New practical advice for losing weight, but the lazy
 We will not ask you to run in the mornings or cook a calorie calculator at the ready. There - simpler, but no less effective advice for those who are watching their weight.

Low-fat soups
Make it very simple. This is a tip for those who are prepared soups beef or chicken broth. Of course, we mean organic ingredients and not broths of bags. In order to rid yourself of excess fat, nutritionists advise low-fat products. And if you can choose milk - they are on sale, what to do with soups, for example? And that's what. Just cool your broth or soup. On the surface of fat globules appear, or a film of fat. She was removed, and all - in front of us soup with low fat content.

Do not eat white
"White Death" - this, of course, too vividly, but, in fact, close to the truth. It appears dangerous to us not only salt and sugar, which are called "white death", but most products are white. Remember, potatoes, rice, flour, cheese ... - all this should be strictly controlled in their diet. And it follows - the second practical advice: make your meals more colorful and bright. Nutritionists advise that on your plate was at least three colors, that is, products of three colors or more. Such food contains certain vitamins, antioxidants, and the elements required to maintain the metabolism. And if you eat the bread - that is not white, and black or gray (wholemeal), if the rice - it is not white, and brown, and so on.

Warm water with lemon
Facilitate the task of his digestion. For a glass of warm water add a few drops of fresh lemon and a regular drink waters. Lemon water relieves bloating, indigestion, reduces appetite, increases metabolism, cleanse the internal organs.

Reducing carbohydrates as much as possible
If you move a little, you do not always have the opportunity to go to the fitness center and play sports, try to replace the carbs for vegetables. Then you will feel much better inside will ease, and tummy will not be added.

We drink and drink again
This advice is good for all. However, not many of his stick. But often because plain water is boring and a lot of it will not drink. Sometimes it just does not go. You can prepare yourself for the day a few other drinks. For example, different teas: green, black, red. Only without sugar! Prepared and put in the fridge. During the day, you can sip the tea cold, but you can reheat in the microwave. Moisturize your guaranteed variety, too, in addition, a large supply of antioxidants necessary for weight loss and health.

We eat and talk ...
TV is at the same time we do not advise. So you can grab a lot of the excess from the plate. But a pleasant conversation at the table, on the contrary, will be of enormous benefit. You eat a lot less in the conversation rate of absorption of food is reduced, leading to what so nutritionists want us to - eat slowly! So, next time, when asked for a colleague with you together in the dining room or cafeteria, - do not despair, we wanted to be alone, but on the contrary - Rejoice! Eat a lot less!

 New practical advice for losing weight, but the lazy
 Honey + water
Do not forget the most simple products that have proven health benefits and weight loss. For example, honey. Mix 2 teaspoons of honey with a glass of warm water. Drink a simple drink in the morning. This is a wonderful recipe that dramatically improves the efficiency of the metabolism and the direction of action on fat.

Do not remove the peel from the fruit
It is a misconception that fruits should be peeled. In fact, there are even better peel than the pulp, because most of the vitamins and nutrients found directly under the skin. And closer to the center of the fruit - they are smaller. Therefore, mash and eat the whole fruit without peeling them. Then you get more antioxidants and vitamins.

Omelette of egg whites
Unload calorie favorite dishes. For example, you can make an omelet with only the addition of proteins - light meals are provided.

Cinnamon - breakfast
Start the day with dishes seasoned with cinnamon. This trick significantly improves metabolism. Just sprinkle with cinnamon oatmeal. Digestion goes quickly, fats are burned easily.

Anyone who knows how to count
If you are obsessed with counting calories, then consider not only the total number of which have used the day. Better calorie counts of each dish. One meal should not exceed 400 calories, then your digestive system can easily cope with the processing of the meal. This number is optimal to not give us Dishni fat, and not to "give yourself dry up." A calorie per day to count necessarily important - not over in every meal.
Author: Julia Shestakova