10 new reasons to drink more coffee
 The love of coffee is special. It develops with age. Many only to the average age are beginning to understand this drink. But it turns out, not only for courage in the morning and seductive aroma we can be grateful for coffee. Do you know everything about the beneficial properties of coffee?

1. Coffee protects the liver . Function of the gallbladder stimulated by coffee, thereby reducing the risk of gallstones. Cirrhosis of the liver are less prone to people who drink coffee. There is a specific enzyme that accumulates in the liver and her condition worsens. A caffeinated coffee is one way of maintaining these enzymes at low concentrations.

2. Coffee reduces the risk of Parkinson's disease . This neurological disease encompasses a lot of elderly people. Causes its loss of neurons. But coffee, tea and other beverages containing caffeine may reduce the number of lost neurons. Symptoms of Parkinson's disease usually begin to appear before age 50 years. But it is worth remembering that coffee - not only help in prevention, there is also a genetic predisposition to the disease

 10 new reasons to drink more coffee
 3. Some cancers are less common among coffee drinkers . Studies have demonstrated that chlorogenic acid and caffeine contained in coffee are useful for reducing the risk of liver cancer. A Japanese study showed that coffee is also effective for women's health because it reduces the risk of cancer of the uterus (arising as a result of endometriosis) in women.

4. Coffee helps the acclimatization . If you travel frequently or occupational forced to frequently change time zones, the problem is always the dream state you should be familiar. Not everyone has a week to bring their biological rhythms according to local time. Helps cup of good coffee! You can slightly reduce a dream, but quickly get into the right rhythm. In addition, coffee promotes hydration of the body, because dehydration - a common problem amateur long-distance trips and flights.

 10 new reasons to drink more coffee
 5. Coffee helps concentration . For truckers coffee - even the best assistant in the fight against sleepiness and fatigue, than talking with a partner. And for the busy traffic in the city focus - a necessary attribute. Sometimes this may save a life!

6. Coffee reduces the risk of Type II diabetes . From this type of diabetes suffers most of the world's population. With this disease you can live, but it is very difficult and sometimes unpleasant. So, it is better to engage in a constant prevention. With regard to coffee and its effect on the development of diabetes conducted a lot of research. First, the scientists say that caffeine - a cause of reduced diabetes risk. However, it was subsequently demonstrated that chlorogenic acid helps prevent diabetes. Therefore, we can even drink coffee without caffeine, it also reduces the risk of diabetes of the second type.

 10 new reasons to drink more coffee
 7. Coffee improves brain function . Students drink coffee, of course, to be alert and not fall asleep while cramming before exams. But scientists believe that coffee in this case helps students not only does not sleep, but also activate many brain functions.

8. Coffee reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease . Within 20 years of research conducted in Switzerland elderly. Those who drank 5 cups of coffee a day reduced their risk of the disease by 65%.

 10 new reasons to drink more coffee
 9. Coffee improves metabolism , However, and may have a diuretic effect. Coffee is a diuretic for those who only starts to try this drink. At constant supporters of coffee, this effect does not apply. If you have only recently come to love this drink, drink enough water to avoid water loss in the body.

10. Coffee can ease menstrual pain . Some other types of pain may also decrease of coffee consumption.

Do you like coffee?
Author: Julia Shestakova