Questions "sweet life". Part two
 Abandon habits hard. Remove from the menu, favorite foods and dietary restrictions can not survive without discomfort. It causes stress, anger, aggression, lack of energy. From the "sweet life" too easy to give up. It will take time and a compelling motivation.

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Satisfy your need for "sentimental" carbohydrates sugars contained in fruits and vegetables, you can, of course. We need more "persuade" myself do unsweetened tea and drink. It's not easy. Sugar substitutes can help out, but there are doubts as to their safety. What to do? Is not nature has taken care of us, a sweet tooth, not in store in its arsenal of plant sugar substitutes?

Imagine, there are plants! No overseas rarity, and it is available, which can be bought in the next pharmacy.

Licorice.   Yes, regular licorice that grow in the southern regions of Russia, as some of its species - the Urals and southern Siberia. Licorice root has a sweet flavor and when added to decoctions and infusions are showing it. Because licorice is quite possible to get a natural sweetener, but spitsifichesky distinct taste hinders the popularity of such developments from the manufacturers of nutritional supplements.

 Questions "sweet life". Part two
   We used to take drugs with licorice extract remedy for cough and bronchitis. Indeed, these drugs have expectorant and emollient properties, but their effect is much broader. In China and Central Asian countries licorice root is considered close to the properties of ginseng. Yes Yes!

Healing properties of liquorice recognizes and Europe. Licorice candy and licorice sticks (evaporated licorice syrup) are very popular in European countries. Healing sweetness, what could be better? The sweet taste of licorice gives no ordinary sugar, and the substance glycyrrhizin. Glucose and sucrose contained in licorice too, but in small quantities.

Official medicine licorice allocates a number of biologically active substances and recognizes the wide healing capabilities of the plant. Licorice has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, tonic and detoxifying properties.

Oriental Medicine attributes licorice ability to extend youth and give longevity, strength and courage to return.

Licorice easier for menopause, is part of the charges applied in diabetes, neurological disorders, atherosclerosis and loss of strength.

 Questions "sweet life". Part two
   Try adding in a thermos with herbal infusion of a pinch of licorice root, can you enjoy the taste of the resulting beverage. Especially that licorice root extract is widely used in the food industry, in the manufacture of various drinks and pastry products.

 Questions "sweet life". Part two
 Stevia rebaudiana   - Another plant which possesses the properties of natural sweetener. Homeland of the plant South America, but stevia successfully grown for industrial processing in the south of Ukraine and in the Krasnodar region. Grow this plant can even flower pots, not to mention the gardens and suburban areas. The plant is unpretentious, and really has a sweet taste and medicinal properties.

Glucosides contained in stevia, have immunomodulatory and antimicrobial properties. Improve the body's metabolism and stabilize blood sugar and cholesterol in the blood and stimulates blood circulation.

Group glycosides which impart sweetness of stevia ten times sweeter than sucrose, no calories do not affect the blood glucose level. Stevia has been studied extensively by scientists, it is recommended for use, and sweeteners produced from it has a wide range.

Stevioside, stevia extract, saharol   (Ukraine) - all of these sweeteners are now considered ideal. These are products of natural raw materials, they are calorie-free, do not lose their properties when heated. Preparations stevia popular in Japan and South America. They do not cause increase in concentration of glucose in the blood. That is suitable for the diet of people with diabetes and those who control the weight.

 Questions "sweet life". Part two
   Raw leaf Stevia is sold in pharmacies. At home prepared infusion . One teaspoon of crushed stevia pour 250 g of boiling water. Insist to cool and strain off. The resulting infusion is added to drinks or drink as a tea, dilute with boiling water.

Seeds of stevia is now commercially available. To grow stevia in the summer cottage does not take much.

There are other plants that have a sweet taste, but they are exotic for Russians grow in the wild in West Africa, and are not widely available.

Once again I remind you that the desire to pamper yourself with sweets - just a habit, it is not harmless if it is not kept within reasonable limits. Sweets - just food "antidepressant", try to have fun and cheer yourself up in such a simple, accessible manner. It is necessary to understand and gradually restructure their nutritional priorities. In life, so much fun!
Author: Tamara Rozinsky