Fiber - the basis of proper nutrition
 It is difficult to overestimate the role of fiber in human nutrition. It is found in all plant foods and essential for people who take care of their health is a part of the set of anti-obesity agents. Cellulose - a vegetable fiber that is resistant to enzymes of the human digestive system.

Cellulose is soluble and insoluble. The first consists of pectin and vegetable gums, and the second - from lignin and cellulose. Sources of soluble fiber - it's oatmeal, seeds, berries, beans, nuts, citrus. Sources of insoluble fiber - is the most vegetables and bran. In soybeans contain both types of fiber.
Fiber is indispensable for those who always remain in good shape, while it does not contain vitamins. So what is the secret of her action?

Long time no tissue attached special importance. The researchers then drew its property to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. Nutritionists believe that a half cup of oat bran a day can reduce the amount of harmful substances in the body. And fiber absorbs harmful substances that get into the intestines, and reduces the risk of cancer.

Insoluble fiber   swells in water and speeds up bowel movements and helps to remove cholesterol from the body and bile acids found in the digestive tract, helps prevent constipation, reduces the risk of gallstones, normalizes metabolism.

Soluble fiber   It absorbs bile acids and cholesterol, preventing their penetration into the blood. This fiber absorbs a lot of water and turns into a gel, so there is a feeling of fullness - it fills the stomach, and a large number of calories, we did not use.

In fiber it has another advantage - it helps slow the digestion of carbohydrates, normalizing, so the level of insulin in the blood. So if you eat foods rich in soluble fiber, thus you can get rid of the risk of increased blood sugar. Secretion of insulin in this case lower as insulin promotes the deposition of fat, hence gain less weight.

Fiber supports the normal composition of the microflora helps to prevent the development of diabetes, reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, reduces the risk of colon cancer, liver function normalizes zhelcheotdelitelnuyu, displays the body of radionuclides, heavy metals and toxic substances.
It should be remembered that the fiber swells in the stomach, so is able to disrupt the movement of food through the intestines. Taking fiber, you must drink plenty of water. Excessive use may impair its ability to absorb zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium, vitamin B2, vitamin B12. And in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract rough vegetable fibers generally excluded.

 Fiber - the basis of proper nutrition

The daily requirement of the body in the tissue - not less than twenty-five grams . Ensure that it can be eating one kilogram of oatmeal or half a kilo of beans. Of course, the volume of such persons are unlikely to be mastered, so come to the aid of high technology. They allow you to save in thin loaves maximum fat - daily requirement of this substance will satisfy 100g Khlebtsov.
The most valuable source of dietary fiber bran nutritionists believe - they are purified and heals the digestive system, and help to reduce weight and keep a good complexion.

Fiber may help reduce weight, it is enough to increase its consumption by thirty percent . It reduces weight directly (reducing body fat) and indirectly (cleanses the bowel).

Recent studies have shown that if you stick to a diet high in fiber, can significantly reduce the risk of various diseases. An experiment was conducted, during which it was found that people who ate a lot of fiber, had a twenty two percent better chance to recover, in case of illness than those who almost never used it.

Fiber - the key to good nutrition: noticed that even those people who are overweight or smoke live longer if they get enough fiber .

Refined food does not bring satiety, therefore, the body requires more. Therefore, if we exclude the fat from the diet of a person, it will lead to obesity, not only in the form of accumulation of body fat, but also all the internal organs. Lack of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins our bodies, though at a minimum, but can still be offset by internal resources. A lack of fiber - no! Without enough different kinds of useful substances our bodies are not capable of self-cleaning, which, naturally, leads to disruption of metabolic processes.

To increase your intake of fiber, but stay at the same time within the diet, should be reviewed food and eat more:

 Fiber - the basis of proper nutrition

- Fresh fruit and vegetables;
- Whole grains - whole grain bread, whole grain cereals from cereals;
- Nuts and dried fruits, berries and mushrooms;
- Legumes.

So morning begins with whole grain cereal with bran, you can add fresh and dried fruits and berries, as you increase the amount of fiber by five grams. On your desk must be beans. Eat vegetables raw, or in the processing, they lose half the fiber. When cleaning fruits and vegetables tissue is not destroyed, but in the juice if the pulp is removed, the substance is completely preserved. For dessert, do not eat sweets and fresh fruit.

 Fiber - the basis of proper nutrition

Bran - The champion on the content of fiber, followed by whole-grain cereals and legumes, and whole grains are. Then follow the nuts and dried fruit, although they have less fiber, but there are other types of dietary fiber, and finally fresh fruits and vegetables that contain dietary fiber, mainly in the form of pectin.

Now very popular diet in the tissue. It promises to effectively reduce weight and stability - because extra weight does not come back, because the metabolism improves. Follow this diet is simple - it is necessary to have a lot of whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

Here is a sample menu :

For breakfast   You can choose one of the options - a salad of peach, pear and apple, yogurt and 2 teaspoons Linseed or forty-five grams of oatmeal on the water, a banana and an apple or fifty grams of cornflakes, milk and raspberries.

For lunch   - Two hundred and fifty grams of soup puree of spinach and bread with bran, or one hundred and fifty grams of potatoes in their jackets and two hundred grams of seaweed salad or two hundred grams of pasta made from durum wheat and one hundred and fifty grams of mixed vegetables.

For dinner   You can also select any option - three hundred grams of vegetables, fried in butter with tofu and fifty grams of barley pilaf or eighty grams of lentils and brown rice and two hundred grams of vegetable salad or two hundred grams of steamed green beans and a hundred and fifty grams of vegetable salad.

Help your body to replenish fat, diversify your diet with new recipes.

 Fiber - the basis of proper nutrition

Soup «Sun»
Pumpkins, onions, carrots, potatoes, cut into cubes. Then lower the boiling water initially onions, then potatoes and carrots, parsley root and then. Slightly boil and add the cauliflower florets, and, in the end, add the pumpkin. Part three carrots on a fine grater and add to the soup when it is already removed from the fire. Ready soup sprinkled with lemon zest, parsley. This useful soup contains only 50 calories.

Peas in French
Twelve small bulbs entirely put in a pan with a thick bottom and simmer for eight minutes. Then add 300g of peas and simmer for another ten minutes. Then add a teaspoon of flour, sugar and salt to taste and mix and allow to stand for five minutes. In this dish - 170 kcal.

Scientists at the Institute of Oxford found that people quickly get rid of the extra kilos if consuming adequate amounts of fiber. The study involved thirty-eight thousand Englishwomen. Women who adhered to a vegetarian meal, had a body mass index - 21, 98, and women who prefer meat food, and naturally consume less fat, had the index - 23, 52.

If you include in your daily diet enough fiber each day will lose by a hundred and fifty to one hundred and seventy-five calories. Without fat to burn as many calories you need to take a twenty-minute jog. Fiber causes the body to produce acid, which absorbs fat, and even slow down the absorption of sugar, resulting in the body can absorb not all the calories, and some of them goes along with fiber.

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