Active Food: consider the calories in a new way
 The main thing in the diet - calories. So say many dieters who dream of parting with excess weight. American nutritionist Leslie Bonci specifies the data, offering a new vision of time-tested "truths" of nutrition. Active food - what is it and what are its benefits for the body?

As we just lose weight before! Armed with calorie counting program and enlisting the help of a nutritionist and girlfriends could move mountains, easily parted with the hated Zhirkov. But it was not all and not always.

The reasons for this - a great variety: the individual characteristics of the body, a long period of effect of the plateau, lack of exercise or ignoring this fact as an active food. And if the first three issues of weight loss has been written a lot of multipage treatises, the information about the concept of "active food" is just beginning to come to the masses. But beauty portal myCharm.Ru already learned a new trend and prepared for you a detailed review!

What is an active food?

The assimilation of food - it is a natural process that is impossible without energy consumption. On digestion of the different product groups organism spends a different number of calories. What is with the energy value of food is not important.

Active food - these are the dishes and foods, which requires the assimilation of the body increased energy costs. It was on her Leslie Bonci - dietitian from America offers to bet, making dietary menu. The more active ingredients in your diet, the greater reserves of fat can be burned.

An added bonus of the active food is quite basic low calorie products. The active food perfectly nourishes and slower to digest.

Active diet in detail

Whole grains, legumes

Foods rich in fiber, as compared to other groups of products of the same calorie, occupies most of the volume of our stomach. Thereby, it allows you to be satisfied eating smaller portions at its natural low calorie! But that's not all! Such food as possible activates the metabolism due to which the process of fat burning vigorously.

Healthy fats

A tablespoon a day of walnut, sesame, almond oil or olive oil is an excellent stimulator of metabolism. Good fats help reduce cholesterol, normalize the volume and to improve fat digestion. Similar properties has also avocado. Total 1/8 of the fruit - and you "on a horse."


Nutritionists do not recommend to eat meat just before bedtime, because the processes that will occur in the gastrointestinal tract for its digestion, may interfere with proper rest. However, at any time a portion of meat, which should be within a quarter plate, is very useful. It increases fat burning and beautifully saturated.

Warming spices

Ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and turmeric, not only to spice and zest to your dishes, but also speed up the metabolism of more than 12%. A favorite of many seasoning ground pepper, due to the content of substance - capsaicin double the energy consumption for digestion.


Coffee, cocoa, dark chocolate, green and black tea consumption increased caloric balance. All this is possible only if a weighty clarification if you consume these drinks without sugar, cream and milk. With regard to chocolate in solid form, the allowable rate for slimming the body - not more than 25 grams per day treats.

Vegetables fruits

Foods rich in carbohydrates and fats - not the best option for the body, wanting to leave with being overweight. Especially since it does not give a proper saturation, can not be said about the fruits and vegetables. The rate of fruit and vegetable servings of food equal to 1/2 of the plate. This one-time increases the amount of metabolic activity, allowing the body to burn more calories.

Sample menu for the day

At first glance it may seem that the teaching of Leslie Bonci nothing new potential opens losing weight. But it is not properly reaching your diet, you can easily reduce the number of meals to optimum four times a day. You will not overcome a nagging feeling of hunger, and the resulting number of calories will be spent as efficiently as possible. Here you are cheerful, energetic and functional. Try to start a new day with the right start!

Breakfast:   1 cup yogurt with 1/4 cup almonds, 1/3 cup of oatmeal, coffee or tea.

Snack:   1 apple or any other fruit.

Lunch:   100 grams of boiled chicken, salad of 2 cups spinach, 1/2 mango.

Dinner:   1 cup canned (boiled), red beans, 1 cup lettuce, 1/4 cup cheese.

Be healthy!
Author: Natalia Bartukova