Best Friends girls - are minerals!
 I mean, not the noble, sparkling stones, which the fair sex are so fond of decorating their fingers, neck, ears, hair, although, of course, precious and semi-precious stones highlight the beauty of the face and hands, their sophistication, make brighter shine your eyes and give a complete image. So they really can be considered friends of our beauty, in a sense. But in this case, I mean those invisible chemicals that are present in our body, but the deficit of which the most fatal effect on the health and appearance, and there's no diamonds can not restore the beauty.

And that's what hurt most often to blame for this sorry state we are, because there is generally a lack of trace elements our fault because of errors in the diet and hobbies stringent diets, and then followed by other reasons.

If the faded leather, began to exfoliate and break nails, lost their health and became hard to drop hair, often have stomatitis - first of all look for the cause in their menu. For example, the excess in the diet of salty or sugary foods can cause zinc deficiency in the body excrete zinc alcohol and caffeine, but overreliance on vegetarianism, eating only vegetables, fruits and berries can lead to a lack of more and phosphorus.

Friends big and small
Not in our body is nothing superfluous, and all the chemical elements that constitute it, participate as much in the difficult task of ensuring our life. Some of the minerals contained in the body in relatively large amounts - calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, sulfur, etc.. Other less - zinc, copper, iron and silicon. Third very tiny amount - selenium, vanadium, gold. But if the lack of calcium, which literally fills our skeletal system - is a problem with slender figure, pale dull hair, brittle nails, tooth decay and inflammation of the gums; the selenium deficiency, the presence of which in the body is measured in very small quantities (0, 00001 grams) - a malfunction of the heart muscle cell damage and premature aging.

 Best Friends girls - are minerals!
   So it is difficult to say which of the minerals that make up our bodies are the biggest allies of our health and beauty, each is important in its own way.

A friendly couple - calcium and phosphorus . Slim figure, the strength of bones, nails and teeth, for all this, and not just respond to the union calcium and phosphorus. They work always in pairs, without each other can not be digested, and is responsible for their balance in the blood vitamin D.

The human body contains from 1 to 2, 2 kg of calcium and 650 g of phosphorus. Calcium salts are needed for the muscles involved in the blood, metabolism, reduces the permeability of blood vessels, preventing the penetration of microorganisms in the blood, increasing the body's resistance to infections and toxins. In addition, calcium has an anti-inflammatory effect, is a good regulator of temperature changes in the climate, and, as well as phosphorus, beneficial effect on the nervous system.

If the ratio of trace elements is disrupted, the body for survival or withdraws calcium from the "alternate custody" (teeth, nails), or bone building of "substitute." As a substitute for strontium is usually the molecular lattice is greater than that of calcium, and then on the joints and bones grow ugly growths and "bumps."

The best sources of calcium scientists believe yoghurt and cottage cheese.

There can not be a good metabolism and normal functioning of the nervous system and without phosphorus. To replenish its reserves are required to include in your diet oats and fish.

Among the products containing a large amount of both phosphorus and calcium, can be distinguished - apples, peas, beans, whole wheat grains, fresh cucumbers, all kinds of cabbage, especially cauliflower, celery, cottage cheese, cheese.

 Best Friends girls - are minerals!
   And if you do not want to deprive attention, and vitamin D, make sure that the menu was attended by the liver and fish liver, beef, seafood: seaweed, shrimp, lobster, crab, herring, mackerel; as well as butter, raw egg yolk. These products contain a significant amount of calcium, and phosphorus, and vitamin D.

Magnesium   - Another important trace element, without which it is not absorbed enough calcium. A more magnesium is called "feminine" mineral. It turns out that many of the problems in the area of ​​women's health are often associated with deficiency of this element, and magnesium "responsible" for the transmission of nerve impulses, and his lack of it can have a negative affect on mood (depression, anxiety), and on the exterior. When the body lacks magnesium, it violated the processes of assimilation of many nutrients and vitamins. In particular, magnesium affects the absorption of B vitamins and calcium, important for the metabolism of vitamin C, phosphorus, sodium and potassium, 50% activates enzymes in the body, is involved in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and energy. Saturate the body with this trace element can be, eating cottage cheese, sour cream, cheese, fresh vegetables -kapustu, beets, green peas and brown rice, avocados, dried apricots, bananas.

