Survive the holiday ... and preserve the beauty, figure and health!
 How great is that in our life there is a place holidays - large and small, international and national, as well as personal, family. Without the celebration of life, consisting of one working days, alternating weekend would be boring, bland and monotonous. Once more, if not a holiday, we can gather with friends and family, to please yourself and loved ones gifts, dance, spend time in a friendly conversation for a festively set table ...!

And here it is in a celebratory feast, and cut out one virtually the only negative associated with the holidays. Holidays are traditionally not do without our rich table laden with a variety of goodies. And I want to try that at the table, and this. And after a glass or two of wine can and do lose control over the amount eaten. And after the holiday begins ... Someone heaviness in the stomach, someone has problems with the liver, and a couple of extra kilos triumphantly returned to those who so stubbornly tried to lose weight "for the holiday." Yes, and on the exterior of the rapidly conducted by the evening and gastronomic excesses affect not the best way - an earthy color, with new wrinkles, bags and dark rings under the eyes, puffiness and redness of the eyelids.

Is it possible to maintain its shape and health in the face of global gluttony?   The answer is yes!

Prevention - the key to success
In preparation for the holiday, do not go on a diet: can you and will be able to lose a few kilograms overweight, but during the festive feast keep from overeating will be doubly difficult. The organism is experiencing the fear of hunger, subconsciously try to stock up as much fat in reserve.

Avoid uncontrolled appetite will attack the golden rule - do not sit at the holiday table on an empty stomach. If to be a gala dinner, during the day eat a light meal, and about an hour before the feast can drink brewed with boiling water bran (1 tbsp. Teaspoon per cup of water), it curbs the appetite.

If you are ready to receive friends at home, of course, you have the ability to think as a combination of dishes and their number, to the joy and pleasure to bring guests, and at the same time not to damage their own health. Without prejudice to the taste of dishes you can replace high-calorie sauces to salads with lemon juice, pomegranate and natural yogurt instead of fried foods to cook baked. Decorate your holiday table healthy fish and seafood.

It should not be zealous and decoration of dishes - as little as possible, add to them nuts, cheese, cream-based sauces, gravies, butter and whipped cream. After all, it is all the extra calories that are so fond deposited at the waist in the form of fat.

And anyway, if you arrange a holiday, and think through in advance of its rough script, try to shift the focus from food to fun active. You can dance, play charades, pantomimes, organize competitions, karaoke or a guitar, etc.

 Survive the holiday ... and preserve the beauty, figure and health!

Dinner at a party: the rules of conduct
Alternatively, when you are invited guests, of course, more complicated. After all, as they say, "in a strange monastery with its regulations do not go." But, nevertheless, in this case, you can not offend hospitable hosts, after tasting a little of the main dishes of the festive table, and at the same time does not cause significant damage to health and figure.

If a large variety of dishes and dazzled looking at this beauty, not in a hurry. Choose one of the least fat and harmful. It is not necessary to arrange a wild assortment of salads and hot pile on a plate and in your stomach! Five different dishes - the optimal load for the body and ideal to quench your appetite will be the bread and low-fat meats, vegetables, side dishes cereals, lean meat, fish. Defiantly sit at a table with an empty plate as it is not necessary, it will attract unnecessary attention to you, and try to feed you will only become more insistent. Slow food and eat less food helps if you eat with a knife and fork and cut food into small pieces and not bite off a piece of the whole.

Take during the feast of digestive enzymes (mezima, festal, etc.) Is not necessary. Despite the convincing advertising, experts warn that the health benefits it will not do. With increasing digestion of food the body withdraws blood from the depot that excessively overload the cardiovascular system, and it's not safe. But after the celebration, if you feel that you still have overeaten and heaviness in the stomach, you can take a pill before going to bed.

What a celebration without a cake!
No sweets - chocolates, candies, pastries, cakes not do any holiday .  Well, fear of the figure is a strong argument, but completely abandon sweet dishes on a holiday does not necessarily .  However, some public preferences still worth sticking .  Choose pastry with curd, protein, fruit fillings, biscuit products nesdobnoe yeast and unleavened dough, natural black chocolate, marshmallows, marmalade, biscuits, waffles with fruit toppings, ice cream with fruit or berries, natural dried fruits .  But from cakes with oil or butter cream would be better to give, except that a small piece .  And remember, the point is not only in the waist, plenty of sweets is very heavy in the liver and pancreas .  We need only remember three rules: dance, fun, sing along (not to be confused with the rules there, sitting at a table with a glass of wine, sadly clap her hands familiar melodies) .  By the way, singing in a voice - that's minus 120 calories, so you can easily sing while dancing, or dance to your singing - that's how you like .

Another integral part of the holiday table - alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages . Alcohol itself is enough calories, so 100 ml of vodka will add 220 calories to the diet, and a glass of sweet wine - 194 calories, high in calories cocktails with liqueur or rum. Therefore, try to give preference to a small number of alcoholic beverages with low alcohol content and sugar - dry and semi-dry red or white wines, including champagne. Do not get carried away especially fruit juices, fruit drinks, soft drinks - they contain a lot of carbohydrate and are fairly high-calorie. With its simple mineral water better without gas.

After the ball
If you are well prepared for the holiday, according to configure, and behave at the banquet table, not going beyond reason, in principle, of no consequence in the form of headaches, stomach problems, liver, appearance, and the more excess centimeters at the waist you do not see. Feel free to go back to the normal routine .... until the next holiday! Well, if everything did not go as smoothly as planned, and some unpleasant consequences still have to take measures for the rehabilitation of the body.

Firstly, it is not necessary after the holiday rush to extremes, from starvation or strict restrictions on food, even if you sinned against his usual diet. Do not give up on the morning after a festive evening of breakfast, it is now the body is especially necessary proteins and carbohydrates, a better choice - oatmeal . But a day or two, and you can arrange easy unloading. A balanced diet, regular exercise, physical activity can help you to quickly bounce back.

If you broke down and admitted "food extremism," it is quite possible that the liver is damaged and then it is necessary to facilitate its work, using sparing Cholagogue - decoctions of mint, lemon balm, corn stigmas. Excellent cholagogue and "cleaner" of the liver - broth hips . Besides, it is very tasty and useful, because it contains large amounts of vitamin C. The normalization of the liver have a positive effect on the appearance - improves complexion, restores immunity.

 Survive the holiday ... and preserve the beauty, figure and health!
   And yet you can go to bath - In the normal sauna or specialized spa bath! Steam helps to remove toxins from the body, improves blood circulation in the skin, improves mood, promotes spiritual conversation over a cup of green tea. For women the best choice - Eastern bath, or hamam, a traditional bath of feminine beauty. Due to the mild temperature to 45 ° C, the bath does not load the vessels causes desiccation of the skin and hair, tanning washes. It is the perfect place for a bachelorette party and postprazdnichnogo detox.

As an excellent tool for "rasshlakovyvaniya" the body can recommend Wraps   based on natural marine mud. During one such body wrap, you can lose up to a few kilograms of weight, however, mainly due to the effective elimination of excess fluid.

But, of course, better to stick and holidays reasonable behavior, does not overload the body of abundant food and alcohol, move more, have fun, dance, and then the holidays, we are just a joy, and the sauna, we will not go to quickly get rid of harmful "toxins", and just to have fun and stock vivacity and beauty !.

I hope these simple tips to help you stay in great shape, maintain health and shape even after the rich holiday feast.
Author: Olga Travleeva