts a high pro-vitamin A - vitamin of beauty. While you will enjoy exquisite delicate taste of dishes from broccoli, your hair and nails will miraculously strengthened. Come and enjoy the taste of a vegetable casserole, which will safely forget about the hardships of the diet, because it is so delicious! Potatoes are cleaned, cut into medium-sized pieces of minced meat (300 g) dazzle balls and fry in vegetable oil. Potatoes, broccoli (300 g, pre-boil), and meat balls put into a mold, sprinkle with grated cheese. Eggs (2 pcs.), Lightly beaten with milk (100 g), salt, and pour the mixture of vegetables. Bake in oven for half an hour at 180 degrees.

 100 odezhek ... and just right!
The main advantage of kohlrabi - the ability to normalize the metabolism. Need I explain how important it is for the regulation of body weight. Regular consumption of kohlrabi will not only lose weight, but also to fix the result. The taste of the cabbage will appeal to all who like to stalk cabbage, kohlrabi only it is more tender and juicy. The kohlrabi salad can be mixed with sweet peppers, onions, tomatoes and other vegetables. Refuelling choose to taste, but mayonnaise is better not to abuse it, otherwise the whole "Slimming" cauliflower effect will be reduced to zero.

 100 odezhek ... and just right!
 White cabbage
Cabbage "from the garden" is considered a leader among all kinds of cabbage dietary effect. Judge for yourself - in 100 g of cabbage ... just 20 calories. In other words, the cabbage can exist in any quantity. Classical cabbage diet allows you to lose 7-10 kilos in 10 days. At breakfast a cup of tea or coffee. For dinner - chopped cabbage (any number) 1 tbsp crude oil and boiled egg (in the strict version of every day and every other day). Dinner consists of 200 grams of cooked (baked) meat or fish, a glass of kefir or natural drinking yoghurt without additives. In any case, the cabbage you can eat as much as necessary. You can also resort to a diet based on cabbage soup and sauerkraut.

In short, the cabbage is not lost. You will be fed and happy. It's a rare case when the question "What is there to eat to lose weight? "You can answer without hesitation" cabbage! ".
Author: Marina Tumovskaya