Juices - Beverage beauty and health! The best choice for the winter!
 Juices - not only enrich the body with vitamins, and minerals, organic acids.

As we all know, vitamins are needed by the body for a year, and they need to eat regularly. If the winter, you can stock up for the summer and fall of vitamins, which are so generous fruit and vegetables in the warm season, then no problems would arise. But, alas, how many apples we ate yesterday, today we need a new batch. And when you consider the fact that every day the vitamin content of fruits and vegetables plucked reduced, it becomes clear that the benefits of such stocks becoming the middle of winter is quite small.

Nevertheless, in some fruits and vegetables nutrients disappear very quickly, while others are retained longer, and it is important to take into account! Even at the end of winter is well retain the vitamins apples, winter pears, oranges, mandarins with a dense skin. From vegetables for a long time useful in this regard, cabbage, carrots and beets.

But it appears more useful than vegetables and fruit - juice from them! Juices are better absorbed, and the body uses less energy in their assimilation. And, besides, drink a glass of carrot juice is much easier and more enjoyable than to eat, say, three carrots medium size, of which it is cooked.

Juices - not only enrich the body with vitamins, and minerals, organic acids. Natural antioxidants contained in the juices, reduce the vulnerability of cells to disease and aging, promote health and protect against chronic diseases, improve the condition of skin, hair and nails. In addition, the juice is not only a "beauty drink" and "drink of the mind." Substances that are contained in the juices, helps the body to deal with problems such as - reduced intelligence, memory loss, disorientation.

To be fair, the juice - juice, hatred ... and of course, the ideal option - it is fresh (fresh) juice.

Juice - fresh, - the best choice!

Juices fresh instantly absorbed by the human body, this is their advantage over the fruit. Mindful of the fact that fresh juice does not contain preservatives and other "long-playing" trash, every year the number of fans, for example, the same fresh orange (grapefruit, apple, etc.) becomes more and more juice. And rightly so - the recommended daily amount of consumption of vitamin C is 60 mg., And 275-ounce glass of orange juice - juice contains 100 mg (energy value is 98 calories). The main thing to have on hand and oranges ... juicer. Squeeze, pour and drink! It is advisable to immediately, because, for example, juice from citrus without preservatives retains its useful properties only within five - ten minutes after pressing. It is also not durable and other fresh juices, and fruit and vegetables, to prepare for the future so that they should not be, but of course benefit from their consumption is greatest.

Just keep in mind that each fruit its features.

Vegetable, fruit, mix, - what to choose?

Each juice has its indications and contraindications, but if you're completely healthy, in this case, can be guided only by taste and personal preference.

If we consider the fruit and berry juices, experts on the usefulness vary choosing between grape and pomegranate juices. To have to give the palm!

The richest in antioxidants - a dark grape juice. The researchers liken it to its medicinal properties to red wine (the wine antioxidants more, but considerably more juice can drink without harm to health).

Pomegranate juice   perfectly enhances immunity. Also called hematopoietic juice, because it promotes the formation of red blood cells and the production of hemoglobin. Pomegranate juice is simply irreplaceable in anemia and after viral infections. It is rich in iron and other mineral elements.

Unclarified apple juice   rich in iron, it is useful to drink when iron deficiency (anemia). There are also a lot of potassium and boron - the element that strengthens bones. Regular consumption of apples and apple juice contributes to the prolongation of human life, as well as the rejuvenation of the body. British scientists from the Institute of Food Research in Norwich have found in apples complex element that rejuvenates the heart, improves blood circulation and increases the level of protection of the immune system. According to the results of experiments with volunteers who drank daily a considerable amount of apple juice, experts have found that their heart and the whole body rejuvenated for at least 17 years. However, the most useful in that sense sour wild apples, but also on cultural, sweet apples is very palpable benefits.

Pineapple juice   - The best juices for women who are watching their figures involved in fitness dieters. Pineapple juice contains bromelain - a natural remedy, burns fat and rejuvenates the body. Pineapple juice is also useful in the treatment of angina and kidney problems, chills, and is indispensable for stress excellently acts on the pancreas, removes fluid from the body, which helps in the prevention of cellulite.

Peach juice   - It contains potassium, which nourish the heart muscle.

Orange juice   - Contained in the juice vitamin C enhances immunity, protects against many diseases, including cataracts, cancer. Orange juice - useful for nerve functional disorders - stress, nervousness and asthenia postshokovyh states, it is an excellent source of folic acid required to prevent defects of the fetus

Tangerines and tangerine juice   They have absolutely unique phytoncide properties - and therefore have a rather strong antimicrobial effect, spreading and pathogenic fungi.

Cranberry juice (juice)   prevents gum disease, helps to cope with urinary tract infections. The main components of cranberries - have anti-tumor effect, inhibit the growth of tumors, and vitamin C enhances immunity. Triterpenoids (also contained in the cranberry), its chemical and genetic composition close to the composition of human steroid hormone - especially genital and antiinflammatory (cortisol et al.). Therefore, when the deficit, cranberry helps to establish the hormonal system. Drink cranberry juice (juice too Kiesel) - not less than 0, 5 liters per day.

Extremely helpful and vegetable juices, they have most of the necessary us the minerals, vitamins, trace elements. And all that stuff digested by 100%, and instantly - within 5 - 10 minutes. Along juice flushes toxins, toxins, kills harmful microflora and parasites, heals damage, activates enzymes.