Zinc   - One of the most important trace elements in our body, is involved in the formation and maintenance of immunity .  It is believed that zinc prevents damage of blood capillaries, protects the brain sufficient zinc content is extremely important in the treatment of various skin diseases .  We all know that in order for the skin to be beautiful, you need a beauty vitamin A, and so, this vitamin is located in the liver, it is only effective in the presence of zinc .  If there is no zinc, vitamin can not be released from the liver, and blood is not able to give it to the skin and other organs, for example, eyes .  The day the human body needs about 15 mg of zinc .  The excess is contained in wheat bran (130-202 mg / kg), potatoes, cabbage, beef liver, milk .  Suffice it rich in zinc (20-50 mg / kg) - oat and barley flour, cocoa, egg yolks, meat rabbits and chicken, nuts, peas, beans, lentils, green tea, dried yeast, squid .  The honey is about 0, 31 mg of zinc per 1 kg, about 2-8 mg / kg - in raspberries, black currants, dates, mostly vegetables, in most marine fish .

Silicon   - A mineral that has a special significance for the formation of the structure of the skin, hair, nails, takes part in the reaction, providing the density structure of fibrous tissue, giving them elasticity adult daily requirement in this trace is expected to 20-40 mg. Many silicon grains, brown rice, green vegetables, tomatoes, turnips, radishes, onions, carrots (especially in the scrap obtained after squeezing the juice), sweet pepper. Quite a number of silicon in potato skins, rich in silicon bee products, walnuts, peanuts, dandelion leaves and field horsetail.

 Best Friends girls - are minerals!
 Brass   - As an important ally of our health and beauty, it plays an important role in maintaining the normal structure of blood is needed to iron   better absorbed and more effectively involved in the creation of hemoglobin. Well, in addition, with a deficit of copper in the body appears premature graying, and there are problems with the elasticity of the skin After the copper contained in the protein collagen, which is responsible for the elasticity of tissues. The main dietary sources of copper - nuts, egg yolk (wet), liver, barley, asparagus, lentils, parsley, wheat germ, rye bread, dairy products - yogurt, yogurt. Sources of iron - onions, green vegetables, young nettles, watercress, dandelion leaves, egg yolk, sorrel, peas, tomatoes, cabbage, garlic, lettuce, lentils, beans, horseradish, cucumbers, apples, pomegranates, liver, white fish, dried fruit, rye bread.

Sulfur   - The purity of the body element and important "mineral kraso¬ty" for hair, skin and nails. When it suffers from a lack of especially skin gets dirty, unhealthy appearance, there are various rashes, spots. The sources of sulfur are mainly products of animal origin - beef, pork, dairy products, as well as oatmeal, horseradish, eggs, peanuts, fish and cheese.

Selenium - the defender of youth . Like vitamin E, selenium - antioxidant. These two elements carry out their work in vivo independently interchangeably in biological processes, moreover, selenium protects the nucleic acid from damage (protecting the genetic code) increases our viral resistance, adverse environmental conditions is required for normal operation heart muscle and blood vessels. Compensate for the lack of selenium in the body is easy, because you need it very little. It is enough to enrich the diet with bread, meal, seafood, mushrooms, garlic. One of the most delicious and affordable sources of selenium - corn. Selenium is found in the sea and rock salt in the kidneys (pork, beef and veal), in the liver and heart, bird eggs, tomatoes.

 Best Friends girls - are minerals!
   As you can see, almost all the most important trace elements our bodies can be obtained from food. Yes, in recent years, there is an unfortunate tendency as depleted soils and accordingly decrease the content of nutrients in a given product, depending on the terrain. But, nevertheless, if the diet is varied and rich, the principle of substitution. Of course, you can buy minerals and vitamins in the pharmacy, but this is an extreme measure which should resort only if there is a serious shortage of a particular element, for yourself by putting a diagnosis and taking medications can exceed permissible dose, and it threatens troubles, no less than the deficit of some elements. Despite the fact that the minerals are undoubtedly our friends - we remember that everything is good in moderation, so it's important not to overdo it in this matter!
Author: Olga Travleeva