Slimming news: good and bad
 You know what they say: "There is bad news and good. With what to begin? ". Since we have a lot of different news about weight loss, we will alternate between them.

The news is good: to lose weight quickly will help environment
We all dream to lose weight without much effort. Is there a way to do it? And how - you just need to change their environment.

The first thing should be to get rid of deep plates and cups. The soup is best to eat from small bowls, and main dishes and salads - from flat plates. According to scientists, we eat the usual portions, not because it is so much your body requires, and automatically, by habit. What lies on the plate, so much and tried to overpower. Do not believe? Recently, the Americans conducted a wonderful experiment. Subjects ate soup made from so-called "bottomless" plates. They were embedded in the table, and unbeknownst to the participants, under the pressure of the filling of the new portion of soup. It turned out that people who were such plates, ate 70% more soup than the others. But the most striking thing - did not notice anything!

No wonder - according to nutritionists. After all, we are so absorbed in his thoughts that eat out of habit. And it is those who are engaged solely the absorption of food. If we take into account the fans eat at the TV and computer, the results are likely to be even worse. After all, there are more distractions than your own thoughts.

 Slimming news: good and bad
   Finally, the food, which lies in a prominent place (especially sweets) - another appetite stimulant. Once you see them, right there hungry. Based on the findings Vansink author Dr. recommend:
- To replace the dishes on a flat
- Never before has a computer screen or TV
- Food (especially energy-rich) to keep out of sight.

Bad news: Take care of a figure from an early age
Scientists from the State Medical Research Council conducted a study and found that the chances to lose weight after 30 years are negligible. Do not help any diet or other restrictions. The weight will come back, unless there is a miracle (which, as we know, no).

 Slimming news: good and bad
 The large-scale study involved about 25 thousand people. All of them tried to change the shape using a variety of diets, non-high-calorie food, the transition to smaller meals and so on. Alas, to achieve a significant result it was only 10% of participants. In the course of the year, most of them are still overweight.

The researchers concluded that weight gain starts in middle age and is exacerbated with age. Experts believe that one should think about the figure of up to 30 years of age. In the 30's late 35 situation is only getting worse.

 Slimming news: good and bad
 The news is good: three benefits of lovemaking
Enterprising British women found a way to lose weight, save money and improve the relationship with your life partner. Instead of going to the gym, they make love. Cheap and cheerful!

The financial crisis is not every woman is ready to fork out a tidy sum for the subscription. Therefore, many people buy a book Kerry McCloskey "The best sex diet" and cease to fitness clubs. The author tells what activity and how effectively burns calories. Sex in this list leader - for 50 minutes can burn up to 350 calories and also completely free of charge! Something to think about ...

The news is bad: diet kindle appetite
Scientists have come to the disappointing conclusions - in terms of diet brain cells become very aggressive towards their fellows. Due to lack of nutrients, they are beginning to eliminate each other, trying to make up for a lack of energy.

The sad thing is that this cannibalism fueling appetite. It could not miss slimming ladies who complete diet "food breakdown." Unfortunately, most attempts to lose weight are doomed to failure just for that reason. It is not weakness - blame physiology.

 Slimming news: good and bad
 Good News: Lose weight without dieting
Another good news is that you can lose weight with little or no dietary restrictions. Just start eating ... monotonous.

How to start overeating? That's right - with diversity. In the store scatter eyes, hands run up the table. When the circle is so much yummy, it is impossible not to overeat. So do not put yourself in that position. Make a healthy menu and eat the same set of products, regularly purchasing products on the list. No need to puzzle over how to vkusnyatinkoy please yourself, what's new cook. But we must not be brand new! Familiar foods will not cause you binge eating episodes, even if you do not starve yourself. But it's not just good, but great news from researchers from American universities Buffalo and Vermont.
Author: Marina Tumovskaya