Tomato juice without salt   It protects against many forms of cancer. It is known that products of fresh tomatoes contain lycopene in greater concentration than the fruits. Lycopene is associated with reduced risk of cancers of the following organs: mouth, lungs, stomach, liver, breast, cervix, stomach, colon and rectum. Furthermore, lycopene protects the heart from the effects of free radicals, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Carrot juice   It contains carotenoids, which are converted in the body into vitamin A.

From this essential vitamin and severity depend on our vision, and the beauty of the skin, mucous membranes and the state of the respiratory and digestive organs. In addition, carrot juice much potassium and folic acid.

Beet juice   It contains large amounts of vitamins, amino acids, sugars, iodine, iron, manganese. The juice from the beets helps to: improve the blood, cleanse the liver, kidneys, blood vessels, gall bladder, increase resistance to viruses and stimulate the lymphatic system, regain strength, lower blood pressure.

Drinking fresh raw beet juice, you strengthen your body, improve metabolism, maintain the freshness and beauty of the face. Beet juice - called "juice to women." It is useful for constipation, anemia, heart disease and gastrointestinal tract ,. This is a great make-up of the body with vitamins and microelements. To begin the application of beet juice is necessary with small amounts (1 tbsp. Spoon), or in a mixture with other juices, such as carrot, gradually reducing the amount of carrot juice. Before the use of beet juice should be kept in the refrigerator for several hours.

Cabbage juice   strengthens blood vessels, stimulating the regeneration of mucosal cells of the gastrointestinal tract, normalizes lipid metabolism, zarubtsovyvaet ulcers.

More should be noted that the mixture of fruit and vegetable juice not only tastes better each of them individually, but also much more useful and better absorbed by the body. It is safe to mix fruit and vegetable juices, for processing and mastering the body needs the same time. In contrast to the natural fruits and vegetables that nutritionists do not recommend to mix in one meal. A cocktail of juice of beet, carrot and orange tones kidney function. Perfectly combines apple, carrots, celery, cucumber. Feel free to experiment, for example a few recipes successful juice mixes:

1. Mash half a banana to a state of mashed potatoes and add 200 ml of orange juice. In addition to the charge of vitamins, this drink will help ease the symptoms of incipient colds.

2. Mix the orange and grapefruit juice (third cup), add a tablespoon of lemon juice and stir.

3. Mix 200 grams of carrot juice, add the juice of half an orange and a lemon quarter. The resulting mixture, add a teaspoon of honey. You can also pour half a cup here kefir.

4. Tonic Juice 4 carrots, 2 apples raw, 100 gr. fresh horseradish. This composition horseradish juice gives additional features -Improved quality of circulation and protection from viral infections.

Juices from the package - the good or harm?

Unfortunately, you can not always find the time to treat yourself to a freshly prepared drink, and sometimes just too lazy to wash every day juicer. Here we go for the benefit of the supermarket, and nothing wrong with this in principle, no. Despite the fact that shoplifting will not replace fresh juice (for usefulness) if there is no alternative - you can use and natural drinks that are on the shelves. Modern technologies allow to produce very high-quality product, without using preservatives and without adding sugar, the main thing that these technologies are really implemented. And there's the matter of our choice. Carefully read what is written on the packaging, especially in small letters

It is worth remembering that the so-favorite advertising phrase "One hundred percent natural juice 'really only means" one hundred percent natural, "that is, without the addition of" chemical ", but says nothing about the percentage of water in the juice and sugar content. So under the name "hundred percent" can be sold and highly diluted juices. Pay attention to the expiration date and time of manufacture. The shelf life of most natural juices - up to two years, but it is better to choose the product of age-at least up to a year. More on the package indicated in what way made juice (from concentrate or by direct extraction)

Prepared by the method of direct extraction - the most useful, because this method allows you to save processing in the juice of a maximum of valuable substances.

Vitamin balance they usually seasoned correctly. It is a lovely drink for everyday use.

"Juice" cosmetics

Juices of fruits and vegetables can be successfully used as masks, lotions, tonics. You can use a combination of various juices and other ingredients to cook wonderful natural creams.

• 1 tbsp. a spoonful of apple juice, 2 tbsp. spoon the juice of cabbage. 35 g of lanolin and 20 ml of corn oil. For the alloy of lanolin oil and add the warm parts of the mixture of juice, mix well until smooth. Keep refrigerated. For normal to dry skin.

• 1 tbsp. teaspoon pumpkin juice and pear juice, 10 g of honey and beeswax, 35 g of lanolin and 5 g of wheat starch. Juices (Heated) mixed with honey and pieces to add to the liquid alloy wax and lanolin in a water bath. While stirring, add the starch. The cream is useful for aging skin.

Lemon juice is very popular as a bleaching agent, and in combination with egg white gives a very good remedy for skin lifting effect.

Healthy juices mask and hair. For example, well strengthens weakened hair the following composition: 2 tablespoons. spoon cabbage and peach juice, mix with raw egg yolk, 20 g of brandy and 20 g of honey. Comb with wide teeth blunt spread the mixture over the entire length of hair and wrap polyethylene Insulate over the towel. After 2 hours wash your hair.

For women who dream to lose weight without compromising health and beauty can be recommended once a week to replace all meals with natural juices - vegetable and fruit. A month later the benefits will be seen on the face and figure!
Author: Olga Travleeva