Sweet fairy tale that became a true story
 Useful so rarely tasty - gourmets sigh, glancing in the direction of the dining table, in a mirror image. From day to day, and have to choose to sacrifice something. Sugar and dubbed the white death, and where without him? No joyful heart, no clever thoughts ... Is it possible to transfer sugar out of the enemy as an ally? And, how - miracles do not happen only in fairy tales.

Exclude can not leave
  Nutritionists unanimously repeat: if you want to lose weight - eliminate sugar. But, of course, the problem is not one or two spoons of sugar, which we put in the tea. The main enemies of a slender figure - is cakes, pastries and other delicacies, which is not measured by the amount of sugar spoons and cups. Get rid of their presence in the diet, and then blame the sugar.

  Get rid of? We now turn to the selection of useful product. Compare - brown sugar takes only 5 stages of processing, and white - 20. It is clear that after such a large number of industrial operations in the beet sugar is not anything useful. Therefore, nutritionists, and repeating: "Delete, you can not leave."

 Sweet fairy tale that became a true story
   By the way, contrary to myth, calorie brown sugar have nearly the same as that of the conventional. But action on the body does not compare! The cane brown sugar contains minerals, which are almost devoid of beet (magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron). It is also very important that in the production of brown sugar is not used harmful substances such as formic acid and phosphoric acid, sulfur dioxide required for the refining.

  Finally, sugar cane does not alter the taste of tea and coffee. It is a perfect choice for gourmets who dismiss spoon argument "C sugar is not the taste! ". Even a one - therefore "can not be excluded, leave! ".

Brown sugar: a "tan" is natural?
  Among consumers spread the myth that natural brown sugar can be determined by dropping a spoonful of the product in warm water. If the water is painted in a distinctive caramel color and crystals brighten, then fake sugar.

  Scientists are amazed frankly, where there was such a "right" way to detect forgeries. The fact that the color of brown sugar is caused by the content of the molasses. However, the syrup is concentrated irregularly - namely, in the upper layers of sugar crystal. Once in the water, it dissolves faster than the sugar - and it shows in large crystals. The explanation is simple - each crystal cane sugar produced separately. In the crystal, the sucrose molecule are arranged very tightly, leaving no room for other molecules and crystal growth molasses is pushed into the upper layers. If you look inside the crystal sugar, it is transparent, the outside is covered with molasses.

 Sweet fairy tale that became a true story
 Mulatto, sugar - which is better?
  Few people know that there are varieties of brown sugar, which differ in the place of the collection of raw materials and, of course, taste. The best varieties are considered to be made by the old technology. With the wisdom of the ages you will not argue ...

  Sort Demerara found in Russian stores more often. He brought from Mauritius. A characteristic feature - solid large crystals, golden-brown color and original flavor.

  Crystals Barbados Muskovado varieties are not as large, but very fragrant. Often dark and light, which affects the taste of the product. Dark Muskovado has a caramel flavor, light - honey flavor with a creamy flavor.

  Hawaiian Turbinado sugar is partially purified. Dry, free-flowing crystals come in different colors - black and brown and golden.

Connoisseurs claim that the best sugar - Mauritian. And, indeed, to judge you. After all, to become the hero of sweet tale so simple!

 Sweet fairy tale that became a true story
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