Eat and grow thin!
 If the diet is used as a way to combat obesity, the loss is inevitable. So say the Center for Positive Psychology. Experts believe that being overweight - is often a psychological problem. To diet gave the result to which you aspire, first thing, you need to change the approach to the problem itself. Stop fighting with yourself and judge yourself. Ideally - to love yourself!

The desire to lose weight there is, as a rule, when we want to become better, more beautiful and more attractive. How to achieve this, if you hate your body has for your beautiful and slim figure hidden behind a layer of fat? Stop whining and moaning, seizing this madness new portion of something.

What happens to your body when you are treated to "sweetly" or "zhirnenky"? Think you pamper yourself or mock me? Your body will serve you faithfully all my life, you see, this is sufficient to respond to him in return.

To begin to admit that the problem exists. Then just need to change your lifestyle, not a diet. There will be no sense in your endeavors, if, say, your vegetable fasting day pass while sitting on the couch or in a chair working on the computer.

Stop "cram" a beloved, whatever and anywhere. Maybe we should think about what hides behind the beautiful wrapping and design? Perhaps you would never dare to eat it, do not be such a tasty decoration and an incredible bouquet of spices?

What happens to women when we sit down to the next new-fangled diet? We immediately begin to think about food - and nothing more. I, like many, has repeatedly stepping on the same rake again and again, until I was tired. Then I realized that the only knowledge - force. Dieting, we seem to "swing". It is worth remembering one popular belief: a guard dog is meaner if it is not fed. Man on a diet is a potential carrier of conflict, it is more nervous and not predictable. As a result, sooner or later, we will give ourselves up the slack and, moving to the refrigerator is more than making up for lost time.

 Eat and grow thin!
   In order to "swing": Diet - breakdown - diet did not become our partner in life, a person has to work out for themselves new rules of supply (feeding behavior), the main one - is always a pleasure, but a good and high-quality food. A list of the right foods is well known and available. It is called "food pyramid power." In addition, there are three basic principles of nutrition. This balance, moderation and variety.

Avoid stereotypes! Can you move a meeting with friends in a cafe (and in general of the table) in the fitness center, park or just for a joint trip on skis? Stressful situations are not "jam" and "to walk", while getting from this is not feigned, and a real pleasure.

Not sure how to start? Start simple. Food culture is to enjoy food, but respect the interests of your body, listen to his protests in the form of pain, heartburn and other reactions of the body and consider its relevance to what and how you eat.

Note that in the world there is no animal suffering from obesity. With a shortage of food, they lean, but even with abundance never overeat. The exceptions are those animals which tamed man. The same is observed in our children. Yesterday, the baby ate very well, and now does not want half of what was eaten the day before. We worry and begin to make him eat up everything to the last crumb. This is inhuman. That we make with him. No longer climbs, but we continue.

 Eat and grow thin!
 Being overweight - it is also a sign of lack of taste, both literally and figuratively. If you are an esthete, the overeating does not threaten you. This gourmet rarely get better, because it is not in a hurry as soon as possible to fill his stomach, and enjoys the whole palette of shades, from tablecloths to taste. Who else but the French know a lot about food. Oh, they love to eat, but it is difficult to call them gluttons. Without a good appetite is not joy from eating, and work up to it, it must be properly hungry.

If you are merry, it is a significant plus. It has long been proven that 10-15 minutes of laughter a day burn 50 calories, therefore, for the year we had no problems, and even joy can lose up to two kilograms, or even more. It all depends on how you are joyful.

There is another great way to weight loss, but it is quite extravagant. Personal trainer Sting and Madonna Matt Roberts advises dinner "in the buff" and in front of a mirror. This meal does not allow the dieter to overfeed their already not perfect body.

The main thing is self-belief and self-acceptance. Beauty - this is not the external data. She goes inside and is completely dependent on the internal state. Therefore, before you decide on a regular diet, ask yourself, would you follow the diet and lifestyle that is chosen, if not pursued the goal to lose weight? If not, then this diet is unlikely you will really help.
Author: Nadezhda Lobanova