As Americans eat: Do not repeat mistakes!
 Obesity - one of the main problems of America, since the 1980s the number of people who are overweight and obese has increased dramatically. To this were added, such as a rapidly progressive disease Type II diabetes and immune disorders. Health whole generation has suffered greatly. What led to such a drastic change, and if we can avoid the mistakes of the Americans, not to become the most obese nation?

We will not refer to such complex issues as the national character, mentality, psychology, economic and other features. They are, of course, influence the problem. We will look at the nutritional mistakes that allowed the Americans.

Error 1. Processed foods.
The daily diet of most Americans, especially those working in the recently filled with various dishes of the packages, boxes, cans, bottles ... It has become popular because really easy: buy a ready meal and you're hungry! No cooking, drawing up menus, agonizing search for the right ingredients. But now we understand that such products are largely useless in a nutrient plan, and with it, contain a variety of harmful substances such as artificial colors, flavors, and chemicals. They are very much salt, sugar, and typically they contain only processed grain. The body is simply unable to cope with so many artificial products and chemicals.
What can we do:   Let's eat more real food. What it is? This plant food that people ate for many generations before it appeared commercially prepared foods. Pay attention to fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, seeds and legumes.

 As Americans eat: Do not repeat mistakes!
 Mistake 2. High sugar content.
Americans are very sweet tooth. Sugar sweeteners and contain virtually all the finished products. Widespread and artificial sweeteners. All this adversely affects the liver, increases the risk of developing Type II diabetes, leading to obesity. Artificial sweeteners only increase sugar cravings, and their long-term effects and is not studied properly. Recently, instead of sugar in some US products are added agave, but it is also not the best option, because the agave contains a lot of fructose.
What can we do:   We remove completely from your diet any sweeteners. If you want sweet, it is better to eat dessert, but low in sugar. If you add cinnamon or vanilla, sugar content is low, you will not even notice.

Mistake 3. Fear of fat.
All, not just Americans, are in the delusion that lead to obesity fat. This is not entirely true, but unhealthy fats lead to weight gain. And there are so many sources of healthy fats. Our body needs healthy fats, it glowing skin and strong cells, and the feeling of satiety. The belief that all fats are bad, led the Americans to the fact that they are very limited, these beneficial ingredients for the health. And about the dubious benefits of low-fat foods have written, perhaps, all the editions. Low-fat foods like turned out to contain a lot of sugar, and generally only contribute to obesity.
What can we do:   In moderate amounts of healthy fats are good, they are contained in coconut oil, avocados, nuts, seeds.

 As Americans eat: Do not repeat mistakes!
 Error 4. Many dairy products.
Powerful US dairy industry is constantly convince Americans that they need in milk, cheese, yogurt, as a source of calcium and probiotics. But do not take into account the following aspects related to dairy products: firstly, lactose intolerance observed in an increasing number of people; secondly, casein contained in milk is complex for efficient processing; Thirdly, dairy products slows digestion and create a lot of mucus in the body. That is, in fact, dairy products if they consume properly can lead to a number of health problems, and to excess weight.
What can we do:   Calcium is, of course, needed. But in order to have more of its stock, you need to consume is really a lot of dairy products. However, because the milk - is not only known source of calcium, although yogurt and curds advertising and insists on it. Let's look for calcium and vegetable vendors, and it is, for instance, dark greens, sesame seeds. For the balance of the intestinal flora, we need enzymes and probiotics, and not Actimel and Activia, though they have in them. But the same probiotics found in other cultures. For example, just one serving of sauerkraut per day (about the size of a glass) offered daily rate of probiotics. Stocks of calcium in the body will not dry out, if you save the environment inside the intestines of the mineral-base, while dairy products and sugary soft drinks are acid-forming.

Error 5. Diet Coke.
It is good that we have this problem is not touched. Still, we always prefer kvass juice or Coca-Cola. But the situation with American Diet Coke has developed very unpleasant. Most believe that Diet Coke - a healthy choice, because it has no calories. However, the benefits of this drink is not enough. In fact, this chemical brew without nutritional value, which contributes to demineralization of bones and teeth, and generates acid in the body.
What can we do:   Drink only water, it is better with the addition of lemon or lime, and only between meals, not with meals.

 As Americans eat: Do not repeat mistakes!
 Error 6. rich breakfast.
Our saying "Eat breakfast myself ..." more forgiving than the American "breakfast - the most important meal of the day." If to speak his mind, it seems to me that our saying is do not even to eat, but to schedule life and interaction with the world. But now is not about that, of course. So. American judgment about breakfast as the most important meal of the day led to the fact that millions of Americans too literally embraced it and exceeded all expectations. In other words, many have simply banal gorge in the morning. A hearty breakfast, especially if it contains animal proteins and other heavy ingredients are processed very slowly, it makes people tired. And this in turn provokes consume more caffeinated beverages to compensate for the state, "Well, we ate, and now you can sleep."
What can we do:   We will not overload yourself breakfast. There are excellent light breakfast options that can energize, but will not give a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen. In the morning eat fruit or fruit cocktail. It's easy to start the day, fruits are processed very quickly, providing vitamins, minerals, enzymes, energy. In order to feel the fullness and not feel hunger, eat a bowl of porridge. Do not instant cooking, and whole grains.

 As Americans eat: Do not repeat mistakes!
 Error 7. Pesticides and genetically modified foods.
There are sometimes vegetarian food is not as helpful as we would like. Indeed, most citizens buy vegetables and fruits that are grown on a commercial scale. Hence - the new techniques of cultivation and processing, for the production of living only when increasing the volume, and without the technology to do it is difficult. As a result, the population gets the diversity and abundance of food on the shelves in supermarkets. Only this "wealth" questionable. Because the seeds that are grown agricultural products, have been genetically modified so that the product has certain properties and better perceived pesticides. Moreover, the products from pests are treated with chemicals. As a result, purged with GMO have less nutrients and more chemical.
What can we do:   Probably one of the ways that you yourself can trace the origin of fruits and vegetables - is to grow them yourself. Well, or at least look for reliable suppliers, farmers, private traders, who will you sell less pure products. While the check is still very difficult.

Error 8. Refined carbohydrates.
Flour, white rice, refined grains - all this too was fascinated by the modern food industry. But these foods are digested by the body more quickly, have little fiber and nutritional value, and in addition, provoke jump in blood sugar, leading to weight gain. However, it is these products make up a large part of the diet of Americans.
What can we do:   Buy whole grains, flour, bran, whole-grain bread. The smaller the product has been processed before it got to the store, the better.

Error 9. No change.
Americans do not have enough variety. Many people eat the same foods every year. This leads to serious nutritional deficiencies, weight gain, lack of energy.
What can we do:   One very simple advice - try to make your products have been a variety of colors. For example, many of us the color palette of products is very sparse white plus brown. But it is proved that the more colorful your meals are, the more vitamins you'll get.

 As Americans eat: Do not repeat mistakes!
 Error 10. Soy products.
The Americans made mistakes when it was believed that soy - it is a very healthy protein. So many products out there contain soy. Now, however, it proved that soy slows thyroid function and can block the absorption of proteins. And more often genetically modified soya and is also acid-forming foods, changing the alkaline environment inside the bowel.
What can we do:   Do not include in your diet tofu, soy milk, soybean oil and other soy products. Vegetable protein can be found in other legumes, in seeds. Various soy condiments and sauces - fermented soy products, it reduces its harmful properties, so from time to time, they are good for the diet.
Author: Olga Larsen