The pursuit of excellence
 Television, advertising, glossy magazines, and life itself is constantly imposed on us stereotypes. Standards of beauty are such that to achieve the ideal forms, to acquire well-groomed, polished look and look stylish sometimes falls by extreme efforts. And what a tragedy when the result of Herculean efforts still does not meet the standard! This is where problems such as dysmorphophobia - confidence in their own physical imperfections.

It is not enough beautiful figure, big nose, thick thighs and many other alleged shortcomings us helpfully offered to select a fantasy. This is where the nightmare begins: mindless diets, plastic surgery operations ... However, before you go to such drastic measures, it is worth considering whether all conventional methods have been tried to become attractive?

Brush up

It has long been known truth that beauty - is, above all, the personality and charm of originality. So first is to emphasize self-esteem. This exercise will help to care for their own bodies, properly applied makeup and tasteful clothes. But all should be the measure! So, going to the gym, do not just load your muscles, otherwise injuries, sprains and injuries can not be avoided. Of course, in such cases, quickly get rid of unpleasant feelings will painkillers for outdoor use, but, nevertheless, it is better to gradually increase the load - then not only the result of effort, but the process will be fun.

By the way, very often after a visit to the gym, we flushed, pops up on the street, oblivious to the fact that the body should be allowed to "cool down." As a result of colds become our constant companions and morbidity exacerbates the general dissatisfaction. It is clear that to cope with the main symptoms of colds and flu is not a problem - the good, for this there are special tools that relieve fever, chills and aches throughout the body. Win a runny nose also not hard - there is nasal drops, which include menthol and eucalyptus. Nevertheless, a reasonable approach - the best companion in the struggle for the beauty (and health, without which the first is unthinkable).

The same principle applies to the application of makeup and wardrobe choices. The main thing - do not overdo it! If you do not trust his taste, it is enough once to go to makeup artist, as well as take advantage of a consultant for the selection of clothes and then methodically follow their advice. Then the flawless look you will be provided!

Do not forget about the details!

If after comprehensive measures to improve the own physical fear and uncertainty continue to torment - you need to sit down and think, maybe there are still some little things, without which it is difficult to feel beautiful? Body trim, dress and makeup are great ... Legs!

According to the male part of the population, at a meeting with representatives of a strong female half of humanity first of all look at her legs. That is why many of us are terribly embarrassed by their legs! And what about those who really have a problem, even if not visible outside perspective?

Strange but true: such diseases as foot fungus, promotes the development of systems and inspire dislike to the body. The problem is compounded by the fact that a disease can be fought over the years, as neskolkonedelnuyu comply with the treatment regimen is far from everything. But gentle as a child, heels - this is a reason for pride, not for the embarrassment and psychological discomfort. It will only take care of the perfect smoothness of legs - and the trick is done! Fortunately, today's diversity of depilatory agents allow any of us to choose the method of removing unwanted hair that suits you best, or simply enjoy. And, of course, confidence in the irresistibility easy add the finishing touch - a subtle feminine fragrance exquisite French perfume.

Coping with uncertainty

And there is only one, but perhaps the most serious complication associated with the rejection of themselves and their appearance. The fact that even eliminating all possible and imaginary disadvantages facilitate we can not feel: dysmorphophobia often has psychological roots.

Often, difficulties arise due to the trauma received in childhood or adolescence. Doctors insist that adolescence - a very difficult time, able to impose a mark on the individual's life. When a little earlier than the rest of the girls, we have a rounded shape or tortured acne, attention and rejection may have played a negative role in the development of the disorder. Casually said a word to us from the boys liked or comment on the parents by appearance could also cause the disease and prevent further formation of self-esteem.

However, the onset of the disease is not necessarily found in the distant past: to provoke psychological uncertainty could, for example, a lot of stress. For example, many women think they look terrible, after the departure of her husband's family or separation from a loved one. This is most often men leave their wives and ex-girlfriends in the belief that "went to another" because of the infirmity of former companions.

One way or another, deal with the situation and regain the love of his body is sometimes not so easy. Often, this requires professional help of a psychologist. In cases where the dissatisfaction caused by stress, accompanied by irritability and nervousness usually prescribe natural sedatives, which include extracts of mint, lemon balm and valerian - plants that have a beneficial effect on our emotional state. Also for the treatment of BDD are often used in body-oriented special psychological techniques and cognitive therapy. Finally, effective results can bring a conventional samotrening. After all, in fact, from whom, if not depends on us the way we treat ourselves, beloved, do not you, ladies?
Author: Svetlana Bogaudinova